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Only celebrities or popular people do not need to work hard to create the initial followers on their Instagram profile. Every other user has to go through the pain of getting followers so that they can earn likes on their pictures or videos. The best way to quicken up this process is by downloading an app which increases the likes on your Instagram picture. One such app which is tried and tested to be a great aid for getting likes on Instagram is” Get Likes on Instagram” An app that boosts the likes and improves the experience for you on Instagram. It is only available i Phone , i Pad and i Pod touch.  

How does the app work 

How to get more likes on Instagram? This app is really simple to use and any user will get the knack of it very easily. This app is designed in such a way that user will not need a user manual to understand the basic functioning of the app. Here we have explained the different procedure how this app work. A detail explanation of the steps to follow while using the app is given below. These steps will help make it, even more, easier to work on the app.

Step 1

When you download the app for the first time you will have to sign in into the app. The Instagram username and password is required by the app to check the authenticity of the account. After you login into the app you have now started the journey of becoming popular 


Instagram username and password

Step 2

There are two options when you reach the homepage of the app. If you click on Get coins all you have to do is like pictures of people which flashes in front of you on the main screen, as you like the picture you will get 1 coin. You also have the option to skip a picture if you wish to. As and when you like the picture you keep earning the coins. Example :- 6 $ is the number of coins earned by this user.

homepage of the app

Step 3

If on the other hand, you click on Get Likes another page open ups where you first have to select which picture you want to get maximum likes on. Here you have a list of all the pictures you have on your Instagram profile. Select the picture you want to get maximum likes on. 

picture you want likes

 Step 4

After you select the picture you want likes on another page appears where you have a list of options which tell you the number of likes you can generate a fixed number of coins. For example, you can generate 20 likes with 40 coins so checking your coin balance and the desired number of likes you want, you can make the decision.  

generate likes is by selecting a payment


Another easy way to generate likes is by selecting a payment option. If you are too lazy to likes other picture or want fast results, you can select this option and get as many likes as you want.  

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