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Do you want to know how to SEO your site? If so, you came to the right place. Search engine optimization is more complex than just putting a few keywords on your website. It requires diligence and dedication that can’t be accomplished in one day. You know the saying, Rome wasn’t built in one day and that’s the same for search engine optimization. My name’s George and I’m going to share SEO tips and techniques that are used in today’s Internet marketing environment.

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Before we jump ahead to the nitty-gritty Internet marketing techniques, I would like to discuss how important it is to SEO your website. You can have the greatest product or service on the Internet, but without niche targeted traffic coming from the search engines you will likely spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars for Internet marketing pay per click campaigns.

The cost of running these campaigns over the past few years has risen dramatically due to the overwhelming demand of businesses looking to establish an online presence. That’s where SEO comes into play.

What’s SEO?

SEO is short for search engine optimization. The main goal of SEO is to increase organic traffic to a website by targeting specific keywords related to your website. Achieving that top spot in the search engines for your keywords will not only increase sales, but it will increase your customer loyalty.

The concept of organic traffic plays a huge role on how your website will convert its visitors. The better quality traffic, the better version rate you will have – This is a known fact. Your conversion can vary depending on what product or service you’re trying to promote. Let’s take a look at sample business model conversion rates below.

SEO for Conversion Methods :

  • Receiving a phone call from a visitor
  • Converting a CPA offer
  • Getting a CPC click
  • Receiving an e-mail lead
  • A sign-up for a newsletter
  • Customer purchases a product or service
  • Visitor subscribes to your blog
  • Tracking SEO Conversions

All the conversion methods listed above will require an analytical analysis of how the visitor came to your website, browse your website pages, and ultimately converted into your goal. The best free and most popular web analytics tool available is Google analytics.

How Does SEO Work

The simplest way to explain how SEO works are comparing it to a voting system. Let’s start from square one. Once your website establishes a presence on the Internet, search engines begin to index your site’s content in their data centers within a couple of weeks.

Once this information is stored, search engines then begin to track how popular your website pages are using an algorithm made up of thousands of factors that no one really can explain. After many years of performing search engine optimization and performing lots of statistical data analysis, I have learned some of these factors are more important than others when finding the best way to get backlinks in order to rank high in the search engines.

As the algorithm stores these factors and counts them as votes to your website it will determine how you rank. These factors that are stored can be both negative and positive. You want to make sure that the positive votes are stored for your site. An example is linking to an authoritative site or having high-quality traffic from social media websites. The more votes your website receives, the higher it will rank in the search engine results pages.

SEO is made up of on-page and off-page factors that play a role in how your website is ranked. Once these factors work together as a synergy, your website will rank high in search engines. It’s important to create a marketing plan when performing SEO. This plan must be timed correctly so search engines don’t penalize your website. If your website is penalized, the chances are you have done SEO too fast or unethical while promoting your site. Let’s take a look at an example SEO Link building strategy below.

SEO Link Building Map Example

The link to the link map above shows how your main website receives inbound links from other websites related to your niche. It’s important that the links you receive are relevant to the content you provide. I know it sounds crazy, but search engines can tell whether or not you link to a relevant or irrelevant at the site.

Of course, the more relevant your links are the higher the vote for your website’s search engine rankings. Some people may refer to the diagram as a simple link wheel where the outer layer links to your website as well as the website related to your niche. The more links you have from relevant websites the greater chances are you will rank higher in search engines.

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