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Think you have got the perfect Web design in California for your online portal? Think again!

If you are not getting the traffic from your website that you wanted, then chances are that you haven’t done the designing right. No matter how attractive the design appears to be for you, there are certain basic mistakes that everyone makes that drive the visitors away.

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Here is a look at those mistakes that you need to avoid –

1. Poor User Interface – both over doing as well as underdoing in the design can simply make the user run away. Therefore emphasize on creating a website interface that’s user friendly.

Unorganized layout for the content, poor readability, bad navigation, inconsistent interface pattern are some of the smallest, but most common mistakes that you might be making.

2. Overdoing with Animations– this is one of the biggest turn-offs in a web site. Not only does in increase the load time but also complicates the entire structure of the website as well. Therefore, you must keep the images to simply illustrate wherever needed. Remember, users, don’t always have the patience. So, keep it simple is the formula to make your California web design the best.

3. Skip Testing – how many times have we seen a web page open in one browser and not in the other. In order to make sure that the website functions well on all the browsers, remember three things Test, Test and Test. While testing, check for the consistency of layout in all browsers and functionality of the website in different browsers as well.

So, what do you think now? Have you been doing it right?

If not, then start over and this time around avoid these mistakes in your web design in California, Los Angeles or wherever in the world you are!

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