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Infographic is a fantastic way to present information visually. Quite popular as the safe SEO technique, infographics is a key to engage readers as they result in a lot of social sharing. Here’re are few benefits you must not miss out. So let’s dive in:

Inbound links

When you put your infographics up, it creates inbound imbalance links. So others that share and publish; the infographics generate a link back to your site as well. We know that those links are valuable to our sites and help to drive traffic to our websites.

You can calculate traffic page views and time spent viewing an infographic. This enables you to have analytics and tracking as well. Perhaps that’s the reason why clients get benefited when they buy SEO services in Dubai.

SEO Purpose

You can place keywords in the title and description of your infographic for SEO purposes. It’s essential for you to use keywords everywhere, so it’s true in infographics as well.

Increasing the Number of Followers

You can increase your followers and subscribers when you share on social media to expand your reach. This allows a post to generate comments and increase interaction when published on the block. Consequently, it turns out to be useful to include your infographics rate on your blog.

Building Relationship

It’s another great tool for relationship building. You’re building content while working on infographics. It happens to be an efficient way to share the content. This way, you will be able to share the article in the infographics and expands that relationship building.

Educational Content

You are not only giving out the educational content but also offering tons of value to your audience through infographics. As a result, it increases your credibility. Many of the things that we do are about relationship building, credibility, expertise and infographics so the same way.


Infographics can surely be used for branding as it allows you to include a logo and message within the infographics.


It can be scanned that allows people to read and go through it quickly. Since it’s more of a visual than text as a whole, people can go point by point and absorb more information through visuals.

More likely to be Viral

People like to share pictures as compared to the text; infographics are more likely to go viral. More sharing will not only spread more information but also will allow brands to have more exposure. In short, it’s a win-win situation.

More Traffic

Undoubtedly, inbound links help in increasing traffic since infographics are more likely to go viral and be shared. In short, this improves SEO as well as brand awareness. Precisely, it’s another way to take your content and create new purposes out of it.

Use for Print

Infographics can be a great print material to opt for. You can easily print your infographics in the form of a brochure or other marketing collateral. There are so many online tools that help you create amazing and appealing infographics.

Did you know 74% of social media marketers use visual assets in their social media marketing? Perhaps that’s the reason why successful Digital Agencies in the Middle East like Traffic Digital encourage their clients to create infographics so that they can get more exposure.


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