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The Internet came into existence over 25 years ago, and the first designed websites were merely simple work of art. Not just that, the flashy designs gave an instant look of the red light district. Compared that to present times and you will realize how the web design has evolved, be it in California or any other part of the world.

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If you are still stuck with the old school tricks of designing, then are some simple ideas that will help you keep the pace with this changing field of web design California, Cleveland or wherever you are. So, let us peek into it —

• Make the first 5 Seconds count– thumb rule for a great website is to present the user with instant information. This is where the five-second rule comes into the picture. The fact that back button is the most common command used on the internet. If you don’t want the customer to rush away instantly, then you must present the features in a compelling way. So, the first tip that comes here is ‘Make them stay’.

• Don’t forget the Call to Action (C2A) – take a look at any successful e-commerce website on the internet, and you would find all of them have kept the call to action. A key thing to remember while creating call to action in the web design California or any other part of the world for that matter is to offer the customer, rather than force it. Common examples of text used for C2A are ‘Work with Us’, ‘Request A Quote’, ‘Call Us’ and ‘Buy Now’.

• Content Is, Was and Will be the King- content is the first thing that a visitor notices on the website. This is why the key to a successful website design lies precisely in the quality of content posted on it. Posting content which is up to date, fresh and catches instant attention of the visitor is something that you must emphasize on. After all, you would not want the visitors to see outdated information and loose interest. Would you?

All this being said, make sure you don’t forget to incorporate the social media icons in the design. The world is going social, with billions of users all across the globe active on these portals. And, you would not want to miss out on them. Would you?

So, what’s the wait? Start working on these changes in the design and getting results instantly.

Daren is a designer who keeps a keen eye on California web design services, currently working with SEO and Web Service.

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