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The home thermostat is an element of many family battles. She turns the temperature up, and he turns the temperature back down. A digital thermostat has many advantages and features that may make these subtle disagreements a thing of the past. Also, everyone wins when you save money on the energy bill and benefit the environment as well.


 Top 5 Advantages of a Digital Thermostat

1 – Digital thermostats are efficient and accurate. The old type required careful calibration of all the moving parts inside. The dial could turn in tiny increments that would affect your comfort and bill more than you imagine. Most digital thermostats have a touchscreen display on which you can simply select a number where everyone feels comfortable.

2 – All the best thermostats are now completely programmable. You will never forget to turn it down when you leave the house or backup when appropriate. This feature can help everybody be comfortable with some compromise. Time-based programming means the house can be warmer before you wake up in the morning in the winter, or begin to cool down more before you get home from work in the summer.

3 – The program feature also helps energy conservation, which means the digital thermostat is better for the environment. It also helps to keep your utility bills at a more reasonable and affordable level. Your heater or air-conditioner will not run when you do not need it.

4 – Another great earth-friendly benefit of digital thermostats is that they contain no mercury. This toxic material can be found in all old thermostats just like old thermometers your grandmother used to use to check for fever. Not only is there the risks of the mercury spills in your house if the thermostat breaks, but it would also end up in the landfill. This makes it important to properly dispose of your old thermostat when you switch over to a new, more environmentally conscious digital option.

5 – If your home and family are on the cutting edge modern technology, you might prefer a Smart thermostat instead of one where you have to be next to it tapping the screen. This adds the ultimate in control and energy conservation whether you are out shopping, at work, or on vacation. This type of digital thermostat may be more expensive initially, but the savings that could occur from being able to turn down the heat when you’re not at home could make up for it.

This type of remote access could also add another battlefront to the war of the thermostat. If she waits for him to head to work before turning down the air-conditioning, he could check it from the office and turn it back up again.

The main advantages of a digital thermostat all deal with savings. They help, in some small way, to save the environment by using less energy. They help save you money every month on your energy bill. They can even help save your relationship from the perils of the thermostat wars. A digital thermostat is a smart choice for every home.

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