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9 Web Design Hot Company

New web trends come out every year for web design. Website trends are very popular because they actually help web design move forward and advanced. Web designers should always be aware of the latest web trends just in case they have a client who needs a great site for their company. Read below our 9 Hot Web Design Trends.

 9 Web Design Hot Company

9 Web Design Trends

1. Full Screen Contact Pop Ups. A fullscreen pop up contact form a great new trend. The contact for will expand to a fullsize on the screen. This is a cool design trend and does very little harm for SEO.

2. One Page Website Design. The one page web design is a great new web design layout in a vertical format. The 1 Page may have some small defects in SEO, but it does a great job at showcasing a company all in one place.

3. Font Sizes. Web Font Sizes are getting larger and developers are migrating to google font families. A large font size is great for mobile devices as it prevents the user from zooming into their phone to see the site.

4. Compression. With websites advancing, so must a web designers code. Designers must always practice clean coding,but auto compression is a way to fix current unclean coding.

5. Stock Images. Photography on the web is getting better. The reason that images are looking more and more professional on every site is because there are different options to getting quality photos on the web.

Quick Tip: Creative Commons Photography is free with attribution. Some sub licenses in a Creative Commons License may have rules of no commercial use or no change. Make sure you read every license carefully before use. 

6. White Spaces.  This clean web era that we have entered is super organized. The white space design is simply adding whitespace in between elements of a website and on the sides where the double sidebars use to be. The white spaced design keeps everything clean while at the same time draws a website visitor with focus on the web page. 

7. Away with the Rotating Carousel. The rotating 55 multi-image carousel has now spun away from the internet. The carousel was always bad for SEO because it leads to too many HTTP requests. The more images inside a carousel, the heavier it weighed, and the slower a website would load. 

Quick Tip: The carousel was once a trend and now it’s replaced by the flat banner! 

8. Menu. A menu is an important part of a websites. It is the primary navigation and it must be very easy to be accessed. The menu is often placed at the top midsection of a website or at the top right section. A website menu with little to no javascript is recommended for this year. If a menu does have javascript it must be tested on mobile devices. 

9. Responsive Layout. A responsive layout is no longer a choice. A responsive layout will auto resize its web design layout for different devices. Companies that sell services through their website and any individual who owns a website, in general, is highly recommended to get a responsive layout. 

Quote Tip: By Using media queries, you can resize your current layout design easily. 

Follow these 9 web design trends when you are designing a company website. A big trend that is not apart of the group above is known to be mobile friendly web designs. There are millions of website users that access the internet more with their devices than their desktop computers. A website must be responsive and fast to be known as mobile friendly.

About the Author: NTW Designs is a full service web design company serving small to large scale companies in the US.

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