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Learning a new language is more than creating an impressive CV or improving cultural knowledge; it helps improve cognitive processes. Psychological studies show that the brains of bilingual people operate differently from those speaking one language. They are smarter, have improved memory and multitasking skills, are more perceptive and rational. Learning a foreign language also draws an individual’s focus to the mechanics of the first language; English. However, most people associate learning a new language with massive time consumption, traveling to the country of origin among other reasons. But with these 7 Tricks To Learn Any Language In 7 Days anyone can learn a foreign language in the shortest time.

Learn Any Language

1) Define your goals

Of course, learning a new language in seven days feels a bit over-ambitious but setting your goal allows you to chart how to achieve it. It’s all a matter of being determined and avoiding any distractions of this digital era. For example, in the famous Twins book on 7 Reasons to Learn any Language in 7 Days, they had to set eight hours of study time to learn the Turkish language. They learned the language in 7 days.

2) Schedule your plan

Learning a new language requires consistency thus the need to organize your day around learning the new language. Simple tools like Google Calendar help allocate at least thirty minutes every day to study and practice throughout the week. Daily repetition keeps you accountable and strengthens your command in the new language.

3) Create shortcuts

Shortcuts always come in handy when learning a foreign language in 7 days. The most strategic tactic is deconstructing a simple sentence structure from English to the foreign language. The different sentence structures help individuals learn how sentences are structured using the foreign language, how to use direct and indirect objects, how to differentiate masculine and feminine words and the different forms of verbs.

4) Transfer what you know

Some languages are related thus transferring vocabularies and other grammar rules to the foreign language allows you to learn faster. For example, folks who know how to speak French may apply similar grammar rules when learning how to speak Spanish. However, learning how to learn languages like Chinese or Japanese as mere English speakers may take longer.

5) Memorizing common words

The mind learns through repetition. Experts advise memorizing at least 500 common words of the foreign language to help the mind understand 60% of the language. Memorization methods like mnemonics may come in handy.

6) Join a partner

Learning a new language is no exception. Study partners become help strengthen your ability to recall the most common words and become a source of knowledge about what you can’t remember.

7) Immerse yourself into the language

Immersion means thinking, talking, literally eating’ the language. Learning a new language is hard enough; it becomes an uphill task when you force yourself to learn it. Immersing yourself in the new language drives you to find out more about the foreign language. Reading books, watching movies, and listening to podcasts in the new language help learn the language faster.


These 12) 7 Tricks To Learn Any Language In 7 Days **Please read special instructions* have beeb proven to help learn a new language faster. Sadly, most language learners understand what they hear and read but hardly speak the foreign language. Speaking the language with native speakers help learn the language faster and builds your confidence in the tongue. As such, it is important to find conversation exchange groups that teach you a few tricks in learning the foreign language. You may also use a little writing help from coaches.

Vladislav Kogan Australian travel blogger and writing help provider for many students

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