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Remote Database Management

As in the case of the Fortune 500 companies and the front-line organization, which now primarily rely on data-centred business operations, small businesses too now know the implications of data in this digital age. Information is considered to be the most valuable asset of the company, and organizations of all sizes need to take appropriate steps to ensure a reliable database for your organization.

A good database will help enterprises to execute all its daily activities quickly, effectively, and in a budget-friendly way. The modern-day business competencies like quick decision making, first to marketing, optimum ROI etc. can be achieved with the help of a reliable and high-performing database.

While considering setting up a good database and administering it to ensure maximum uptime and optimum throughput, many are considering the avenue of outsourcing the same to a vendor. However, one should determine the market reputation of these vendors to make sure that you get the desired results. Many of the industry experts too suggest remote DBA to small businesses proprietors.

Why do small businesses consider remote DBA?

Below are the top five reasons why the small business entrepreneurs increasingly consider the option of remote database administration by third parties.

  1. Getting the support of expert professionals

Vendors offering remote database services to clients may maintain a reliable team of expert DBA professionals on board. This is essential for their business to survive by providing certain services to its clients. In this team, there will be an expert professional specializing in diversified fields of database and IT administration.

Unlike hiring a DBA in-house with limited skill and exposure, vendor-site DBAs may possess a wide range of technical skills and seasoned knowledge by getting exposure to various use cases. Apart from executing the routine database maintenance activities, these vendors also may offer advanced services in terms of data migration, integration services and more.

  1. Only pay as you use

Professional remote database administration vendors may offer many customized packages to exactly serve your purpose. By sharing your business goals and needs, database consultants can give you a quote for services which you need to pay as you use.

They can also offer SaaS (software as a service) and PaaS (platform as a service) and also development support only as and when needed. You also have an opportunity to work with them further, do some negotiations; to do a more cost-effective fine-tuning of the services availed.

  1. 24 x 7 availability and instant support

Unlike the in-house DBAs, who may stick to strict shift hours, the third-party vendors may be available for your round the clock, throughout the week. Also, they will be closely monitoring their client DBs, and can instantly sense the signals of any failure and take measures to prevent it at the first point itself.

Apart from providing remote monitoring and troubleshooting of your corporate database, they can also send professionals on-site if the challenge to be addressed demands it. With their level of expertise and knowledge, providers of can easily find the root cause of the database related problems and troubleshoot the same instantly. To maintain such a team to be available 24×7 and with all the needed troubleshooting skills in-house, you may have to spend a considerable sum.

  1. Assured security

Lately, you can get guaranteed secured services from the remote DBA service providers, with which you can rest assured about the security and backup of your enterprise databases. Remote DBA services usually have cybersecurity experts also in their experts’ panel, who will help the clients always to be updated and informed about the latest security regulations and threats. 

Being aware of the security risks and cyber threats from time to time, remote DBAs will administer all needed security precautions for enterprise databases, and implement the patches from time to time to ensure their clients’ DB security. This is not always possible in an in-house DBA process.

  1. Cost-effective

Last, but most importantly, the cost fact. In the current economic situation, which is proving out to be difficult for small businesses, the entrepreneurs can surely think of cost-saving modalities. This objective can be achieved with the use of remote DBA services. As we can see in case of general businesses, the budget they usually allocate to IT functions may never be sufficient to carry out the cost-intensive activities like database administration entirely in-house.

So, most of the IT decision-makers are in favor of remote DBA services, which not only helps to reduce the cost of administration to a large extent but can also ensure better use than being in-house. Thinking this way will also let them to better streamline their operations without the need to compromise on quality.

  1. Getting rid of the recruitment chaos 

For small businesses thinking of hiring an expert database administrator, it is no easy task. To hire one, we may have to spend a lot of money, but even if you are willing to, it is tough for a small business to bring an expert in as they also may be hesitant work for a small business. So, the recruitment of a good DBA is always a time-consuming and confusing process to the recruiters.

On the other hand, outsourcing such operations will take away this burden as a whole and also help small companies get the most skilled professionals at their service. Researches have also reiterated the fact that availing remote DBA services can reduce the cost of hiring up to 60% in IT-centered enterprises.

  1. Use of the latest technology

Remote DBAs can bring the benefits of the latest technology to their small clients too. As they tend to purchase and be licensed for all available to tools, they can easily share the benefits of the same to their clients also at a fraction of the cost. So, the costly technology tools which are otherwise available only premium businesses are made available to the small companies too through remote DBA vendors.

So, the small business entrepreneurs now need to realize the reality that the business environment and marketing is continually changing, where they need expert support to survive. To be flexible and growing, they cannot help all the technologies and expertise to be attained and maintained in-house. To start with, contracting your repetitive and redundant DBA activities to a reliable remote DBA provider can be a steal for your business to meet your objective faster and cost-effectively.

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