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As the year 2018 begins to roll, SEO trends also begin to evolve. With strategies that worked in the past becoming obsolete. So, if you want to keep your pace up with the search engines, then following these trends is something that you must do. Here is a look at the trends to follow in 2018 with your search engine optimization strategies –

SEO Trends 2015

  • Content is still the most important

There is a reason why Google has given the title of King to Content. Valuable and relevant content is what matters forthe best search engine results. So, you need to continue generating world class content that is unique, informative and user friendly. At the same time, don’t forget to focus on relevance of content to the keywords. Keyword saturation is a thing of the past. You need to concentrate on producing high-quality content. And, that’s where the bottom line lies.

  • >  Mobile is the next big thing

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As the smartphone market continues to rise, Mobile is going to be one of the most significant ranking factors. The year 2014 saw mobile internet usage exceeded desktop use, and it is predicted that in 2015, the trend will continue to rise with more than 50 billion local searches using smartphones. So, it is high time that you start to focus on making your website mobile-friendly!

  •         Form keywords to conversations

Marketing is becoming a two way communication with the rise of social media. As marketers continue to make use of social media platforms, it has become important to inculcate intent, context, and meaning in a search query. For instance, using long-tail or conversational keyword has become one of the most likely ways to be more relevant. Such keywords have higher conversion rates as well, simply because of their increased specificity.

  •  SEO is becoming more visual than ever

Content on the internet is not just about the written form, rather visual media such as video, images, and graphics have become equally valuable in SEO. And, if the SEO pundits are to be believed, then this will continue to be the same throughout the year. Sharing unique and visual content that engages more number of users is definitely going to pay a bigger role in getting ranked further up in the search results.

  •          It’s all about ROI

In words of Martin Lindstrom,” what good is a webpage—even if it ranks high in search engine results—if it doesn’t generate conversions?” Start thinking about conversions more than getting ranked on top of the search results. Stop fussing about the keyword rankings and start placing more significant elements. This would in turn have a positive impact on the return on investment, ensuring that your endeavours don’t go waste.

So, if you are really looking to make it to the top with your search engine gimmicks, then staying abreast with these trends is going to help you quite a lot.

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