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Improving sales figures consistently is challenging. But when you are backed with the right strategy, streamlined business processes, and insightful data, it is achievable.

Salesforce Apps and Plugins

Nothing works better than Salesforce in streamlining business processes and accumulating insightful data.

The best thing about Salesforce is its compatibility with other applications. This is what gives way to further improvement in your sales processes and opens the door to more opportunities.

There are hundreds of applications that can be integrated with Salesforce. How would you know which one to choose?

In this post, we have enlisted few of the most useful apps and plugins, which if integrated with Salesforce, can boost your sales and further streamline your business processes.


Marketo is an excellent tool if you aim to enhance the quality of generated leads and improve the lead-to-customer process. It allows you to create landing pages on the go and streamline your email marketing to foster leads from different channels.

Marketo’s default lead scoring feature is probably the best thing. With so many sales sources, it is important to know which ones deserve more focus than others.

It can be seamlessly integrated with Salesforce and make landing page handling and campaign management easy.


Performing administrative in Salesforce tasks can be time-consuming. Moreover, removing the duplicate entries and verification makes it even more challenging. DemandTools can be highly useful in getting these tasks done easily.

It simplifies your administrative tasks and saves your precious time.

Cirrus Insight

Cirrus can be the most useful app ever for you if you use Gmail, Google Contacts & Calendar along with Salesforce.

It brings it all at one place. Cirrus also integrates Office 365, and different versions of Outlook with Salesforce.

It allows you to track when (and on which device) your emails were opened. This data can be highly useful for improving your emailing strategy.

Conga Composer

Conga Composer is a brilliant tool that allows you to transform your Salesforce fields and objects into documents, proposals, contracts and more through Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

You can also use it with PDF files and HTML emails. It can be integrated with Salesforce to automatically create and distribute reports.

Geopointe Mapping Analytics

If finding out your customer’s location from their data is important to your business, then this is the application to go for.

Once you have the location, you can use Google maps to mark territories, assign boundaries, plan routes and much more.

Gravity Forms

If you are looking for a solution that allows you to export the data collected from forms on your WordPress website to Salesforce, then look no further than the free Salesforce form plugin by Gravity Forms.

If you have any doubt or question regarding Salesforce Application Development, you can contact 360 IT PRO. We are staffed with a team of seasoned Salesforce Developers who can help you with your business’ specific Salesforce implementation/customization needs.

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