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Artificial intelligence is going to be the next big in the tech world. In fact, we’ve already started to experience it, but most of us are unaware of it. Where and how?If you’re using Google Allo app, you have already come across it. Today all sorts of tech companies, including mobile app development companies are adding AI service to their service portfolio because of its emergence and demand it created.

AI and Machine Learning

The best tools and software in the filed make the world well experience the technology. The best AI frameworks and APIs will enable developers to learn new skills in the AI field. So we have crafted a list of 6 best AI and machine learning tools in the market, including of Google and IBM.

6 Top AI and Machine Learning Tools for Developers

  1. ai-one

Captioned with biologically inspired intelligence, ai-one helps developers build intelligent assistance within most software applications. “Analyst Toolbox’ in the app provides developers building agents, a document library and APIs. ai-one is capable to turn data into generalized rule sets. It do the same by enabling lots of in-depth AI and machine learning structures.

  1. Protégé

Protégé allows developers to develop knowledge-based applications with ontologies. This enterprise focused tool has a suite of open-source tools for developers. Developers can easily create, upload, modify and share applications. It is focused on both experts and beginners. The active community it has makes the troubleshooting easier. Because of its simplicity, Protégé is preferred by mobile app development companies and other technology companies to develop advanced solutions based on AI and machine learning.

  1. IBM Watson

IBM Watson is a big player and well-known name in AI and machine learning fields. Its Watson platform offers a wide range tools for both developers and business users. It is available for developers as a set of open APIs. It provides access to different sample code, starter kits, and developers can use it to build cognitive search engines and virtual agents.

Watosn’schatbot building platform is focused on beginners. With little machine learning skills, anyone can build chatbots using this platform. It also provides pre-trained content for chatbots, which quickens training the bot.

  1. DiffBlue

DiffBlue is a dedicated code automation platform. Created by Daniel Kroening at the University of Oxford, DiffBlue is simple and easy to use. The tool is focused on locating bugs, performing test writing, refactoring code, finding and fixing weak code. All these are done through automation.

  1. TensorFlow

Developed by Google, TensorFlow is an open-source software platform which is dedicated for machine learning projects. It provides a library comprising of numerical computation using data flow graphs. With the tool, developers candeploy deep learning frameworks over multiple CPUs, on desktop, mobile and tablets. It provides developers with a bunch of documentation, online resources and tutorials. Developers who are not familiar with Python can also utilize the tool well.

  1. Nervana Neon

Neon is an open-source Python-based machine learning library. Neon allows developers to build and train deep learning technologies and they can deploy the same in the cloud. Developers can understand the tool with video tutorials and a ‘model zoo’ which contains pre-trained algorithms and example scripts.

Conclusion: There are some other tools that help you develop AI and machine learning based apps – tools offered by Amazon Web Services, tools offered by Microsoft, and the tools like OpenNN and Apache Spark MLlib. Choosing between the tools depends on your specific requirement.

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