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Did you know why Alibaba, Amazon, and other retailers are growing so fast, while once popular brand names like RadioShackCircuit City, Barnes & Noble, etc., are failing  at the curb. This is because of customers value accessibility, price competitiveness, and customer experience. According to recent Forrester’s report, 93% of B2B users prefer to buy online instead from a salesperson when they know what they want to buy. 

E-Commerce on Salesforce

Let’s check out the reasons why E-commerce on Salesforce creates a competitive advantage – 

1. You can sell anytime, anywhere

Most customers, whether for B2C or B2B, prefer online shopping. When your products and services are available anytime, anywhere with branded portals accessible on mobile and desktop, your customers will be attracted to buy from you again and again. It helps you keep products and services in the hands of customers regardless of place and time they are ready to purchase.

2. You must offer right products at right time

By making it easy for your customers to get what exactly they are looking for, you can leverage buying behavior and stimulate sales cycles. You will be able to influence robust analytics to recognize and cover exact products and pricing which keep users visiting back time and again. 

3. You should bring flexibility to your channel strategy

All omnichannel businesses require flexibility to sell and consistently communicate with all customers despite their choices. With Salesforce e-commerce, you can easily keep all channels updated with accurate product and pricing information.

4. Analyze your e-commerce performance in real-time

You can track the product and pricing trends and also analyze sales rates and revenue performance to meet your goals. Salesforce e-commerce enables you to uncover your bottlenecks and eliminate obstacles to sales to completely transform the way of your business.

5. You can easily manage e-commerce on Salesforce

Strategic updates can be made in minutes with the click-not-code technology. Enterprises can define products, catalogs, associated options, promotions, and services once, and then use them across various e-commerce sites.

Conclusion – Adopting the strategy of e-commerce channel for cross-channel users is not just a satisfaction of consumer habits but there a lot to be gained  E-commerce on Salesforce connects the dots between in personal and online experiences to assure total brand consistency over all channels. It also enables the e-commerce websites to empower customers to buy from them wherever and whenever they want. It also ensures that the price, product and promotional information are always secure, tailored and up-to-date.

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