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Guest blogging may be considered one of the most profitable ways of generating huge amounts of traffic while building your authority and establishing yourself as an expert in the field. Besides that, you’re getting pure white-hat quality backlinks that can boost your website on the first pages of the SERPS.

5 Tips for Newbie Guest Bloggers

Whenever you land a great guest post on an authority blog, you will be able to notice instant traffic coming to your own blog. Nowadays, a lot of web marketers and bloggers are using this easy technique in order to sustain their traffic flow, and ultimately sustain and improve their businesses.

In today’s article we’ll take a look at how newbie guest bloggers can improve their performance. Read these 5 tips, follow them to the end, and see the results coming.

Tip #1 – Find Blogs in Order to Build a Potential Guest Post List

Before writing anything, you first need to find some places to submit your guest posts. Basically, you’ll be creating a list (preferably in Excel), and include all the links, short descriptions, and traffic indications regarding each blog you’ll be targeting.

Finding quality blogs isn’t easy, but if you know where to look, it won’t be hard either. First of all, you should start with Google. Use many different search strings (e.g “keyword” + “write for us”, “keyword” + “submit blog post”) and scout through results. More than often, you will find a lot of highly relevant blogs to submit your content to.

Another genius tactic is to find competitive guest bloggers that already had success on a bunch of different blogs, find their headshot picture (the one he uses on his author bio), copy the URL link of the image, and quickly throw it into Google’s search. This way you will find all of the blogs they have ever posted to.

Tip #2 – Research and Carefully Select Your Potential Targets

Now you probably have a big list of blogs waiting for your great content. By this stage, it is time to refine your list according to bunch of important criteria. Successful guest bloggers recommend sorting out your potential guest post opportunities according to these characteristics:

  • The blog should have an authoritative link profile
  • The quality of the blog posts must be high – you don’t want to waste time on a low quality blog
  • The blog should have a decent sized and a real users following – check for signs such as comments, social media signals, etc.
  • The blog should have enough traffic in order to satisfy your needs – check or
  • The blog should have a strong social media presence – such as Facebook likes, Twitter followers, etc.

Tip #3 – Have a High-Quality Pitch Prepared

Nowadays, it’s very annoying that you always have to differentiate a sales e-mail from a genuine one, without marketing interests. Imagine an authority blog owner. He is receiving dozens of e-mails with all kinds of different proposals, every single day. Most of the times, he would just dump them to the trash whenever he sees something he doesn’t like or doesn’t fit his needs.

  • Each and every proposal mail you send should have something really specific about their own blog
  • When you write your pitch, don’t make it lengthy. Ideally, it should contain around 175 words. This way you won’t bore him with unnecessary details. One more thing: don’t write blocks of texts, it’s annoying for the eye.
  • Small talk about your experience, and why you’re a good fit for his blog.
  • Have a list of topics ready for them. This way you’re making their job easier.

Tip #4 – Focus on Quality Over Quantity

Back in the days, many guest posters were writing tons of lower quality articles at a great speed, and got them published all over the place. For them, it didn’t matter whether the quality of the articles is good, or whether the blogs they’re targeting are actually worth the time.

This strategy worked for a while, but with time, every decent guest blogger changed the way they do things, and started focusing on quality. The main idea is that whenever you write a quality, informative, value-provider guest post, the persons reading it will start looking at you with different eyes.

The traffic will start flowing faster, and that is because you’ll be considered an expert in the field, a name or a brand worth checking out. Also, when you’re looking to post your content on authority websites, your chances to stick with them while providing poor content are quite slim.

Tip #5 – Get The Most of Your Blog Posts

After you got your guest post published, do not stop there. It’s time to follow-up, and start doing some effective actions that can boost your traffic even higher. Here are some of the strategies I use whenever I land a blog post on any website.

  • The moment you notice your blog-post on any particular website, make sure to leave a helpful comment, letting everybody know that you can answer all the questions they have.
  • Use your social media audience for promoting your blog posts even harder. Share your recently published content on your Facebook page, tweet it, and so on.
  • Whenever you see commenters besides you, try to reach them and let them know that you’re available to create more awesome content if they need it. This is a good opportunity for you to increase your potential blogs list. 

Becoming a good guest blogger isn’t something that happens overnight. It’s a continuous learning process that will eventually lead to higher success. This isn’t an easy job…it eats a lot of time, creates a lot of stress sometimes, disappointments, and so on. But “at the end of the day”, it’s one of the best SEO practices in the present moment, and it can give you a lot of satisfaction on the long term.


Robert is a successful blogger at NinjaEssays writing service. His articles are published at Lifehacker, Mashable, Huffington Post and other popular blogs.

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