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Do you already have a website for your business?

If no, build one now!

Studies show that more than half of the small businesses & startups do not own a business website and more than 47% do not see the worth of investing in social media for marketing & sales.

Is it necessary to have an internet presence at all?

There are many businesses that are doing phenomenally well even without a website, but there a proofs that websites escalate the growth of businesses significantly.

A website is not just a digital version of the brochure of the company, but a well-thought-out plan which is designed to inform, engage & improve the sales of the business.

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Important Benefits for a Business

The following is a list of benefits for businesses which own a fully-functional & responsive website, specifying its need in 2017:

  1. Visibility

Nowadays, everyone searches about different products & services online first and then visit the store. By creating a website, you stop being invisible to those internet-friendly customers and improve your business opportunities.

People are searching for solutions for their needs & problems on the internet and the company which appears on the top; usually gets the most business. If you do not have the website yet, you are simply missing out on a large number of customers because your name is not even in their thought process. An invisible business tends to die out soon.

  1. Rank Higher

To rank at the top of the search engine result pages, you need to focus on all the digital marketing methods. Search engine optimization, commonly known as SEO, is one of the most effective methods of promoting your business. It basically uses specific-relevant keywords and helps your website to rank at the top of those results.

It requires you to create optimized content, build relevant links and have an engaging brand to be able to convince the search engines that your website shall be ranked at the top.

It increases your chances of sales increment because of the effective promotions. It accommodates social media optimization and pay per click advertisements as well (other tools of digital marketing). It is an old idiom, “People tend to buy products & services which are more visible to their eyes.”

  1. Improve Sales

Top ranking websites are powerful sales tools because users can directly connect with the business from wherever they are. It can help in the following ways:

  • It acts like another store of the business
  • It has no geographical limitations
  • It can help in resolving customer problems & queries
  • Push notifications can help to remind customers about sales & special deals
  • If designed smoothly, it can attract traffic and enable a smooth buying experience
  • It can modify customer decisions by being attractive & informative

A website can be used to build confidence in the minds of the customers about the brand by giving them important buying information & special purchase incentives and an attractive website design help in attracting them in the first place.

  1. Stay Credible

Websites help you to have a social presence and enables your customers to trust in you, that your business is stable and you will not run away in the near future.

It showcases a dedicated web presence and customers can get hold of you whenever they wish to. It is an e-shop on the internet and customers can find information about different products & services in the available blogs, articles and press releases.

Customers can learn more about the company, which will enable the brand to build authority in the market. Without a website, it might get difficult for the business to communicate with the customers on a regular basis.

  1. Create a Community

Even if the technicalities of the internet are out of your bounds, the benefits are endless. It allows you to gather important data about the customer and use it to improve your business opportunities like emails, contact information etcetera.

You can shoot emails/ text messages in the future to potential or loyal customers about special deals & sales to attract them into the store and make a purchase. It makes a connection with the customer easier, cost-effective and faster than via any other media


Always create a website that the customers can be attracted to and trusts to share their personal information. Website design& website development are two things that attract the customer & helps to retain him for the long term, respectively. Security and user-experience shall always be the first priority. It can be your strongest marketing tool, utilize to the fullest.

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