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New Year has arrived and so have some new and cool iPhone apps as well. So, let’s take a look at some of these mobile apps that you can’t afford to miss out on 

5 must have iPhone apps in 2017

1.  Box  – if you are someone who is always on the go for business purpose, then Box is definitely a great tool for you. Install it in your phone and computer device at home/office and you can access the files from any one of your devices wherever you are courtesy of this cloud based file synching and storage program application. Besides accessing the files, you can add comments and read all the changes as well. So, working becomes lot easier now.

2. Digg – for those who like to read amazing stuff, Digg comes across as a must have application.It provides you a convenient place to collaborate all your reading stuff at one place and read on the go. Not just that it recommends other stuff available on the internet that you can explore as well.

3. Easily Do –  it comes across a multi-utility application that you can use to connect to all your online services like Facebook account, email account, even calendar as well. So managing everything from your iPhone while you are on the run becomes quite easy with this application.

4. Flipboard – if you have a keen eye for creating innovative content, then Flipboard brings so many options for you. With Flipboard, you can now curate content from online resources be it any website or social media accounts and transform it into stunning magazine like pages. In fact, not just for iPhone, Flipboard has become a huge hit with iPad app lovers as well.

5.  Adobe Photoshop Express– if you thought that photo editing could be done only on desktops and laptops, then Adobe brings a pleasant surprise. The Photoshop express can get rid of the minutest anomalies in your photograph to give you top quality edited images.

Although mobile technologies are advancing at a rapid pace to bring forward new developments with every passing day, but you cannot download them all in your phone. The above mentioned apps can prove to be of great use for recreation as well as professional life. So, check out your App store and download these apps today!

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