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5 Important Travel Apps Solo Female Traveler Should Download

Today we are highly dependent on technology. It plays a vital role in our life. From lights, fans to cars, mobiles everything is a gift to technology. The standard is increasing and now people have so much tech-savvy that even the smallest tasks like paying bills, booking hotels and tickets are also done via technology.

And one of the biggest revolutions in technological advancements is the innovation of smartphones. These phones have made our life a lot easier. The apps in these phones further work as a cherry on the cake.

There was a time when traveling abroad was a like a blind journey with least knowledge about anything. Today you can travel well-prepared by having access to all the essential information on your phone. There are different types of apps to provide all the important information, to enable you to connect to the people in your country without paying huge international roaming bills and to ensure your safety during the trip.

These apps have also helped women to travel alone and explore the world. Here are five important apps every female traveler should download to make their trip enjoyable and safe.  

Google Translate

Google Translate

 If you are going to visit a country where English is not the common language, you can take help of Google Translate to understand the things. This app has made communication very easy. This is equally helpful in understanding the written as well as spoken words. The app has around 58 languages to help you make your journey more enjoyable.
 History Pin

History Pin app

 Isn’t it interesting to visit a historical monument and getting all information about it within a few clicks? Download the History Pin app and know everything about the history of a place. You can also get details about other such places in the nearby location. Further, it also helps you save money taken by the guides. You just have to point your phone’s camera at the building and receive all the essential information.

Ajura App  


If you cannot live without talking to your family for a long time, Ajura is the perfect app for you. Using the domestic number on an international trip can break your bank due to high global roaming fees. You can make international roaming free with this app and can talk to your loved ones while using your local number. This app allows you to make a call both from the SIM as well as from the app itself.

Help Call

Help Call app

 Future is uncertain and these uncertainties grow further when you are in a new country. You might have knowledge of emergency numbers in your own country, but what about other countries? Get all the essential international emergency information with Help Call app. The app connects you with all the emergency facilities like fire, police, ambulance etc. in an easy to navigate 4 button system. The app has updated information for 126 countries.



This is a women-only app, designed to connect the fellow travelers. You just have to enter your trip details to find a travel companion having same trip plans. The app helps you get a new friend on the international trip to make it more enjoyable. It can be really hard to find a person with same interests as yours to accompany you on a trip. Tourlina eases out this process and helps you get the company of like-minded people for a safe journey.

The world is full of so many opportunities and possibilities. You can also explore these opportunities alone but only when you are safe. Download these apps and get ready to explore a new world. These apps allow you to stay carefree on international trips.

Author bio – Ankit Roy has been a columnist, digital marketing expert, blogger and editor. He specializes in digital marketing strategies, technical and international creative SEO, web analytics, and business development strategy. He provides ghost writing, coaching and ghost editing services. You can engage with him on  Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn

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