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Creating art is time-consuming, and its marketing is not easy, either. In a tech-driven world, where there is enough opportunity, there is an equal amount of competition. Deploying art marketing strategies might be challenging for artists who are in the constant process of creating art. Yet, it offers enough potential for your business to maximize the sale. Traditional methods of art selling are gradually becoming obsolete as artists are upturning their sales through the internet. So, an artist needs to stay ahead of the game by making their online presence stronger. 

Perhaps, getting business online is not merely creating a website. While you might have invested resources in setting it up, attracting traffic to it is another story altogether. It takes effort, consistency, and the right knowledge to rank up your website on search engines. Although time-consuming, optimizing your website is worth all the effort. In this article, find the five best techniques that can get you ahead in your game. 

1 Optimize Website Structure First

Surprisingly, the search engine friendliness of your website largely depends on its structure. While making websites, sometimes the programmers under-estimate the power of efficient layout. Therefore, many of them are not that search engine friendly, or rather, their indexing is too complicated for search engines. 

The details of page designs play an overall impact on the potential of the website. Minute considerations while programming like adding readable URLs and XML sitemaps are essential things to keep in mind. Remember to make the title tags and the alt text on your images keyword-rich too. While maintaining a 100% W3C compliant code is unnecessary, clean, and proper coding helps you with better indexing. 

Optimize Website Structure First

2. Pay Attention to Navigation and Content Of Your Website

Having distinguished elements on your website’s web pages like navigation, links, content, and the style allows proper crawling and indexing by the search engines. Google, Yahoo, and other search engines interpret your content by analyzing the content, keywords, and the mark-up code used to style it. It is for the same reason that a website with a blog does better than art portfolio sites. 

The best websites for optimization purposes are the ones that have enough text or an additional blog. More write-up also leaves you with a higher chance of embedding high-density keywords that are search-engine friendly. Using a lot of content allows writers to embed more links, which we shall discuss in the next point.

3. Get Traffic Through Inbound Linking

Informative blogs attract users to your website. You can also use it to increase page authority and ranking by adding links to it. Having your page links on the other website can get more traffic to your page and improve your ranking. It also adds to the credibility of your work, popularising it for improving optimization scores.

The task of getting other blogs and websites to link your pages might be a challenge unless you chase down some artist websites and pitch bloggers to link your page. Most of the bloggers would do that in return for a link on your blog. In this way, you both can maximize the chances of engaging with each other’s audiences. 

Get Traffic Through Inbound Linking

4. Register on Directories

Another easy way to link-building and optimizing your website is to use the various directories that offer budding artists to share your info and URL links. All you have to do is search them and manually add your web address to them.

You might have to do a little digging by searching them over various search engines. You can try multiple word combinations like ‘art website directories’ or ‘artist directories online’ etc. Taking time out to add your site under correct categories and subcategories will give you an edge. Before you invest your time or resources in a directory, make sure you check their page ranking as well. Pages with high ranking can be worth an effort.

5. Encash the Power of Networking

This is a golden era of social networking, and it is smart for businesses to take some advantage of them. Artist forums are a great place to link your websites. You can exploit the opportunities by presenting your input and linking your website organically on the various discussion pages. 

Make sure that you do it in the most subtle way possible. While there can be an overwhelming number of forums to choose from, make sure you select the best few to post regularly. Exploring social media channels and sourcing them back to your website is a great way to increase brand visibility and direct more traffic for optimizing your website.

The Bottom Line 

Though there are several techniques to maximize your optimization chances, it requires consistency to substantiate your efforts. SEO is challenging and more so time-consuming. The efforts you put in today might not show immediate results but will gradually add up as you tread on your path to optimization.

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