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Domain Authority is a Web metric established by Moz. It calculates the score for search engine ranking ranging from 0 to 100. Domain authority calculates the probability of the ranking of websites on search engines such as Google, Bing, etc.

If the score of a website is towards higher-end, it means a greater possibility to rank high on search engine result pages. You can know how the website will rank on SERPs by using the Domain Authority. A high scored domain authority website can be rated well on Search Engines.

Domain Authority can compare different websites for ranking scores. You can also use it to track your website’s strength. Domain Authority of a website is calculated by considering several factors.

Domain Authority gives high scores to the sites that have a great number of high-quality external links such as Twitter or Wikipedia. It gives low scores to the websites with few external links. It will help you boost the ranking of your website.

  • Moz Link Explorer

Moz Link Explorer, previously known as Open Site Explorer, is a Domain Authority checker tool developed by Moz. It is the best Domain Authority checker tool available for free.

Moz Link Explorer is one of the best SEO tools that you can use if you are searching for a versatile and powerful SEO Tool. It enables you to easily check your website’s Domain Authority.

You can receive detailed information about the link profile of your website with Moz Link Explorer. It also provides details regarding the sub-domain, root domain, and links to your website.

Reports are limited to guest users. You can sign up if you want to get unlimited reports daily for your website.


Moz Link Explorer comes with 30 days of a free trial. It offers unlimited reports in the free version. You can access more electrifying features if you subscribe to the paid plan. It costs $99 for the Standard plan, and the Premium plan is offered at $599.

  • PrepostSeo Domain Authority Checker

PrepostSeo offers a Domain Authority Checker that is very efficient in producing accurate results regarding Domain and Page Authority of websites. It is powered by the premium Moz API.

It provides all the necessary details about your website’s Authority that you need to know.

PrepostSeo Domain Authority checker offers support for checking up to 100 webpages at a time. It also offers an extension for Google Chrome, which means you can use it efficiently while surfing on the web.

You can also download reports for your checked URLs if you want. You can check unlimited web pages per day because there is no limit.


Free of cost.

  • Website Authority Checker

Website Authority Checker is an excellent free tool that can be used to easily check the Domain Authority and the Page Authority of your website.

It is mostly used by small businesses to check the DA and PA of their websites. It has a simple interface, and it is free of cost.

There is no limit for the use of features in the Website Authority checker. It offers all the basic features that you would need to rank for DA and PA.

You will be able to find the age of the URL, backlinks of your website, and age of website by using this online service. It uses Mozscape API for all the authority relevant operations, and you can also export your reports in CSV format.


Free of cost.

  • Domain-Authority Checker

Website SEO Checker offers a Domain Authority Checker tool that is very precise and quick in performing Domain Authority operations. It is also very easy to use with a simple and smooth user interface.

 You can collect all the information about Domain Authority of your website at one click after pasting a list of URLs. It tells the age of the domain, age of your website as well as the number of external backlinks to your site.

It also tells the quality of backlinks and takes Moz spam score in consideration for checking DA and PA. It even provides information on the reference number of domain links and domain referrals as well.


Free of cost.

  • Bulk DA Checker

Bulk DA Checker is a versatile and free DA Checker that comes with ease of use and a lot of flexibility. It can check the Domain Authority of twenty-five different websites at a time.

You can also check Page Authority, Alexa rank, IP Address, Moz rank, and backlink of your website with Bulk DA Checker.

Bulk Domain Authority checker tool can save you a lot of time if you want to check the domain authority of multiple websites. You don’t need to sign up to access all features.

You can check the DA and the PA of your site without making an account. You can paste URLs in the input box and click on the button, and it will do the rest. It also supports the CSV file format for reports.


Free of cost.

Wrapping up

Domain authority is a metric for your website that allows you to rank better in search engines. By improving the overall SEO of your website, you can improve the Domain Authority of your website.

You must not overlook the Domain Authority of your website because it is an important factor to rank your website in the top results of search engines.

We have listed the five best Domain Authority checker tools for you in terms of accuracy and efficiency. You can use these Domain Authority checkers to know about the strength of your website.

The Domain Authority checker tool is one of the very important tools for search engine optimization of web pages. You should use it regularly to stay updated about the search engine ranking scores of your website.

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