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SEO and content marketing are inseparable. Why is that so? It is because the two are interdependent. If good content is lying dormant and there is no one to read it, what good is that content? Similarly, if your page or site is ranking high on google search results but the audience does not find relevant content therein, how long do you think that website will last in that spot?

Below are the reasons that make SEO and content marketing important:

1. Both complement each other in basics


Experts suggest that SEO and content marketing should be considered as two separate entities but the experience says otherwise. For example and as stated in my earlier statement above, if good content is there and you don’t have the desired audience to read it, your efforts are down the drain.

For an SEO the task is to rank the page high in the search engine results page. On the other hand, your content should be attractive and must include knowledge and links to resources that further impart information on that area or subject.

The search engine crawler after scanning through your content and finding it appropriate will signal Google to rank that page/site in top results. It is obvious that google or any other search engine won’t cater to content which is gibberish and maybe can use black hat tactics to somehow rank its site but it’s only a matter of time before it gets taken down by google or gets blacklisted.

So you see, there is a connection between the two and hence, are seemingly inseparable.

2. Both are important in structuring URLs correctly


The site or page is laden with internal and external links, meta tags, and other URL structures. The ideal way for your content to complement your SEO efforts is by shortening the URLs. Shortened URLs have an increased probability to show up in Google on top as opposed to those with longer links.

But how does content influence all this? Your content should exercise extra care in targeting those keywords or phrases that you want to rank higher. If they are utilized in an effective manner in the content then it will do wonders for your blog/page/site.

If they are not finely integrated into the content and if the reader were to easily spot stuffing of (keyword/phrase) in the text and since the audience these days is sharp and clever, your cover will be blown. They will know that you are writing content for SEO purposes whereas a good SEO/content developer will be subtle with it.

Imagine a shortening of URLs of your posts by inserting that keyword/phrase in it. How will that reflect on your target audience, now that they realize that you weren’t writing to educate in the first place? See why content marketing matters for SEO, yet?

3. One’s demand is of links and the other introduces it

Another reason why SEO and content marketing are like hand and glove. SEO dreams about linkbacks from a huge 98 DA site linking to your site. In other cases a giant of the .edu world providing you with the link juice to your blog or article.

The realization of this dream can only come in the shape of interesting and engaging content. You don’t necessarily take up this task by yourself, you can always outsource this to link building agencies. However, the best link building exercise can only come from posting stellar content. That way majority will link back to it and that way your SEO will continue to blossom.

4. Former demands onsite optimization whereas the latter requires killer user experience (UX)


There is more to SEO than meets the eye. It is just not about articles, keywords or links back but it is also about improving meta descriptions, using tags effectively as well as crafting a strategically sound sitemap. Yes, that is a lot of technical stuff but pure SEOs can relate.

But have you wondered why you need all this technical optimization? Primarily, so that you can deliver amazing content to your audience and that is why content marketing needs great UX. To promote your content you want SEO to build you a sitemap.

To enable visibility of your content, SEO can get robots.txt optimized so that search engine crawlers can do their job. For indexing of your content, so results are reflected accurately, SEO ensures the usability of tags in the right corners, etc.

In conclusion

I hope with the reasons presented above, you will be better able to see why content marketing for SEO so much. You can find a lot of information about it on the web as well as this list of reasons is not exhaustive. In short, SEO is about marketing content and content marketing is to facilitate SEO.

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