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4 Effective Stages of Mobile Web Development- When it comes to Mobile web development, one needs to pay attention to all aspects of the concept, design and development to say least as mobile phones have evolved into the primary gateways through which people connect with internet. There are various principles and techniques involved that are primitive in creating and designing applications for various mobile devices.

Mobile Web Development

If you don’t know about how an app is conceived, designed and delivered, then sit back and relax as we share with you some of the essential stages of its development.


In order to develop a mobile product, having a device plan at the beginning of the project is must. The plan would define all phases of the design – layers, placement and so on. However, if one does not pay attention to the device plan, the end product might face issues because of the lack of a strategically defined device plan. The plan eventually helps in outlining all the stages of the mobile web development process which includes test phases as well. If the outcomes are predefined in the plan, you will be able to conduct the development phases and test them efficiently. In the end, you will have a better view of fixing the bugs.

Different Web Standards

Considering Programming languages with respect to different web standards is another crucial segment that can help in making your app easily accessible over search engines. For instance, XSLT (Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations) is a popular choice for mobile application deployments. Hence, choosing a right programming language can really amp up the game and improve the quality of application. To make it easy for designers and developers, mobile browsers have been made better in terms of web standards, so that the content can be displayed efficiently on the web for mobile platforms.

Designing for Mobile Browsers

There are various mobile browsers and to design and develop for all these browsers at the same time can be a tricky job. Hence, browsers remain another important part of the mobile web development criteria, since the app would be accessible on it. This process requires the designers to design and code in accordance to the visual aspect of various browsers along with the various devices. This phase is tricky but easily achievable.

Designing for different displays

There are various kinds of mobile displays, which plan an important role in the development of a web based application. The displays, in comparison with the mobile browser designing phase is far more challenging and nerve wracking. During this designing phased for displays, a designer needs to ensure that the design is viewable on all kinds of smartphones with different size displays. In fact, there are two types of designs – fixed and fluid. Whereas, there are two kinds of layouts – single column and multiple column. Considering all these is highly important to produce a flawless application.

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