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While more and more companies are adopting cloud, there are some that are still reluctant to shift to the cloud because of the rumored cloud security concerns. Whereas the truth is that cloud providers take security very seriously. 

Cloud security

In this post, we have discussed some facts to be considered about cloud security:- 

Fact 1:- Clients who share a public cloud cannot attack one another

To prevent attacks from subscribers that share the same cloud, cloud providers take a lot of precautionary measures. Hypervisors help in providing separation between the clients who are in the same cloud environment. With the help of hypervisor it becomes very difficult to attack, however, the provider has to ensure that it is properly patched and maintained. The management layers can be isolated from the end user by placing it on a separate management network. 

Fact 2:- Clouds are vulnerable to in-house network attack rather than external networks.

Insecure API, account hijacking, data breaches and denial of service attack is likely to happen in the house environment just as much as it happens in the cloud. Businesses need to establish the same level of security that they would deploy using hosting provider on the internal IT infrastructure. Securing the internal IT infrastructure includes network intrusion detection and prevention, vulnerability scanning, installing firewalls, multi-factor access, and control. 

Fact 3:- CTP helps initiate visibility in cloud 

To establish digital trust with clients the key components are security and transparency. Cloud trust protocol was created to provide an evidence for everything that is claimed is happening in the cloud. With the help of CTP, the clients can find out important details related to compliance, security, integrity, privacy and operational security history of service elements being performed in the cloud. 

Fact 3:- Full control of where the data resides 

The choice of cloud provider must be decided by keeping in mind where the provider operates cloud data center. A private cloud provides a simple way for clients to address data accountability and governance. 

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