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Every marketing specialist will tell you that it is absolutely essential to be aware of the latest and upcoming trends on the market. If you do not fit the general picture, you might as well just lose the race. That is why we highly recommend you go through the trends in this article and be ahead of the game in the upcoming year!

Content Marketing Trends

So let’s start! Meet 12 content marketing trends you need to be aware of ahead of time!

1. 2017 is going to be a turning point for all the businesses, as all the content will now have to switch its focus to mobile content marketing, too. I know they have already promised you this like a thousand times. But this time it is for real, and you need to be ready! Therefore, adapt your content for mobile devices not to lose your followers.

2. People want to see more visual aids in your articles. Now it is not only about quality content, but also about bright images that fit your ideas. You can either create your own pictures or get those from stocks. No matter where you get them; just make sure they attract attention. However, keep in mind that being authentic is always a good idea. So maybe take your own pictures?

3. People tend to watch videos more. That is why those websites and blogs that add video content to their platforms will get more shares and hotter discussions around the topics they chose. So consider adding videos to your articles to keep up with the times. Videos keep your followers addicted to your website (don’t ask me how I know)!

4. Users want more infographics. It is easier to grasp the general idea of the article from it and also it is more fun to share content of this kind. So, don’t hesitate to master this skill now and create interesting infographics for your website.

5. People will start using emails for promoting their products again. Even though some time ago email marketing was officially considered less efficient than social media one, in the upcoming year, the biggest companies are thinking of going back to using this tool. They have upgraded it and added new features to it, but the principle is still simple.

6. Companies are encouraged to write down detailed content strategy. This means that they need to have in a written form and instead of just trying to get enough traffic, they should keep their values in mind. This is what this strategy is for.

7. Using content with augmented reality technology. You might think it is way in the future, but a being a prominent leader of the market means that you are always a step ahead of the rest. So, why not making your way into the market as the first company with this technology?

8. Start creating special bots for your websites. It is a question of IT development, but if you take your business seriously, it is worth a try. You can create a unique bot that will as if predict the desire of your readers and offer them a solution based on simple algorithms. Use state-of-the-art technologies to be in step with times.

9. Another technology that is gaining more popularity you can benefit from is live streaming. You can live stream video via all kinds of social networks now and stay in trend. Check out possibilities Facebook, Tumblr, Periscope, Twitter, and YouTube are offering you.

10. If looking at the tendencies leaders of the market provide us with, then you should use the native ads like Forbes. According to the staff of this resource, they were among the first ones to start using this kind of ads and now they make at least one-third of all their money from native content. So why not use the experience of the best?

11. Again, technologies you can use to promote your blogs include those creating podcasts with the information you find useful and vital for your followers. SEO specialists claim that with new technologies emerging this type of content holds the future. So take advantage of it today!

12. Finally, consider using influencer marketing strategies. Such plans can become your leading strategy, especially knowing that there is a significant number of available templates and tools that you can use for your benefit. Do not underestimate its influence and value. They do not call it “Influencer” for nothing!

Taking everything into consideration, there is a lot of technology you should keep up with in the following year. So do not waste your time and check whether you are ready to impress you followers with keeping pace with the times.

Sophia Clark is a creative writer from New York who loves to share her thoughts with readers. In my free time, she enjoys writing fiction as well as reading it. Her big dream is to publish a novel one day. Connect with her her on Twitter and Google +.

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