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One of the easiest types of businesses that you can do is an online business. Fortunately, the network gives a lot of opportunities to realize oneself and earn money for a comfortable life. Now, when the progress is sweeping the planet by leaps and bounds, an online business does not seem something extraordinary.

The main advantage of the online business is the low entry threshold. You can come with $100 in your pocket, take off your shoes and say “Well, here I am! Hello, Network!”

Well, no matter how simple it’s to collaborate with the partners from other corners of the world –at first, you have to choose the niche. So, the list of 10 most prospective online businesses in 2016 is at your disposal.

1. Ghost Writing/CopyWriting/Editing

The topic of writing comes through our whole list of ideas. You’re lucky if you know how to beautifully express your thoughts on the paper. Offer your services to those who are tired of writing, but want to keep their face or brand. Quite a challenging job, but it may be highly paid. Well, you may even run a service for ghostwriting essays, like

By the way, there may be difficulties with the portfolio because usually clients work on a confidential basis. Later, you simply won’t be able to prove to anyone that this beautiful text was written by you.

If you want neither run a personal blog nor write for someone else, you may start copywriting business. Best copywriters are well-paid, but the pass to the top is very long and thorny.

There are very few professional writers, but it even less good editors. If you are from that caste, you are lucky! Earning on correcting errors is a dream of many!

2.  Niche Websites and Blogs

If you’re familiar with writing and live an interesting life, you may succeed in blogging. Well, there’s a nuance – the narrower the niche of your site, the easier it’s to attract the audience. Of course, everything depends largely on you and your abilities. If you provide competent materials on the subject, your blog may turn into a good asset able to generate income quite comparable with the office salary. Become an authority in your niche, and advertisers do not keep you waiting.

A lot of people are engaged in traveling while earning money online. Start your blog, upload photos, share information on how to stay in a hotel or save on food, and monetize the blog using contextual and banner advertising.

3. Corporate Blogging

Companies do not always have enough resources to run their corporate blogs. If you have a writing talent, you can lead a company’s blog and help to maintain the website.

4. Social Media Advisor 

Sounds like a cliché, is not it? However, more and more businesses and organizations are on social networks. Today’s companies strive to be closer to people. But since many of them still do it clumsy, you have a chance to become an SMM specialist. 

5. Web App Design

The development of mobile market forms the highest demand for all kinds of mobile applications and games. Even if you’re unfamiliar with coding, you still can cooperate with mobile developers and present your product on the web.

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6. Crowdsourcing

In short, crowdsourcing is using the crowd to your benefit. You can sponsor such a crowd and help small businesses to solve certain problems. The banalest ideas lie in aiming collective efforts at generating slogans, logo, and other corporate identity’s features for companies. Such services are quite expensive if ordered in agencies while the crowd could solve them fast enough and a lot cheaper.

7. Online Trading Platform

You can create an online trading platform, where users can post their own products. The hardest part of this business is to make your website popular. Well, another issue is that most niches are already occupied, so you have to string up to come up with something unique.

8. Teaching Online

If you’re an expert is a field and have some knowledge to share, you can organize online training (for example, via Skype), and even create your online teaching platform.  To start such kind of business, all you need is to be able to shoot videos and photos without a cluttered horizon.

9. Online Advertising Agency

If you have enough money, you can try to arrange an advertising agency which trades online traffic. The key point is to attract advertisers. Succeed in it, and advertising platforms will come looking for you.

Online Advertising Agency

10. Online Trust Consultant

Any offense may lead to rather sad consequences. Especially now, when the network is full of people who can manipulate the crowd. You can become an expert on reputation management in the network and ensure clients only positive reviews. This is quite an interesting job that requires creativity and a lot of time.


Lucy Adams is an essay writer and a blogger from a legit custom writing site. She’s happy to prepare posts for third-party websites and blogs, so any of your ideas won’t be left without a response. Send to Lucy what you have in stock, and get a comprehensively studied research in return.

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