Lyft proclaim their drivers for the $200 million tips

In recent days many ride-hailing companies rises to provide furnish to the commuters at the rush hours and also for the riders. In the battle of application based ride-hailing company Lyft holds the second rank among the competition. Without any controversy or upheaval hold its rank. It provides a good tip to the prospective drivers. In its application, shows the tips option to the riders to appreciate the drivers for their services. Lyft follows certain programs to get the more concentration of the passengers and the drivers.

Lyft proclaim

Task of the app

Lyft is a network transportation company, developed its own software application to connect the passengers with the riders. It was the United States based company in San Francisco, California. To book a ride in the Lyft, we have to download the app, enter a valid phone number and a valid form of payment link to the PayPal, Google Wallet and Apple Pay account. Passengers can send the request a ride for the nearby driver through the app.

Once the driver accepts the request, the driver name, the rating of past passenger, the photo of the driver and car will show in the app. Driver and passengers can add their personal information like their hometown, music, and other details to initiate converse between them. The fare for the ride will show at the end time of the ride. Lyft gives the opportunity to the passenger to appreciate the driver by rating them from one to five stars. 
Hiring of drivers

The drivers are selected under the certain procedure to make clear that they are not culprits. The Department of the motor vehicle checks the personnel criminal background and sex offender registries in the United States. They are interviewed by the current drivers of the Lyft. The age of the drivers should have twenty-one or elder. They should a hold license for more than one year.

National Sex Offender Registers

National Sex Offender Registers (NSOR) is a web page maintained by the United States Government to create awareness among the people about the sex offenders in the cities. They enter the culprit’s name, photo and their details in the web page. People who want to know about them can access it. Recently, one of the Uber drivers arrested for suspicion of sexual assault an unconscious passenger in his van. At the same time, Lyft driver canceled a ride request of the unconscious passenger. This driver asked the rider’s friend to accompany with the intoxicated friend. But she requested him to left her in the home, so he canceled the ride. That incident, encourage the people to create trust in the drivers of the Lyft.  

Opportunity for the riders

Lyft reached the milestone of one hundred million dollars as tips in the previous year in the demanding ride. It took four years to achieve this milestone, but now it crossed its own milestone. It took nine months for the Lyft drivers to collect another one hundred million dollars, a reality growth in the past years. Recently, Lyft drivers have accumulated two hundred dollars directly through the customer. It was announced by the company in the press meet.

Lyft allows the riders to say thank you to the driver over the tipping option in its own application. Lyft have the option of tips in the app, it will ask the riders at the end of the ride. They will provide tips according to the safe ride and friendliness of the driver. In the recent survey of the Lyft, the passengers were asked what they like about the service- forty percent passengers told the friendly drivers. Uber doesn’t set the option of tipping in the application that is it does not allow the cashless tipping.

Role of drivers

From the inauguration of the Lyft, the drivers have continuously gone the way to make the people day. Since from the day one, the drivers of the Lyft satisfies the passenger needs. Hence they made easy to the passenger to say thank riders for allowing tips through the app. The policy of the Uber is that the riders are free to offer the tips and the drivers ready to accept them. Most of the passenger likes Uber because of its hassle-free. From the experience at the driver, they were also likely the tip immediately on the phone, rather than reaching their pocket directly for cash we may have or not. 

Lyft, which is currently available in the three hundred cities, it has expanded the fifty percent operation in the past months. The startup’s combative expansion comes with a twisting report of investors on a new funding. The passengers valued the drivers and so Lyft committed to treat their drivers with the equivalent programs. They offered their drivers with the same day payment, rates the rental cars with affordable and low fuel costs with shell. The shell and the fuel rewards program conducted by the Lyft for the drivers and the passengers. They get some discount per gallon dependS upon the rides.

Fuel Reward Programs

The Lyft drivers existing without the fuel reward account can sign up with the Fuel Reward program. They will receive on time twenty-five cent per gallon in participating shell station. The drivers can save at least three cent per day and more offers will get if more ride gives. Depending on the accelerate level of the each month, drivers will receive daily fuel savings when filling in pumps. The savings like silver, gold and platinum Sliver – the driver will get three cents per gallons. In Gold savings, five cents per gallons can save each day. Seven cents per gallon can save in the Platinum savings.

Prosperity of the program

Once the driver got a link with the fuel reward account, the fuel reward will be automatically sent to their mail after signing up. Individual member ID card will be found on the connected service page. Swipe the Fuel Reward Card or enter the member ID at participating shell stations. To find the participation shell station download the fuel reward mobile apply, terms & conditions apply or visit The fuel reward promotions for the new passengers and the new drivers, they conduct programs periodically. This huge amount is the testimony for the service of the drivers every day to the passengers for the satisfaction.


Lyft is content with the service of their drives. They celebrate the achievement of the milestone of two hundred million tips from the passenger to drivers. Forty percent of the passengers appreciate the friendly behavior of the drivers. Lyft have the idea to expand their business in the domestic and international level. The car hailing company already has established their service in more than three hundred cities in the United States of America. This is the right time to spread their business throughout worldwide. The passengers value the drivers for their wonderful service.

As the result they get two hundred million dollars as tips, lift them up. The ride- hailing company also offers some discount in the fuel consumption for their drivers and the passengers. They implemented this idea through the Fuel Reward programs conducted periodically and more members benefitted from this program. They can save three to seven cent per gallon everyday according to the ride. For more ride, they will get more offers. Lyft’s features looking good if the riders continuous their ride with them.

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