Uber brings back its idea of self-driving cars in San Francisco


Uber, which is the most popular ride-hailing service, offers the travelers to have a safe journey at affordable rates. Recently, the ride-hailing company brings an innovative method of introducing self-driving vehicles, which run automatically where there is no need of drivers.Now, Uber brings back its idea of self-driving vehicles to San Francisco.

The future of self-driving car will be reappearing on the streets of its hometown after California renounces its registration of vehicles in a very public argument with the firm. The Ford Fusion, which was already been used in the Pittsburgh, self-driving car pilot, won’t be able to drive by them. These cars are only used for mapping of vehicles. Recently Uber statement announced that they are being driven by hand and so self-driving vehicles are disarmed.

self-driving cars

Self-driving cars in San Francisco

The Ford Fusions had been driving in and around San Francisco since last summer to map its streets with respect to introducing self-driving car pilot. But both the autonomous driving car pilot and its mapping efforts were separated after the California DMV quashed the registrations on the basis that Uber fails to precede the necessary autonomous vehicle permit. But Uber has also argued that the car permit is not applicable to its vehicles.For the purpose of mapping, California said that it worked with the company to help them in bringing back their registrations on the condition that they are strictly used for mapping purpose, says with respect to the statement offered by the San Francisco Chronicle.

The DMV worked with Uber to bring back its registration for five vehicles with full responsive that the vehicles will be used only in the mapping city. A lot of firms in California use vehicles only for the same purpose.

The Five Ford fusions rage with rooftop equipment and labeled that Uber Advanced Technologies Center is ready to hit San Francisco streets, but we need to make sure that they will not perform well like the autonomous cars. Alternatively, they will be mapping the city probably as an introduction to future self-driving pilots. These cars are being used for mapping purpose as people all over the world are using them.

Uber’s self-driving cars such as Ford Fusion and Volvo XC90s will be randomly given to the Uber drivers for the purpose of testing public interaction with respect to cars.Making the Uber engineer sit in the driver’s seat who is ready to take over the control, does it?

The DMV needs a permit to use these vehicles on public roads. Uber, which does not respond to a request for comment has argued that the technology was freed from responsibility. The rules are applied to cars, which will drive without driver or someone who takes over the control for monitoring the movements of the car.

But DMV refuses that it is not legal to drive the autonomous cars on public roads until it has the permission to take over the control.The clash remembers the uber’s approach to regulations when it began to offer its services in the cities nationwide without getting permission from the lawmakers. The firm says that it was excluded from the rules governing taxis, which make it fundamentally different. 

Future of Self-driving cars

Helps in reducing accidents

In our day-to-day life, self-driving vehicles are important mainly since most of the car accidents occur due to human mistakes. With respect to that, the Google’s self-driving vehicle was involved in 12 accidents where all the accidents are not due to the fault of the car. Since public testing started before 7 years and nearly 2 million miles ago.

In addition to the human toll of 32,000 deaths in the United States of America, and 2.31 million people were injured and the costs are $1 trillion.

Saves money for the framework

Nowadays, road and traffic framework is built for so many cars and for human drivers. When users have few cars on the street there is no need for too much of lanes and parking structures, traffic signs and signal lights, which would no longer become useful. Autonomous cars are able to equalize the driving through observing or communicating with other vehicles. One such example for this is the street crossings with cars that basically perform like this.

Reduce the fuel consumption

Though self-driving vehicle work with the help of fuel, it does not require too much like the manual driving cars. This is because of the integrated drive with other cars and they would have more constant speeds, and use each other’s shadow that basically reduces the wind resistance.

Time savvy

The concept of self-driving cars largely reduces our time spent during traveling. Since people are wasting so much of time in traveling due to heavy traffic. By this method, people can use this time for another process. Since self-driving vehicles reduce traffic jam this method is much convenient for the users.

Conventional car companies are forced to invent

Google, which is not a long-established car company, disorganizes the other car companies, who made a lot of excuses over the years why the self-driving vehicles are not feasible to develop. No one says Google that it is impossible, so the company just develops it. And this has now the made the traditional businessperson in a confused state.

Those traditional car companies like the Mercedes seems to be so imperious and narrow-minded in their thoughts that they forgot why they are in the business above all. Instead of making in mind that they are in the business of offering solutions for connecting people with others, they speak about the essence of driving or the missing fact that a lot of people do not enjoy the driving.

Above all, the young generations are actually seeing a decline in driver’s license holders says in a report that Americans are driving less and it is led by the youth. This has now led to distress activities by the other car companies, when we see how long the Google’s self-driving cars are. The most common thing to note is the technology brought by Google. In an overall competition, Google has become an important one to improve the technology. It also urged the carmakers to finally get their discharge together.


Uber declares that these cabs are used only for mapping facilities. During the month of December, The future self-driving vehicles were shipped around the passengers in San Francisco with the help of safety driver. At the same time, modernization is important to the future of California and there must be some standardization in it. Autonomous driving vehicles come with both high intention and difficulties.

The only thing which people are worried about is that jobs will disappear and the drivers will go the way like freight operators. It is expected that the autonomous cars will reduce traffic congestion and also it helps in reducing the accidents in the future. Since every people have a pole in their outcome any leakage of accidents must remain a part of new rules. Above all, there is a public safety by the implementation of self-driving vehicles.

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