7 Top Productivity Apps that Simplify Workflows

Productivity Apps
Today mobile apps are not just limited for entertainment and shopping, and its benefits have gone beyond it. Whether you want to manage meetings, conference calls or organize event, mobile apps are undoubtedly beneficial. There are 7 productivity apps that recently hit the market and became a buzz among employees. Let’s see them.
Asana brings everyone in your team on one platform, where it gives them access for project creation, deadlines, idea sharing, and proposals. It even provides email threads as an in-app messaging feature which anyone can use with individuals. This is one of the impressive apps for efficient project management and coordination.
Freedom is a bad app for personal interest, but in terms of organization’s betterment, this is the best app employers and employees can have. According to a recent study by Deloitte, the average American smartphone user checks their phone 46 times per day. Freedom can put full stop to this time-wasting habit which even employees feel as bad habit. The app can block certain apps or websites for a specified amount of time. If they prefer it, they can create block lists or block all internet content through limited VPN profile. You can even get the same service for Mac and Windows. There are many mobile app development companies that are developing apps similar to Freedom, but Freedom is the best app till now.
Any.do is a task management app which combines calendar, notepad, and daily scheduler. You can easily add tasks with voice or text input. Or if you want to categorize tasks or mark them as finished, just swipe. The “moment” feature which shows you the list of tasks in the morning that you have to complete in the same day. You can even share lists and events, so anyone, you or co-worker can add things to the list.
Pomodoro Flow
Pomodoro app helps you follow the famous Pomodoro technique developed by Italian entrepreneur Francesco Cirillo in the 1980s. This technique breaks work into 25-minute intervals, with 5-minute break between every interval. The app does the same. Though there are many apps of the same kind, Pomodoro app stands out because of its easy to use interface, and relevant features.
If you expect motivational quotes while working, Cheerleader is the best app you can have. Cheerleader sends you inspiring messages of your choice. If you don’t like to receive messages throughout the day, you can schedule messages when you’ve time to look into.
Super Notes
Super Notes allows you to take notes, recordings, photos, and set reminders. You can sort the notes by date or category, or you can even colour-code your notes, and synchronize it with your devices or cloud storage.
Dragon Dictation
Finding paper pieces for noting down the points while in call is really a hassle. Don’t worry about this when Dragon Dictation is with you. This voice-recognition app lets you quickly take down notes or compose messages.
Productivity apps have helped many companies achieve ultimate productivity that resulted in overall positive performance of the organization. If you’re looking to achieve the same, the above apps can give you sure-fire benefits.

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