Cover letter applying for the Android developer position

Cover letter applying for the Android developer position

Dear Recruiter,

This letter is in regards to my interest in applying for the Android developer position.  After reviewing the position, my skills look within range of the requirements to provide you with satisfying results.

While perusing my Bachelor’s degree in Game and Simulation programming, I have developed skills in code optimizations, organizing large projects, UI/ UX which is pleasing yet functional, and working with a broad range of people (coder and non-coders) on the same team. The above which prepared me for tackling large team projects in upcoming jobs.

My most recent job, working for the Wall Street Journal on their android application, has partnered me with skills not only of conversing ideas to fellow programmers, but interface designers, users, and stockholders. I have also expanded my ability to implement proper Material design and functionality in the tasks I was in charge of working on. My continued dedication to the company and expertise, in both C# and android, further allowed me to mentor other C# developers to be android developers.

With my current experience in the android development field, I am prepared and ready for any tasks which are given to me. Or if needed, tasks that I may need to assign to my new team. I look forward to giving my skills and services to you in the mentioned job position.