Nordic countries rapidly moving towards cloud computing revolution

According to a recent study undertaken, a new fact about Cloud computing adoption has come out. The figures from this study conclude that Nordic countries are moving rapidly with the adoption of Cloud computing for business, leaving all other countries way behind in the competition.

And, if we talk about Europe then Finland leads the charge as the country with highest take up of these services. (Eurostat Study, Dec.2014)

According to the study, in European countries there is an average 19% companies which use these services. But, when we talk about Finland the %age goes up to 51%. Italy comes second in the list with 40%, quite a surprise considering the country’s past track record in ICT Surveys.

Sweden and Denmark follow in closely with adoption rate of 39% and 38% respectively.
All in all, the Nordic countries are leading the way for cloud computing with such impressive adoption rates. Norway, of all the Nordic countries, has 28% of its companies using these services, making it rank at the bottom of the list.

The survey conducted between 150000 companies from more than 28 countries across the globe also brought another interesting finding out. According to the survey, the two major reasons behind many companies not adopting this technology is said to be the lack of knowledge (42%) and security concerns (32%).