6 Reasons You Better Spend Money on Your Logo

You spend money all the time, you have to spend money for apparently inexplicable reasons sometimes when you are running a business, that is why it is vital to be vary of the inclination to not spend whenever you can do without doing so. However, some items are crucial for the success of your business like a logo. You can’t go about trying to spend less than you have to on items such as this one.
Spend Money on Your Logo

Many businesses ignore this without comprehending the dire consequences of doing that. Here I will provide you with reasons on why you should at least get a decent logo from a professional logo design service, no matter how much it costs, and even if it does, according to your budget, bite the bullet. The long term results of your decision will be fruitful.

1 – It’s the First Impression!

The first impression is the last impression, as clich├ęd as it may sound; it is the truth, especially when a professional first impression is considered. No client will give you a second chance when your competitors are ready to pounce on any of your mistakes.

Imagine a potential client walking in through your door, your logo – a representation of your company – is a strange one, and at first glance it looks cheap. If you are in the position of that client, what would you think of such company that can’t even bother to get a proper logo? Not a very refreshing opinion indeed. The logo can make a company appear serious and professional, cheap, substandard or unprofessional.

2 – It’ll Remain Your Logo for a Long Time!

Once you select a logo design, it will be representing your company for many years, or decades even. Think of the Michelin man, that logo has been around for more than 125 years, and its latest version is an upgrade on its very first version, and there are uncanny similarities between the two and many other upgrades that applied during the 100 odd years.

Unless you decide to completely revamp your corporate look, there is no chance that your logo will undergo any significant change; if you have long term professional ambitions, you would do well to spend some money and get a logo that will work well with your business for the foreseeable future.

3 – A Decent Original logo is Expensive!

Logos designed specifically for your company have no chance of being replicated anywhere unless your logo designer conned you, chances of such a happening are really low. A generic logo design available on the internet may be easy on your budget, but it may not echo your company’s ethos.

A template logo may also exploit some clipart which could result in being used by another company, or companies, there is no limit if anyone can use it. Even if you are using a template available on Internet, try to drastically change it according to your business principles, so it no longer has the look of a template.

4 – You Need a Professional look!

Since your efforts will revolve around impressing a potential client, you will not want to appear cheap in any way, so you wouldn’t take a client to a fast food restaurant for lunch or dinner. Using a cut-rate and third class logo is the exact equivalent of having a cheap logo.

In reality, a fine dining experience for your client would be your priority, therefore, it is what you should do. Likewise, you ought to try and give a professional image of your company by having a suitable logo which impresses people or at the very least doesn’t prevent them from coming to you.

A professional look definitely costs a lot more than an amateur look, but it pays you back in the future.

5 – A Logo should Be Thought-Provoking!

Now this might sound mildly exaggerated, it is a logo, not a book or a television series, but this is the truth. If your logo inspires a second look by the audience, it means it did make them think or feel something, now if that is a positive impulse, you have succeeded. However, it also means that a lot of time and thoughts need to be spent on designing and selecting a logo.

You should properly research about the logos of you competitors and ensure that yours is absolutely different from theirs; one of the cardinal sins of logo designing is having a logo similar to one or more of your competitors. You will consistently lose your clients because of that confusion and won’t be able to turn your business into a successful brand properly.

Hence, it is imperative you have multiple ideas for logos ready at your disposal and select the most appropriate one, based on factors such as your business nature, an apt projection of your commercial values, your rivals’ logos and your budget.

6 – Logo is the Start of Your Brand!

You logo’s colors, typography, and style dictates what kind of stationery, brochure, and website design you’ll have, it inspires the corporate look of your company, but it doesn’t end there. Having a logo is also the start of your brand. This might be a bit surprising for some.

If you have aspirations to turn a small business into a brand, you need a logo that is capable of being the focal point of such phenomenon. It is the identifying factor of your brand and it is what makes them remember the experience they had of your brand.

Consider a successful brand, when you think about it, the first thing that comes into your mind is their logo. Every other memory, experience and perception originates from the image of that logo, so there is no brand without a logo.

Now that you know why you should be spending money on logos, more than your office chairs, fancy paper weights or your meals even, what are your thoughts? Share them and give us feedback.

Author Bio

David Park is a professional digital media marketer with a dynamic personality and skills. Producing creative writing pieces and custom logo designs are his passions and he enjoys being an active part of the online world. At present, he is managing all the creative works for www.onelogodesign.com.