How to Install Template/Theme on Your Blogger Blog

Blogger is a best platform for post your blogs for free and build traffic and make blogpost search engine friendly. You can easily create and publish your blogs free at blogger. But a good good looking blog design always attract your visitors and stay them long time on your blog.

Today we are going to provide you tips how to install free templates for your blog in blogspot.

You can use relevant templates for your blog theme, design layout and styles from reference sites, website there are lot of top best free blogger templates.

Today we will teach you how to install templates on your blogspot blog.

Step 1)  Download template from reference websites, . You will get a collections of free blogger templates.

Step 2) Save Downloaded template in your systems, you will get a zip folder format of template

Step 3) Login into your blogspot account.

Step 4) You will get blogger Dashboard

Step 5) Now click you get Dashboard and click on template

Step 6) After click on template you will get a new window.

  •  Click on right side backup and restore.

Step 7) After Click on backup and restore you will get two options

  •  First Download your old full template for keep backup of  old blogger database.
  •  Second is to browse new template Design from computer.

Step 8) Now upload .xml file from downloaded template from your computer.

Step 9) Now at the end refresh your blogspot blog and you will get new look of your blogspot blog.

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