Entry Level QA Engineer Cover letter sample

Dear Hiring Managers, 

I am extremely interested in applying for the position of an entry-level QA software engineer. I am a very responsible person, and will perform above and beyond if given the chance.

I have a Bachelor of Communications, but my most recent work experience has included manual testing of company websites. During my employment for these companies, I was allowed access to the source HTML code and therefore able to make corrections to errors I discovered thus immediately improving the user experience of any customer who visited the site.

While working with an engineering company here in the greater Los Angeles area, a major portion of my duties involved the testing of the company website for functionality and UI testing, plus localization testing as they hosted a mirror site in Russian, and ad hoc testing. My bug reports were in free form: URLs and descriptions of mistakes, along with expected, and actual results.

Two months ago I committed to making my knowledge much more organized. Initially I obtained Cem Kaner’s book «Testing computer software», then took an online course «How to become a Software QA Tester», to help me to be more mature and proficient in this domain.

I have learned about the software development life cycle, the most common types of testing, black box testing, bug detection processes, and bug tracking including regression testing to expand my knowledge about this field.  

I am very interested in obtaining further experience in software testing, as I know my theoretical understanding will turn into practical value for any organization I am able to join to be a productive team member.

I know the majority of my academic background is not in CS, and my knowledge is only theoretical, but if you would consider interviewing for an open position, I know I could be a tremendous asset to your organization as I am extremely motivated, hardworking, as well as dedicated, and passionate about product quality improvement.

I have a “I can break it” attitude and my motto “If needed, I’ll learn it.” I will use the full sum of my knowledge, time, and efforts to meet any set of reasonable expectations given to me. I feel that software testing is a great match for me, and I am looking for new opportunities. 

Thank you for your consideration, I greatly appreciate it. I look forward to hearing from you.