Are you ready for the SEO-pocalypse?

Mobile compliance is not going to be an option anymore. With Google going to roll out its latest update on April 21st, Mobile friendly compliance will come up as a ranking parameter when it comes to smartphone search.

Statistics reflect that more than 30% of traffic comes through mobile searches, no matter which industry you are a part of, (Mitul Gandhi, seoClarity). In fact, there are probably some of us for whom the figures can be as much as 50%. So, why not make the most of it and look at mobile friendly sites as a long term investment.

What’s going to be the impact of this update?

Well, if we believe what Justin Briggs has to say then it might be as low as “less than 1%. However, the exact scenario is still unclear.

The question that rises here is how you can estimate the potential loss in traffic because of this update?

Here is how you can do it –

· Create a list of most qualified keywords for your website, along with smartphone and desktop rankings for each

· Next, take the keywords with page one ranking on desktop

· Use the smartphone volume; enter the smartphone volume manually to get an estimate of desktop and smartphone traffic based on device-specific position

As far as the exact values are concerned, there is no certainty and we will have to wait and watch until 21st April!

However, keeping in mind that mobile usage is increasing at a more rapid rate as compared to desktops, it would be really advisable to get the mobile friendliness quotient of the website high before its too late!