Contrary to popular belief, email marketing is very much alive. However, for this digital marketing approach to render results, it’s very important that you abide by the rules. In case you didn’t know this already, the amount of emails account for 3 times more than Twitter and Facebook accounts combined. Savvy marketers already know that email renders the highest ROI on all marketing channels. The most common use of email is to drive sales and boost revenue. Have a look below and assess that steps that must be taken to make sure that your email marketing campaign renders the best results.

Make your emails easy to subscribe

How easy are your emails to scan through? If you feel that things are not going in the right direction, you should rethink your strategy. Start by posting a sign-up form on your blog, website homepage or Facebook page, or anywhere your target audience spends the most time. Next, start collecting names and birth dates; this way, you can start sending freebies and special offers to your customers. Another approach might be to invite readers to join your group. However, don’t be too persistent. Frequent emails compel your audience to back up.

Inform subscribers about your plans

Whether your plans are to send your audience company updates, weekly tips, newsletters or e-commerce sales, it’s fundamental that you inform readers what they should expect from you; as well as how often. When you are letting prospects and customers about your plans, be sure to include as much relevant information as possible when crafting your sign-up form. Let them choose, and don’t pressure them to be on your list.

Welcome emails do wonders

Welcome emails are more than recommended when using email as a core digital marketing strategy. It’s nice to send them reminders, and tell them why they subscribed. Find smart ways to reassure them that they’re safe with you; and that you have useful things to offer them. Every now and then, send them special offers to re-engage them. Exclusive content is equally important. It’s a great way to showcase your appreciation. If your strategy is to engage them with sign-up forms, keep them brief and to the point. Don’t ask for information that might seem inappropriate.  

Focus on newsletters that are directly linked to your brand mission

It’s very important that you craft emails that match with your brand mission. Your campaign must have both the feel and look of what you’re offering customers. Automation tools are more than recommended. But you shouldn’t lose focus. If you’re using a general template, that template must be personalized; so that it conveys the right message to the right people. Use colors you have on your website; add a small company logo, and clearly state your brand mission. Don’t overlook the content; it should be directly related to your goals, vision, and website content.

Scannable emails

Don’t underestimate your customers. Most of them are busy people who probably get lots of emails on a daily basis. Don’t assume their attention is targeted at you; because you can’t be sure of that. What you can do is make your email content as easy to scan as possible. Your content should be broken into short paragraphs; headlines should convey a crystal-clear message, and to spice things up you are encouraged to use visuals (e.g. images, infographics, videos).

You could include a small teaser at the top. Let subscribers know from the very beginning what’s in store. Long articles can work just fine, provided that you add a “read more” link; this way, if there are people that want to know more, they can just click and be redirected to your website. Customers love freebies, so why not take the opportunity to pique their interest?

Don’t assume customers are that difficult to engage. Be original and use membership card printing or make use of offers they can’t refuse. Keep in mind your goal: to keep around for years to come. The more original your content email is the better chances you have to exceed their expectations. Happy customers are all you need to see an increase in ROI.
Why you need social video marketing to propel your brand? people buy what they need based on feelings and emotions, social video marketing creates an emotional connection between your audience and your brand. Your video is the first thing that comes to their mind, anytime they need the service you render.

What is social video marketing? Social video marketing is a form of advertisement, which involves catching your audience’s attention, interest, and trust by using a short video clip. Social video marketing are created to keep existing customers, and convert a large number of viewers to customers, a brand promotes it’s products and services through a visual medium and boost the sales by telling the audience what they want to hear.

Keywords phrases that are more specific and preferred by searchers (when they’re sure of   they want) are referred to as the ‘long tail keywords’. Despite having low search volume, these keyword phrases convert really well. Once you know how to use long tail keywords, these can be really valuable.

Long Tail Keywords for SEO – The Importance

Since long tail keywords are very specific and super-targeted, these keywords hold great importance for your business success. Smart implementation of a long tail keyword strategy will help you attract less traffic. The numbers may be less, but the return on investment is comparably much higher. Here, it is possible to attract exactly the kind of audience you’re looking for. The best part is that the audience will be far closer to point-of-purchase as compared to those who are attracted by short search terms.
Long Tail Keywords for SEO

Here are some of the reasons long tail keywords are important for your SEO and business:

Conversion - Long tail keywords convert really well. Targeting specific search terms will help you know precisely the kind of searches required. This will easily convert them into buyers.

Low Competition – These keywords are low competition. Many website owners make efforts towards getting high rankings for broader search terms. However, they do not think about the amount of traffic, low-volume and less popular terms can pull in.

PPC – These keywords are very valuable for PPC as they convert very well and cost less owing less competition.

It is possible to build specific optimized pages to be able to turn searches into customers. The process is useful, but takes a little time to work.

The key to find long tail keywords via using free tools:

Long tail keywords are usually very low competition. This is because most people do not think about them seriously. Using certain tools will help you to generate long tail keywords for free.

Google Autocomplete

Simply enter your search term in a search query field. Google Autocomplete will automatically fetch and demonstration the keywords related to the specific query.

Google Query Suggestions

Here, you need to enter a keyword and go to the section “Related searches” at the bottom of the search engine results page. These “related searches” are an amazing source of long tail keyword ideas.

Quora and Various Other Q&A sites

Quora and other Q&A sites are widely used by individuals to find answers for questions they want to seek answers for. Quora can be used to see the way your prospects can communicate their needs.
Go to Quora and enter your search term in a search field. Quora will display previously asked queries related to your search term.


This tool unites the suggestion services from various providers such as Bing, Google, Amazon, Yahoo,, Wikipedia, YouTube.

Answer the Public

This is an absolutely free tool recommended by most SEO Service Providers that scrapes auto suggestions of Google and Bing. It also draws a striking illustration of long tail keywords. Answer the Public facilitates creation of useful, amusing, and inspiring content.

Simply enter your keywords and choose a country. This will help you get a list of queries your audience needs to be answered. The best part is the list will be exquisitely pictured.

Google Search Console

This is one of the best tools for defining your keyword strategy. Simply go to Search Console and reach Search Traffic and Search Analytics. Now check the boxes for Clicks and Impressions. Select “Queries” and scroll down to see a list of the actual keyword phrases most people are typing into Google to be able to reach your website.

Instead you can go to the WebCEO Keyword Research tool. Here, see Keywords from Google Search Console. Now you need to look further down the list to see long tail keyword prospects, particularly the ones having a lot of impressions.

Using Long Tail Keywords on Website

Have a close look at the list of long tail keywords you collected using the tools listed above. Now make sure the content you develop answers those in the form of queries. It is important that the content used is very helpful to searchers.

Creating a piece of content for each search phrase is not possible unless you have a dedicated team of skilled writers. You need to target long tail keywords via including multiple phrases in your keyword bucket all through the page:

Vary Headlines and Title Tag

Try using varied search terms in both page Title and headings. This avoids pages getting over-optimized for primary keyword.

Long Tail Variations in your Content

It is possible to be aware of keywords you wish to integrate in your content as you craft content via researching keyword’s variations. This will also help you to place modifiers strategically throughout content of page. These phrases create more natural content.

Concentrate on All On-page Elements

It is important that you place all of your long tail keywords in headlines of various pages, alt attributes, title attributes, etc.

Vary Internal Links

This helps you to avoid being “over-optimized”. Sticking mainly to variations comprising of append modifiers and head keyword as compared to synonyms means you’re steadily transferring your core term’s relevance.

Using all possible tactics is the best way to attract more traffic to your website. This will help you outrank your competitors. 
A business blog is a site focused on a narrow topic, with constantly updated articles, associated with specific keywords that users use as search queries. It is not only an opportunity to find and process useful information, share it with readers, earn money through the monetization of traffic, but also the opportunity to find a unique business idea and even investors. For this reason, many students want to discover information about starting a business blog. And while you are developing your site, it makes sense to delegate some of your responsibilities as a student to professional assistance on this resource We have analyzed some online sources and picked up a great advice on how to make your own blog website.

Your Initial Step

It is quite simple to start a business blog. It is much more difficult to promote and monetize the site. In general, with competent promotion, you can reach the attendance of 100 people in 1 month, which will allow you to earn from your site several hundred dollars per month purely on advertising or a few thousand dollars on info business.

Position Yourself as an Expert

If you have decided on creating a successful business blog, then it is your profile discipline. The only thing you need is to find a narrow niche you are the most proficient in. It can be any type of an entrepreneurial activity; the most momentous requirements is that it should be interesting for you, demanded by a wide circle of people.

Free or Paid Website

However, WordPress is the best website to create a blog. This platform offers a wide selection of ready-made templates that are ideal for business blogs, and also gives you the opportunity to customize your site as you and your target audience will like. Moreover, the sites created on the WordPress engine have a good reputation in Google search. This option is financially available since you can make websites for free and on your own, or buy an inexpensive template and contact the programmer to refine it. The second option is more reliable, but at the initial stage, it is quite possible to do without investments.

Searching for Your Target Audience

This question is probably the most difficult in promoting your business blog. The initial step you should do is to determine who people you are writing for are; you should literary draw the portrait of your average visitor. On the initial stage of your promotion, it is reasonable to combine two methods of attracting your readers. There are context advertising and guest posting. The initial option is more expensive, but it allows gathering an audience quickly; the second one is cheaper, and you visitors will come to you slowly, but this type of promotion has a longer lifetime than an advertising campaign.

SEO Optimization

Perhaps there is no sense to talk about the importance of an optimization of your blog. SEO optimization is a long-term perspective, and it can bring results only after several months of work. It is quite necessary in order people will be able to find you via Google search, so you need to post properly optimized articles every time.

Content Plan as a Decisive Factor

The phrase “the King of content” is not an empty sound. The quality of your materials determines the success of your blog. You need to accurately research current business trends, investigate what people are interested in and provide them with necessary new articles to satisfy their demand. Moreover, you should do it by yourself since only materials written by a real expert are greatly appreciated.

Be Prepared for Critics in Advance

One day your weblog will reach a top and become readable. And then a wave of different opinions, including criticism will come down on your every article. You need to be prepared for this. Criticism is not a way to reduce your dignity as a businessman and a blogger, this is another way to introduce improvements that the audience will enjoy and bring you profit. Moreover, it is very momentous to adequately respond to criticism and conduct a constructive dialogue. This will help you and your interlocutor get to the bottom of the truth and find the best solution.
There are two major types of SEO you can perform: organic and technical. Organic SEO refers to the things you do to bring people to your website by using unpaid search results. Usually, this involves posting lots of content, something that we at SEOjury are very familiar with. Content helps generate interest in your website and the value you can provide, and acts as a form of “free advertising” for your brand since customers actively seek out the information you are publishing.

Technical SEO, on the other hand, is more focused on the requirements of the search engine rather than the content that is being shown on the page. This improves the ability of the search engine to index the content, which in turn tends to improve the rankings of the website.

Technical SEO

One notable thing to realise about technical SEO when compared to organic SEO is that technical SEO can’t be done by accident. Organic SEO can result from putting out articles frequently just because someone likes writing and has a lot to say, but this could never happen with technical SEO. In this regard, you can think of it as a level above, or at least a level more complex than its organic counterpart.

There are lots of different tools an expert can use to work on their websites SEO presence on a technical level. One of the most common examples is schema which are codes used on websites to provide clearer information to the search engine in regards the type of results the website can communicate.

Website speed is the most concrete example because everyone can relate to the feeling of frustration that results when a website is taking too long to load. This has a huge impact on the ranking of the page, and will also affect the bounce rate, resulting in a more exaggerated negative effect. The average load time for a website is five seconds, but a fast page will take between 500 milliseconds and 2 seconds to load.

Google likes to judge a website regarding its architecture for a variety of reasons. First, the way the website is designed will affect what users think of it, so that must be taken into account as a factor of convenience. But even more important is the idea that a website with good technical and functional capabilities will interface better with the Google search engine and add value to the search function as a whole. It is also a sign of professionalism that shows Google you are worth referring users to.

Your use of Javascript, CSS, and image files will allow Google to judge if your website is working properly and therefore dictate whether your website will show up in the search engine results. This is another example of your skill as a web designer being relevant to how Google perceives your website. The best thing you can do is outsource if you do not have the prerequisite skills to make big improvements here.

Google’s crawl rate is the rate at which it goes through your website and indexes pages. This might sound trivial, but when you have new content or are a new web page, there is a huge priority on these pages being indexed as soon as possible. Pages that aren’t indexed don’t show up in the search results and are therefore not working for you, so this is a key thing to work on by way of technical SEO.

With this quick introduction, you should have a working knowledge of the basic terms involved in technical SEO and how they can work to help you improve your overall SEO profile.
It is well-known that essay composing is absolutely not an easy undertaking, because it needs loads of focus and self-dedication. Some students get so confused by this task, they easily wander away and are unsuccessful to attain the desired outcome. That could be why it’s fair to subdivide it into more compact procedures and look and feel because of each individual of these.

Essay and Content Writing

Essay creating features the next phases:

Topic selection

This stage is very critical and calls for quite a few focus and deliberation. If your tutor defined a topic for yourself, you’re able to simply miss out on this stage and begin from your topic examination. In case if you choose the topic for yourself – choose the one that you are interested in. Because you have to spend a lot of time investigating it. Also choose the topic with the available material to investigate, because if there is nothing to investigate you can`t reach the positive result.

Topic analysis

This stage defines the entire program of the potential do the trick. It’s always belonging to the optimum importance to interpret the provided subject matter in order to find maximum volume of knowledge from it and immediate your groundwork inside proper way. You have to investigate nearly 50 good trustworthy sources in order to get enough data to analyze and to work with. Moreover, don`t be subjective. Analyze the problem from different points of view.

Brainstorming primary ideas

Finding applicable options is likely one of the most important duties while you are producing an essay. High-quality of your respective paper and its uniqueness plus price depend on the volume of main concepts you find in addition to the way you create them. You need to have a certain period of time devoted simply to brainstorming. You need to think about the ideas, how you will develop them, and to what conclusions you will get. Is it the result that you want to achieve? If yes, then your path is chosen correctly and you may begin writing, if no, then consider another options. Also think about the possible remarks and the ways how you can react at them.

Literature research

It is vital to base your essay on dependable and up-to-date resources in an effort to establish performs truly worth of praise and helpful for that long run explore. Other than, accurate literature exploration will increase a whole lot more thoughts and will facilitate to cover the components of the offered subject matter. You get the information about what has been done and you won`t duplicate it in your essay. It is important to investigate not only your field of research, but the nearby spheres, while the most interesting and unique ideas appear at the fringe of the nearby notions.

Statement formulation

Statement is considered the start line for that growth of you’re employed. Therefore, it’s apparent that without the need for effective foundation, the work is bound to fall short. Conversely, should you pay enough recognition to this stage, and will have the capacity to locate the crucial phrase, your essay is certain to generally be highly evaluated. You must be precise at this phase, because it`s the point from which everything depends on.

Developing outline

Stage of define writing shouldn’t be disregarded, as being the sensible business and distinct framework depend on it. For those who consider to neglect this stage, you encounter the risk of acquiring shed during the thoughts’ enhancement and in due course finish up which has a low-quality bit of composing. You need to have a well-developed plan in order not to miss anything. Simple movement from one point of the plan to another will make your essay logical and structured.

Writing drafts

Writing a number of drafts gives you an opportunity to formulate your recommendations in different possibilities and then determine the 1 variant that suits the given subject matter the best quality. Besides, it provides you while using the chance to get rid of unnecessary mistakes and polish your design and style to perfection. You can reread your draft in a certain period of time and find some flaws and mistakes in it. Next, you can improve need, develop new ideas, or even create the totally new draft.

Editing and proofreading

This phase is frequently neglected by pupils, as they in many instances make up your mind that it’s not important and vital and does not provide any important variations. In precise fact, it can be one of the phases that helps you dodge mistakes and make your crafting flawless. It is a very important stage which can influence your grade. On this stage you must correct all the available mistakes and check is your essay is logical or not. If you aren`t able to do this by yourself (which is a common practice when one can`t see the mistakes done by himself)  you may use additional help of Homework for You the online platform for students and scholars that provides writing, editing and proofreading services.

Remember, each and every on the afore stated levels is very worthwhile and only demanding pursuing of those strategies can assure that your essay writing course of action will convey you don’t just superior grades, but additionally a substantial amount of satisfaction.

Writing an essay is not a simple process, you have to devote a certain period of time to it. Be ready to investigate a lot, to read many articles, books and reviews, sometimes even to watch videos about the experiments conducted. Don`t be afraid to use all the available materials, this will made your essay more bright and outstanding.

Personal opinion is always a good option. But it should be underpinned with arguments and facts. It`s great to share personal experience, but don`t tell about anything you don`t want other people to know about. Still, essay is an academic task and it will be checked by professionals.

It all may sound extremely complicated, but when you begin to work on your essay all this goes naturally and you obtain the desired result.

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Go for the right web development organization.

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Designers are here to help you

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