When it comes to finding the best SEO Company and social media marketing company in Portland, or any other part of Oregon for that matter, there are some basic things you need to keep in mind. Here is a look at what those basic things are –
SEO and Social Media Marketing Company in Portland

  1. Check out the experience

One of the first and foremost things to keep in mind when looking for an SEO company is to check out their experience. Get to know about the kind of work they have done in the past, and how have been their results. Don’t go for the fake pomp and show that every SEO company advertises. Check out the numbers and only then make the decision.

  2. Be clear about what you want to achieve

Another important thing to remember here is to be clear on what you want to achieve with the help of these service providers. Whether you are looking to build a brand or get more sales, or just want to spread the name for your business. Based on your requirements, you can expect to find different professionals offering different expertise in their service. So, be clear about with you want.

  3. Set a budget

Most important of all, don’t go haywire with the budget. Have a clear figure in mind as to how much you can spend on these services. Considering the fact that there are virtually endless number of service providers out their offering SEO and socialmedia marketing services, it is always a good idea to have a set budget in mind. Or else you might end up investing lot more than what you ever thought. 
Tips to improve your Instagram engagement RateWith the popularity of social media in recent years, Instagram has not left any stones unturned. There are 2 billion users on social media worldwide, the photo and video-sharing app has 70 billion photo uploads each day which make Instagram the undisputed king. Not only it has been popular because of the no. of users it has reached the highest numbers because every user has an urge to gain maximum followers and likes on the individual picture itself.

Instagram engagement

The competition of rising above in a number of followers and likes has made this app a sensational hit. There are tons of ways to increase the potential engagement on Instagram. Here we have discussed a few methods that you can start today to boost your fan following:-

Just be active

Have you ever had the feeling some of your friends are ignoring you, by not starting a conversation or hanging around with you? After some time you realize you also did not take the initiative to contact first. Instagram works exactly the same way. If you want to engage your fans then go after it. You cannot expect your fans to strike a conversation with you.

Connect with people using hashtag

Using Hashtags has been already tried and tested by many people to get maximum followers and engagement. It is the best way to stand out on Instagram. A lot of people use hashtags to find relevant people who they are not following. Hashtag organizes the images and video that use the specific hashtag into one category which makes it easy to search for people with common interest. Be sure that your hashtag is relevant to the picture it is updated with and should also include some words that people search the most.

Experiment with the Caption

Instagram is a photo and video sharing app but you can use it to grasp the fan with the written words. Attract the attention with an eye-catching picture and engage them by storytelling caption. Instagram give you 2000 characters to express yourself, so experiment different things to drive the attention of the users. Sometimes short and meaningful caption also attracts the followers, so try out different thing and check which works for you best.


There are 300 million active users on Instagram and more than 70 % users are flocking the platform to grow their followers. With the right approach and methods, you can see great returns on your engagement.
Professional Fremont Web design Service– When it comes to getting a website designed, you must emphasize on getting the right professional to work for you. There is no limit to the number of options that you can find in the market, and all of them claim to be the best in the field. However, how can you make sure that you are with the right professional in Fremont, or any other region for that matter, for your web design?

First of all, take a look at the work that the professional has done. Nothing can be a better judge of quality and commitment than the work done in the past. Therefore, go through the portfolio and see what the company has managed to achieve, what type of projects has been handled and similar other things.

Fremont Web design Service

Secondly, invest time in getting to know about the reputation of the Web development and designing service provider. Check for user reviews online, with special reference to the client testimonials. If possible get in touch with the clients whom the developer has worked in the past and see whether the work has been up to the mark or not?

Most important of all, don’t forget to consider the size of your pocket. Development services can cost you a fortune if you don’t discuss about the charges that are going to be incurred. So, be sure to discuss the agency fee that you will have to pay for the same.

Once all these things are sorted out, you can be certain that you have chosen the right custom web design and development services provider.
Mobile app development is a thorough process that starts from a mere idea and never ends even after its launch. After its production, an app goes through lots of changes that helps it to stay dynamic, new and versatile on the block. So, before you go out for app development, consider the following facts below:

Mobile App Development


The initial thing that can affect the development process of an app is the cost. Any basic app could cost you around $5000 - it totally depends on the features, efficiency, testing and other factors. However, you should know that the production has different phases and each phase takes on a lot of efforts and money to create the simplest app. Did we tell you that developers also bill per hour?

Production & Testing

After the app has been developed, it would require testing in various situations to ensure that it works robustly. Simulators are available for rigorous testing. However, you should test your app in the intended device(s) to test the efficacy of the application. This is particularly important because if you have opted for a native mobile app development, then you must run it on the particular operating system.


An app needs to have terms and conditions, and should abide by law. You need to draft a legal agreement to ensure that all payment and related processes are accordingly. The legal process will also ensure that the developer you have hired will complete the project and will take care of the application as per the terms and conditions.


The last but most important endeavour is to advertise the application - without it, the app won’t run out on different platforms. Be it review sites, video sites or social network platforms, you should provide coverage on all the platforms, even non-digital ones. Once your application receives attention from the concerned users, you’re good to go!

These mobile app development factors are always preceding and an integral part of this process.
Techniques to get more likes on Instagram Picture- The modern era has made it mandatory for everyone to have a strong social media presence, not just for people also for businesses. The virtual world is full of different platforms where people connect with other individuals and also find ways to promote their businesses. Some of the famous platforms are Facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc.

get more likes on Instagram Picture

Talking about Instagram, people commonly use it as an online marketing tool which has become a very important tool for marketing. The unique characteristic of this social media platform is it focuses on the usage of photography and videos. A user can post an image with a catchy caption for describing it.

The best technique to check how well your marketing is working is to check the likes on your Instagram post. Likes help in sealing the deal with potential customer and become popular. Wish to get thousands of likes by just click of few buttons. Then download “Get Likes on Instagram” which helps you get likes and popularity on your Instagram photos for free.

Here we have discussed main features of this app. The main reason why you should download “Get Likes on Instagram”.

Safe to use

Our app does not store your Instagram password, you just need to enter your password once so that we can check the authenticity of your account. We only have access to limited photos for which you have given permission to the app. We do not have the leverage to check your personal pictures in your gallery or photos in your Instagram profile. Our app first asks permission to access a certain picture or video.

Real likes

We ensure that every like on your picture is from a real user. As our app works on a simple concept of like4like, wherein a user has to like photos of other users to earn coins which can be used to generate likes for your own picture. The coin will get likes of real users which strikes out any possibility of fakeness on your account.

Simple user interface

It is very important for an app to be really simple to use. Every app does not come with a user manual so it should be essential that the user can understand the app without any trouble. Our app is very easy to understand and you do not have to take any trouble. In a few clicks, we serve your purpose
Professional Web Design in Los Angeles, California- The secret to a great Web design, in Los Angeles, or any other part of the world for that matter lies in the fact that ‘everything is designed, but only a few things are designed well’. With this blog, I am going to share you the simplest and most effective technique that can shape your website design into an effectual one.

Professional Web Design in Los Angeles

The rule goes like this ‘focus on 20% of the useful elements of the website that are delivering 80% of usefulness’.

Don’t bamboozle yourself by going into technicalities. This is merely a principle that will simplify the structure of the website. The best part about going 80-20 is that you can achieve the desirable results from the website with ease, without too much complications. This can include everything, from an increase in the conversion rate and signing up to improved buying results from the users.

The success of the 80-20 rule lies in the fact that you are reducing the number of reasons for the user to excuse and not purchase the product. Lesser the number of reasons, more is going to be the purchase and lesser will be the click-away rate. Fairly simple, isn’t it so?

Employ this simple step for web design be in Los Angeles, Lahore or any other part of the world for that matter and see how you start getting instant results! What are you waiting for?
Instagram has been a major platform for youth to express and communicate with other people around the globe. It has been fairly popular from the last 2 years and has become the rising star among all social media platform. Instagram basically focuses on sharing of photos and videos. It has provided a sense of closeness which has given a new way to use visual marketing techniques.

Likes On Instagram Pictures

Research has predicted that the difference in the number of sign ups and active users have increased tremendously. Even renowned actors, musicians, athletes, and politicians manage their own accounts to share their photos and videos. For individuals, it is a photo sharing platform which allows you to choose from the different filters which suit the picture. You have to keep a square-shaped photo where you can adjust the brightness, contrast and caption your post according to yourself.

One of the most reliable app for getting likes on Instagram is “Get Likes on Instagram” We have here discussed some benefits of generating likes through this app.

Getting likes on Instagram can be a tedious process and we understand it. Our app helps in generating the desired number of likes. If you have a huge number of likes on your picture you will without any doubt be popular. People will start following you and you will be able to get likes even without using the app. We help you in gaining the popularity and the best thing is that it is completely free. There are no hidden charges of the app the app can be downloaded completely free of cost. Even to generate likes on your picture you do not have to pay a single penny.

Risk or security is never a concern with our app. Our app does not access all your pictures only the pictures which you want to get maximum likes on is accessed by the app. It does not have access to your gallery or all the pictures on your Instagram account. The picture you desire to get maximum like is made public for other users and rest your privacy is maintained.
Time flies fast. It’s not being long since people were talking about the hottest jobs and IT trends of 2016 and the New Year 2017 is already knocking on the door. Therefore, it makes more sense to move forward and look towards the upcoming hot skills and jobs that will earn you the best salary.

 IT Jobs

If you are seeking a job change or a new job then these are certainly the best as well as the most challenging times. While there is no dearth of good job opportunities in the market, the competition is brutal. The employment market is overrun by candidates who are not only academically sound but also have plenty of superlative work experience under the belt. Companies are desperate to increase their profit margins and are not shying from paying high paychecks to their employees. Therefore, it is kind of a win-win situation for both, the employers and employees. Robert Half Technology 2017 Salary Guide came up with the jobs that will experience the maximum gains

Wireless Network Engineer

Earlier internet was all about LAN cables, switches and routers. However, with advancement of technology we now are living in the wireless era, where internet connectivity is no longer dependent on the usage of long LAN cables. More and more organizations are taking the wire-free route to connect remote and mobile workers to each other and to the web. There are various wireless technologies trending these days such as WI-FI, Bluetooth, Infrared, NFC, Satellite communication amongst others.

A wireless network engineer works on all these technologies and more. His work is to design, implement and optimize a company’s wireless technologies. As per a survey conducted by CISCO in 2009, 65 percent of IT managers were looking to add wireless networking roles in the coming years. Come2016 and we are already witnessing so many new wireless networking jobs in the IT market. Since wireless network engineering is on the cutting edge of the communications technology, professionals working on this technology are paid well. As per the Robert Half Technology 2017 Salary Guide, these engineers are expected to experience a gain of around 9.7% in their2016 salaries which is already an impressive $99,000 to $137,500.

Big Data Engineer

With the evolution of cloud based computing and data based decision making, companies are betting big on data scientists who can make sense of the enormous amount of available consumer data. However, the best person to turn this data to gold through a data analytics application is a good big data engineer. Big Data Engineers are a hybrid of data scientists and engineers. They are indeed a new community who require understanding of some latest concepts like data analysis, data warehousing, data transformation and data collection. Although every role is different, and it is not mandatory that the company hiring a big data engineer would ask for expertise in all of the above said concepts, but eventually for getting success in this IT job you will have to have the knowledge. A big data engineer is an all-rounderwho works with as a bridge between downstream analysts and the upstream data scientists.

A programming background is always beneficial for getting a new job. While data scientists are still on the top of the hierarchy all the same data engineers have the biggest impact on a company’s data analytics aspirations. According to the survey, the big data engineers were drawing around $119, 250 to $168,250 annual salary in2016 which should expect a bump of 8.9% in 2017. The new salary range will be between $129,500 and $183,500.

IT Jobs That Will Be The Hottest In 2017

Data Scientists

The relatively new technology big data has given rise to another job alongside which is often called by the fancy term data scientists. Although the scope of data science and data scientists is much greater than big data, their utility has been more appreciated in big data owing to the increased volume of data being examined. Data scientists have evolved out of erstwhile data analysts or business analysts as the educational training is more or less similar. One needs a formal training in computer with solid foundation in programming and exceptional analytical skills. The best data scientists work on relevant business problems and give solutions which are the most productive for the company.

Evolution as data scientists requires you to have an inquisitive nature, a person who can study data and spot the latest trends. These are the individuals who are responsible for bringing a change in the organization, almost like renaissance. The biggest difference between data analyst and data scientists is the source of information. While a data analyst only looks at a single source such as CRM, a data scientist studies multiple sources. He will go through the stream of incoming data and churn it to find a previously undiscovered insight that can help provide a competitive advantage to the company. With such great responsibilities, it is natural that they are paid really well. As per the survey, data scientists earned a median salary of $103,000 to $138,000 in2016 which will further rise 8.9% to $109,000-$153,000.

Network Security Engineer

When we talk about the high paying IT jobs there is an inevitable mention of network security engineers who make sure that all the data travelling through the wired and wireless network is safe and secure, away from the prying eyes of hackers. If you wish to make a career in networking jobs, a job as network security engineer is what you should be aiming at. Not only do they make sure that networks are always running but their role also entails handling any mishap and bouncing back to the original state. Network security engineers have all sorts of IT backgrounds such as programming, testing, information security amongst others. The job readiness mainly depends on completion of industry standard certifications such as CCNA, MISCP amongst others. Top vendors like Cisco and Microsoft award these certifications and therefore they are recognized all throughout the industry. The survey conducted revealed that network security engineers earned a respectable annual salary between $105,000 and $148,250 which will increase to $110,50-$160,50, a jump of 6.7%.

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