SEO and content marketing are inseparable. Why is that so? It is because the two are interdependent. If a good content is lying dormant and there is no one to read it, what good is that content? Similarly if your page or site is ranking high on google search results but the audience does not find relevant content therein, how long do you think that website will last in that spot?
Below are reasons that make SEO and content marketing important:
  1. Both complement each other in basics

Experts suggest that SEO and content marketing should be considered as two separate entities but the experience says otherwise. For example and as stated in my earlier statement above, if a good content is there and you don’t have the desired audience to read it, your efforts are down the drain.
For a SEO the task is to rank the page high in search engine results page. On the other hand your content should be attractive and must include knowledge and links to resources that further imparts information on that area or subject.
The search engine crawler after scanning through your content and finding it appropriate will signal Google to rank that page/site in top results. It is obvious that google or any other search engine wont cater to content which is gibberish and may be can used black hat tactics to somehow rank it site but it’s only a matter of time before it gets taken down by google or gets blacklisted.
So you see, there is a connection between the two and hence, are seemingly inseparable.
  1. Both are important in structuring URLs correctly

The site or page is laden with internal and external links, meta tags, and other URL structures. The ideal way for your content to complement your SEO efforts is by shortening the URLs. Shortened URLs have an increased probability to show up in Google on top as opposed to those with longer links.
But how do content influence all this? Your content should exercise extra care in targeting those keywords or phrases that you want to rank higher. If they are utilized in an effective manner in the content then it will do wonders for your blog/page/site.
If they are not finely integrated in the content and if the reader were to easily spot stuffing of (keyword/phrase) in the text and since audience these days is sharp and clever, your cover will be blown. They will know that you are writing content for SEO purposes whereas a good SEO/content developer will be subtle with it.
Imagine shortening of URLs of your posts by inserting that keyword/phrase in it. How will that reflect on your target audience, now that they realize that you weren’t writing to educate in the first place? See why content marketing matter for SEO, yet?
  1. One’s demand is of links and the other introduces it

Another reason why SEO and content marketing are like hand and glove. SEO dreams about linkbacks from a huge 98 DA site linking to your site. In other cases a giant of the .edu world providing you with the link juice to your blog or article.
The realization of this dream can only come in the shape of interesting and engaging content. You don’t necessarily take up this task by yourself, you can always outsource this to link building agencies. However, the best link building exercise can only come from posting stellar content. That way majority will link back to it and that way you SEO will continue to blossom.
  1. Former demands onsite optimization whereas the latter requires killer user experience (UX)

There is more to SEO than meets the eye. It is just not about articles, keywords or linkback but it is also about improving meta descriptions, using tags effectively as well as crafting a strategically sound sitemap. Yes that is a lot of technical stuff but pure SEOs can relate.
But have you wondered why you need all this technical optimization? Primarily, so that you can deliver amazing content to your audience and that is why content marketing needs great UX. To promote your content you want SEO to build you a sitemap.
To enable visibility of your content, SEO can get robots.txt optimized so that search engine crawlers can do their job. For indexing of your content so results are reflected accurately, SEO ensures the usability of tags in the right corners etc.
In conclusion
I hope with the reasons presented above, you will be better able to see why content marketing for SEO so much. You can find a lot of information about it on the web as well as this list of reasons is not exhaustive. In short, SEO is about marketing content and content marketing is to facilitate SEO.
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As you know Digital marketing is became one of the common term in today’s world. Here we are moving on to the discussion about digital marketing courses for a rewarding career. There are numbers of digital marketing courses can be available both colleges and universities and online. But before you study more about the digital marketing courses, it is better for you to understand what is actually digital promotion and all about.
It is a technique, which covers all of the marketing and advertising techniques and methods through the platform like internet. The technique of advertising can be additionally defined as an umbrella for most of the digital marketing actions for the products or services, which follows various online platforms. Digital marketing is one of the modern tools for optimizing the capacity of the business. There are number of options like marketing and SEO. It helps to get numbers of visitors to our website or web page and so you can make it a specific site. Which will turns to boom the commercial activity of the company?
Digital marketing is a business exercise of promoting brands with the help of interaction of media like mobile phones and internet. This kind of method can promotes the services and products with the help of numbers of digital distribution channels in order to attain the consumers in the most cost effective manner. Apart of this, proving to be a cost effective, digital marketing is also a personalized and timely method to contact the prospective customers.
Forms of Digital Marketing
There are two common forms of digital advertising such as push and pull. Both of the forms are available for both of the forms.
Pull Digital marketing is all about the user having to search seek and pull out the content with the help of internet searching. Some of the examples of pull digital marketing are streaming media (the use of video and audio) and blogs. This type of digital marketing has no limitations in terms of rules and regulations, size or type of content. The only negative thing regarding this is that the webmaster will have to apply significant marketing effort to place the users interested in his content. In addition to the tracking, abilities are limited too. There is also personalization, which is attached to this type of marketing and the web page views shows as same as that of all.
Push digital marketing involves both the audience and marketers. Some of the examples of push digital marketing include, SMS, RSS, and emails. In push digital marketing, the marketers have to send the content to the user in order that he receives the message. This kind of digital marketing advertising is modified and can be used for particular targeted audience. The reporting and tracking is more detailed and so helping drive good revenues for the webmaster. The one of the disadvantage of using this kind of digital marketing is that the technologies have a set of rules and regulations to follow. In this case, it fails to follow the rules and regulations the delivery of the marketing messages is jammed and the content is refused and hence rejected.
Digital Promotion Courses
Digital marketing technology is transforming the method in which the marketers and businesses perceive and reach their customers. If you wish to combine the marketing initiatives with the IT technology, then you can begin searching for the ideal course for digital marketing just now.
There are number of digital marketing can be seen as both universities and online and in faculties. You can also make training for digital marketing and which will give you the live project work for the website. We can see numbers of advantages of education courses in digital marketing. It explores the preference in profession and helps you to get a higher paying process. The following are some of the courses for digital marketing like SMO, SEO, SMM, SEM, PPC, email marketing, web analytics and more.
The possibilities of probable profession or roles in which the applicants may additionally increase through the digital marketing and understand how and are as follows:
  • Strategizing the marketplace by creating plans for the service or product launching
  • Enforcing the email marketing, social media marketing and also retaining the social media-marketing trough the network such as twitter, face book and LinkedIn etc.
  • Integrating the SEO associated with the work to help the outline presence in addition to the visibility among the Google search results.
  • Manipulate online popularity through article writing, blog creation and powerful again link building etc.
You should simply to examine the ranges that intrigue you the most and search for a course that satisfies your necessities. Digital marketing courses enable you to accomplish the required aptitudes with the goal that you can increase greatest profession prospects ahead. When you are qualified as a computerized advertiser, you would effortlessly land a compensating position in the fields of marketing, public relations, web and e marketing, brand management, marketing management and marketing research.
Computerized Promotion Courses
Computerized advancement is changing the way in which business and publicists see and approach their customers. If you too wish to combine, your exhibiting exercises with IT development at that point start examining for the ideal progressed advancing courses, right now.
There are a couple of computerized advertising courses that usage progressed computerized media and IT development to help one arrangement for advancing their things and organizations. The course together with its speculation and reasonable perspectives causes one increment incredible appreciation of promoting norms and other appropriate ace zones.
You should normally focus the zones that interest you the most and scan for a course that fulfils your essentials. Progressed promoting courses enable you to accomplish the required capacities so you can increment most outrageous work prospects ahead.
Therefore, before going for a digital marketing course, first you have to search and understand all about what is digital marketing and what are the importances of the same. If you can find out the answers of these, I think you can achieve a bright future in digital marketing.
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Yes, this question is very popular now, as everyone wants the own website, mob app, Amazon or Uber. But you all have some budget and timeline which you want to fit. So how to make the hardest decision – how to find the right team who will develop it for you and will not just waste your time and money?


There are a few ways to find programmer for your startup:

-  The best way if you can code by yourself.
But I guess in this way you wouldn’t search for this article, correct? So there are few more options:
-  Find a freelancer
-  Find a team.
But whom will you choose?

You can find them on different resources like UpWork, Angel List, Guru etc. And there are so many freelancers now, many of those are offering really low rates, but what about the quality of the code? Yes, you know the answer.

In any cases you have to check the the portfolio, feedbacks and rates.

Detailed steps How To Find A Programmer For A Startup? you can also see in this article what about the risks?

There are too many of them! The single person will (almost never) provide you with the full cycle of the development process. Preparing the good technical documentation is the big part of the development process, and single person will not able to prepare a good one. The second thing – you will need to look for the designer, tester and the person who will deploy your project – this means to move the code to live environment. It’s a hard job to find that person who can do all this staff!

Choosing a team is most convenient option if you have not only an idea, if you have some budget and if you know what you really want to create and who will be your customers or users.

Startups usually are short of money. But they also don’t need to choose the lowest provider. Lowest quote usually means lowest quality and too many problems in future with this code. So think twice before choose!

Ask references. You need to be sure that they communicate well and can understand your requirements. As all projects are different, so ask any questions you might have in order to be sure in your future partner. If you are not the technical guy, then ask every single detail which seems not clarified for you. This is normal! They have to explain you so many times, until you will not be on the same page with the team. That’s very   important. The trust, trustworthy relationships – is the most important thing while you are building the fundament for your project.

Create your own strategy. Be honest and look for the honest partner and team. This is not only about the code, this is about the building of something new and great, and find the right team – is the hardest thing for you now and make a right choice!
Numerous folks question what professional search engine marketing is and how will this pertain to his or her business enterprise? Professional Search engine marketing will be the promotion of your site by way of engines like google while obtaining more web visitors for a site. This in turn generates much more leads for potential sales inside of your company. A extremely essential part of search engine marketing is pay out per click marketing.
Pay per click marketing brings in world-wide-web targeted visitors for your internet site once your pay per click campaign is active. It is possible to really start receiving targeted guests on your web site within just minutes, provided of course you could have set up your PPC campaign correctly. Search engine optimization about the other hand will minimally take hours, days and in some case three to six months before you will see results.

Guarantee your organization web page is registered with the important search engines:
Within today’s world, unbelievably a lot more men and women spend additional time about the net as compared to those who do not use the world-wide-web. The younger generation (ages 18 to 35) spends additional time upon the web as compared to other industry groups. No matter the industry group, which you are targeting, you have to make sure your business web site can be found inside of the major search engines like google upon the internet. World wide web site visitors utilize the search engines like yahoo in searching for merchandise, services and info. When you usually do not have your company listed within just the major search engines, you is going to be losing business or even worse go out of organization.
What can Search engine optimization do for my business enterprise site?

The most effective approach of professional search engine marketing is search engine optimization. Search engine optimization improves the good quality likewise as increasing the multitude of targeted traffic to your business web site by means of the major engines like google. The much more typically your small business shows up inside the significant search engines like google, the far more visitors you'll receive in your world wide web website, which will in return generate additional leads too as sales for your online business.
What's the huge deal about rankings with my organization site and google?
You want your company to rank properly inside the research motor rankings. Upon achieving good rankings, you are going to uncover that your company web page will bring people in who are looking for specific services or merchandise. These are commonly titled “potential customers”.

Professional Search engine marketing just isn't a one-time deal

Search engine optimization requires a lot of time at the same time as your efforts in obtaining accomplishment. This isn't a one-time thing, which you need to perform. Search engine optimization in order to be successful have to be updated continually; in addition as typically. If you are not confident with your own Web optimization skills, I would suggest you hire a qualified Search engine optimisation to aid you with your Seo requirements and a writing service like https://papersowl.com to make perfect posts, texts, reviews, etc. This will enable you to focus on other matters pertaining to your company.
What's pay-per-click advertising and how can it aid my organization web site?
How essential is search engine marketing?
Professional Search engine marketing is quite significant for your company and should be permanently instituted in just your marketing and advertising plan for your company. In case you utilize professional search engine marketing effectively, you are going to come across that your online business will experience the achievement you could have worked so hard to achiev
A technologist is always striving to find out the best solution to any problem. They are always on the lookout for a better way to do things. Another trait of the technologists is to be sceptical about marketing a product. This is because marketing pitches are more directed towards attracting more customers instead of promoting a product based exclusively on its technicalities.

But at the same time it can’t be denied that technology is the driving force of today’s world and software development businesses have huge scope of improvement. In order to enhance the efficiency, businesses of all size are seeking to update their in-house software system.
Since the last couple of years, the demand for software developers has been increasing. In the present competitive scenario, it is absolutely crucial that your business progresses in the right manner. Here are some effective steps for promoting your software development business.

·        A Solid Presentation of Your Business Must be Made – You should always arrange for a regular presentation of your products and services that can grab the client’s attention instantly. It is an imperative for every software business to showcase their capacities without having any contact with the client. You have to present your products and services in front of the target audience in an intelligent manner. If you are able to put up an engaging presentation of your service and product then it will urge the clients to gather more information. This way more inquiries will be promoted in the long run. You can post the link in multiple forums. This is an effective way of centralising more potential clients.

·        Creating an Informative Website – A user-friendly website is one of the basic criteria for solid web presence of your business. Your site is the mirror of your business. A client who is looking for a software developer should be able to easily navigate the site and derive all the information in a hassle-free manner. Once your clients have a comprehensive information on your products and services they will be able to be rest assured that they are on the right place.

·        Creating Website Blogs – For each online business, blogs play a significant role. The entire purpose of such business blogs is to enhance the visibility of your website in the search engines and offer maximum information about your product and service. If you have a flair for writing, then writing a blog is not that of a challenge. It is an extraordinary approach for building the visibility of your product development business.

·        Opting for Press Releases and Newsletters – One of the easiest ways to stay connected to your prospects, clients and affiliates is through newsletters. You can also take advantage of free publishing of press releases. This way your website can also be benefitted in the right way.

·        Signing up for Google AdWords – Google offers an advertising platform that is very helpful for each and every online business. It links your business on the top and side-spaces of various searches that users make on the Google. As a result of this, at whatever point, the user writes and hits the search button, your website is also displayed as sponsored links. A huge number of relevant users are directed to your site in this way. That is why it is essential that the content of your site reflects the important keywords of the business. Once you have created a user-friendly website you can go ahead and sign up for the AdWords.

The above are some of the ways to promote a software business. The product design software that has been aiding a large number of ecommerce businesses till now, has leveraged the above mentioned steps and has been greatly benefitted.
Are you a regular internet user? Are you concerned about your privacy? If so, then what options are available to you? Do you use some plugin for anonymity or you just don’t know how to keep yourself safe while browsing online? Well, whatever the case, your best option is to use a free and reliable VPN service to make sure that you not just stay anonymous but all your browsing information is kept private as well. Here we’ve listed some of the best free VPN services for Mac, iOS, Windows and other platforms that you can try and described in detail what a VPN can do for you.
What’s The Need of VPNs?
Though there can be many different reasons as to why you should use VPN software but on top of them all are hiding your identity and hiding where you’re on the internet. But the question is why would one want to do any of these things?
Well, depending on the way you use internet, it is quite possible that you don’t want anyone to reveal what you are doing online. This is especially the case in countries where they do some serious internet surveillance.
VPN is also widely used for getting access to many region-locked websites and online resources. With a VPN service, one can disguise their location and pretend to be browsing the internet from somewhere else. This way, users can be able to access websites that are accessible only in certain parts of the world.
VPN also comes in handy when you have to bypass restrictions placed by the governments and ISPs on browsing specific type of data. So, it helps in browsing freely and at will too.
Some of the Best VPN for Mac, iOS, Windows and More
So, now that you are receptive to the idea of using VPN and understand why the use of VPN is important, let’s get into which VPN services are reliable enough to be used for free. Here we have listed 3 front runners that you must consider and try. Each of them is described in detail, so please take a look.
  1. TunnelBear
TunnelBear is, probably, the best free VPN service around. With 1000 servers across more than 20 locations and support for 5 devices at most, it really offers a user-friendly experience. You can enjoy using the VPN for free and can also go for the paid subscriptions. But you should be fine with the free version as only restriction that it places on your usage is that it limits you to 500 MB traffic every month. And if you use VPN occasionally then you should not mind that at all. Whenever you need extra protection while browsing online, you can go anonymous and then switch back to normal browsing as soon as you are finished.
It’s easy to use with very few settings to play with but the performance is simply unparalleled. And, you won’t probably need to change default settings either. The VPN also connects you automatically to one of the 20 locations as you turn it on but you can also manage that manually and pick locations as you need.
And, with some latest updates to the privacy policy of the VPN software, it now keeps even less information on its users. You don’t need to provide your first name during the sign up process and it doesn’t save number of your lifetime connections anymore either. So, it’s quite a reliable option to go with and there are plenty of interesting benefits that you get to enjoy.
  1. Windscribe
Windscribe is very reliable and generous VPN software that you can put your hands on. Keeping its servers at 8 different locations, Windscribe allows you to enjoy 10GB usage for free every month. But the reason why we have put Windscribe on second spot in our list is that despite such generous allowance of data, it offers comparatively less server locations and supports only 1 device at most. So, that’s comparatively less than what we have with TunnelBear. Nevertheless, you can’t overlook that 10GB of data allowance.
The sign up process is simple as you just have to create a username and specify your password. It does not keep any of your connection logs, visited sites, or IP stamps. The only information it keeps is your username, VPN server to which you are connected and the data amount that is transferred. But wait, even this information is erased inside 3 minutes of the time when your session ends.
With generous 10 GB bandwidth, it can be your everyday choice for anonymous browsing. You may not find a free service offering such high data usage. Even there are some workarounds that you can try for increasing it even further. For instance, you can tweet about Windscribe to get an additional 5GB data and, other than that, an extra 1 GB is awarded to you whenever you invite some friend to use this service.
So, with all that on offer, it definitely is worth giving a try.
  1. Hotspot Shield Free
For those who often connect to the public WI-Fi, Hotspot Shield is the perfect option to go with. The free VPN does everything possible to protect your privacy. It supports 5 devices at most and is pretty straight forward to use. Your daily data limit is as high as 750MB which is more than enough for most users.
Why it is placed last on the list? Well, because it doesn’t offer as many server locations as the other two options described above. With Hotspot Shield you can only connect to 1 server every time. But still, the free service is worth it with good enough data allowance and the number of supported devices.
Every time you connect to some Wi-Fi that Hotspot Shield considers ‘unsafe’, the VPN enables itself automatically. So, as said earlier, if you use public Wi-Fi connections all the time then this is a perfect choice for you to protect your privacy. You don’t really have to get into the fuss of activating the VPN every time you go online on a public wireless connection.
Though it may cause the online performance of your device to suffer a bit, but with 750MB daily bandwidth Hotspot Shield is well worth it.
So, all the above discussion concludes that having VPN software to protect your online activity is always a good choice. They offer plethora of benefits for internet users from anonymity to data protection to accessing region-locked resources. And, when you get a reliable one for free, that’s even better. There are quite a few VPN software available these days and you really need to make sure that you choose the best from amongst them. A few good names can include TunnelBear, Windscribe and Hotspot Shield Free. All of them have their own merits and demerits and you can choose one depending on your own personal requirements.
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It goes without saying that nothing creates more value in the professional world of search marketing than some useful search engine optimization tools. When people search for your brand online, you obviously want it to be appeared as high in the search engine rankings as possible. In this regard, you have to keep a track of different practices that searchers follow while browsing on the web. Whether they click once and be done with clicking on a website; or edit their search terms, search again, and click on a couple of other websites. Hence, your business must continually show in all search results that acquaints customers about you gaining mindshare with each potential customer.
SEO tools

Here, we are sharing a list of all leading SEO tools that may help you hit the mark in all the aspects of SEO work.

1.       Link Research SEO Toolbar

Link Research SEO Toolbar allows you to enjoy the most advanced SEO metrics. With the help of this tool, you can customize your searches in Bing, Google, and Yandex while browsing on the web. You are able to sort Search Engine results by:

·         The popularity on social media
·         Long-term user engagement
·         Keyword rankings of a website
·         Amount of backlinks that a websites may have acquired or lost
·         LRT Power*Trust Value

Apart from its SERP overlay, you can use the toolbar with all SEO metrics on every page that you are browsing. Moreover, there are also other templates that you can drag and drop in your browser window anywhere.

It may have happened with you a lot of times that a page ranks for a lot keywords; it has a lot of links, it has been shared on social media a great many times, and it shares amazingly engaging content. Link Research SEO Toolbar comes with answers to all these wonderful outcomes on the web. 

2.       Impactana Content Marketing Toolbar

Impactana Content Marketing Toolbar is one of the FREE and easy to use tools. It provides its users with a very powerful set of metrics and functions that’d be available right in their browser. You must look out for it to identify the powerful content and the latest trends.

It is a kind of tool that allows you to share the great pieces of content with clients, co-workers, and friends at just a click of button.

By using Impactana Content Marketing Toolbar, you’ll be getting:
·         Social Buzz Metrics (content’s impact on social media)
·         Powerful Impact Metrics (clicks, links, views, comments)
For checking out if a blog post was successful or not, you don’t need to look out for any other tool. Simply use Impactana Content Marketing Toolbar in your browser and find it out right now.

3.       LRT Power*Trust Extension

LRT Power*Trust is a powerful two-dimensional SEO metric and browser extension. It is a great replacement for Google’s Toolbar PageRank, and even more than that. It is helpful in quick assessment of a website or page’s power and trustworthiness while browsing the web. After the first Google Penguin update in 2012, LinkResearchTools launched it shortly. And in no time, LRT Power*Trust proved itself as a reliable metric for judging the authority of a website’s page or domain.

LRT Power*Trust metric quickly get you answers to the most important SEO questions, such as:

·         Is a certain link worth keeping?
·         Is it good enough to build some link on a website?
·         Which link should go to disavow file?

LRT Power*Trust is a great replacement for Google Toolbar Page Rank. In fact, it is something more than a replacement that presents that power and trust of a link along with the domain it is coming from. Unlike other PBN sites and penalized domains, LRT Power*Trust keeps on updating regularly and is very much reliable.

4.       Link Redirect Trace Browser Extension

Link Redirect Trace Browser Extension is a great tool that uses the power of LinkResearchTools Link Redirect Trace Metric for pointing out all sorts of issues, whether on-page or off-page, for any website that you browse.

With the help of Link Redirect Trace Extension, you are able to:

·         Identify every link redirect hop
·         Analyze robots.txt for every hop
·         Know the LRT Power*Trust per Link Redirect hop
·         Analyze HTML <head>NoIndex, NoFollow per redirect hop
·         Analyze the HTTP header X-Robots Noindex, Nofollow, NoArchive
·         Identifycookies set for each redirect hop; and know those affiliate ad links, etc.

Link redirection is some sort of process where one URL is forwarded to another URL. So, when your backlink profile is redirected from other websites, you must check it in more details and make sure if any strange domain isn’t harming you. Like every SEO professional, you must also know what you are talking about and check those redirects. Also, watch out for not losing the valuable Link Trust or Link Power or pass on a penalty through a domain’s redirect that carries a penalty.

5.       Link Juice Recovery Tool (LJR)

Most of the times, a big problem has been observed when relaunching or re-designing a website is that the old links are ignored. However everyone get excited about the new logo, the new design, and the new CMS, nobody takes care about the redirects after the site’s URL gets changed.

Now, the Link Juice Recovery Tool, also referred to as “Website Relaunch Tool,” helps in finding all the links that point to error pages. Not just 404s, it also generates a“.htaccess file” for its users. Such file allows you to put a lot of redirects for missing pages in place within just a few minutes. It does it so amazingly that you don’t have to wait for too long.


Believably, SEO and link building is an art that is fueled by passion, creativity, passion, diplomacy, and also politics. And aforementioned competitive research tools are some great that show how sites rank on the search engines of Google in a relative way.

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Carrie Bursonis a singer by profession. Along with that, she has a keen interest in writing. She has served a lot of industries including technology, marketing, and fashion through her exceptional ideas. Currently, she works for Ingic UK and helps its target audience with the most useful and latest information.

Apart from it, her favorite hobbies include playing different sports like baseball, tennis, and