The technical side, the social media side and the creative side. Entry level graphic designers today are expected to be full service. By that I mean a designer must be able to complete a project from idea generation to final publication or posting. A full working knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite, InDesign, Photoshop Illustrator, plus Dreamweaver Flash and Acrobat is a must (and that’s just for 2D work.) The social media component cannot be ignored in today’s worlds best logo design employment, even if the up and comer is not looking for a job with a firm. Freelance and independent graphic designers especially need to promote themselves using the dozens of portfolio sites plus the basic social media: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube just to name a few. 
Become an expert

All the tech and social networking media mean nothing if there isn’t a strong creative quotient. Learning how to get new ideas, which are nothing more than old ideas put together in new ways, is probably the most important and the most overlooked area of an up and coming designer’s education. Ideation or coming up with new ideas is not just blue skying, there is a real method to it. Many books have been written on the subject. Check out Google or any search engine for those books and articles.

That’s called research. When you are racking your brain for a new creative idea for your assignment, the best thing to do is to become an expert on the subject. That starts with research! Not only is it a whole new ballgame in terms of creating graphics digitally versus by hand, but you can’t even get a job as a graphic designer these days without using digital media. It’s like cave painting is to illustration on paper as yesterdays handmade graphics on paper is to digital graphics of today.

Sometimes you can get a foot in the door by interning and working for free part time. Now all of the application process is done digitally. A new-be in graphics today has to be very persistent and very diligent about monitoring the positions available on line. Knowing what’s going on in your particular graphics interest and learning who’s doing what graphically in your area that you could connect with. The last thing I might suggest if you want to become the next “worlds best logo designer” is LinkedIn. It seems like the two must haves for finding design work these days are an online portfolio website and have your profile on LinkedIn and network.

The owner of the agency, didn’t want a bug just a name for a logo, I didn’t agree. I couldn’t let the chance of putting an image of an apple on a computer pass me by. Assignments like that don’t come around very often. The initial meeting was just a casual chat with my creative director and getting filled in on the new client and what they were making. As you may have read, the bite was my way of making the symbol look more like an apple and not some other piece of fruit. 

When I found out that byte was a computer term that did it. The lore of the apple and the bite is way more interesting than reality. I talk more about the history of the Apple logo at

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The key of every business success is its marketing. Most aspects of all businesses depend on successful marketing. It is an umbrella activity which covers advertising, public relations, promotions and sales. it is a process by which a product or service is introduced and promoted to potential customers. Without marketing, a business may offer the best products or services in industry, but will never be known to customer and market. Without marketing, sales may crash and companies may have to quit. Thus, whether its a small business or a well known high scale company, a successful marketing strategy is important to every business.
graphic designer

There are some key points that a business should know like who are the top customers?, What are their expectations and dislikes, How can you keep clients loyal? Without answers to questions like these, business will miss market share and its customer.

Marketing Expert is a robust solution that sorts out marketing problems at best level. It takes the whole data of business, implement successful promotions based on smart, timely, usable data and turn it into unique techniques and solutions that will empower business.

Role of marketing expert :

some businesses limit the role of market expert to communication only. But its role is actually much more wider than this:

To carry out marketing audit to assess current market trends, type of customers, their likings and disliking. This will help him in business strategy development. they are results driven and customer focused. Because of advances in technology business to business marketing has been enhanced, and has seen an increase in it’s use.

Implementing a marketing strategy according to specific budget and results of audit. His job is to develop a method to communicate with customers describing the attributes of products and services in effective way. The focus for the business Marketing expert is to make customers through his impressive business strategy. This require Creative, analytical and communication skills.

Customer relationship management is a business strategy that helps it to understand customers, gain customer loyalty, attracts new customers, decreases customer management costs.

Another area of market expert is to assist in Branding. Brand gives a face to business. It is the quickest way for expressing origin company and its services. A brand is a kind of promise to deliver superior services. It expresses the reason for business existence through various communications media to customers, shareholders, employees and analysts.

The brand must have a logo to make branding easier and more possible. It is the company's name expressed visually through a logo. A clean, elegant and expressive logo adds flavor to marketing strategy. For designing brand and log for business, there are many professional graphic designers and web designers. Be conscious while choosing logo designer for your company.

Apple's brand is the best brand example. It is designed by Rob Janoff, a well known and good graphic designer. Smart branding allows the company to clearly communicate the product and to build its reputation as in case of apple brand.
In the changing scenario of SEO, it is very difficult to predict the rankings of the websites. Whether it is a Google update, manual report or a developer’s problem, there are so many things that can cause an immediate SEO ranking drop. But actually it is a big challenge for SEO experts to prove their skills by increasing SERPs and driving traffic. Here we’re sharing some simple and effective steps that’ll help SEO beginners to survive and discover the lost rankings after a drop.

SEO Rankings

Manual Or Algorithmic Penalty Rank Drop

This is, actually, a big ranking drop. If your site or a specific get penalized and dropped more than 10-2- positions on a multitude of keywords, then you’ll receive anote in webmaster’s tool. Google is very descriptive and outlines the causes of specific manual penalties. Manual action penalties are very complex and it is very hard to get rid of them. If there is no penalty-related messages in your Webmaster tools, then there are two possible options.

·         The first one is that Google has updated its algorithm

·         Secondly, you or anyone who is part of your team members is responsible for the rankings drop

Check Google Algorithm Update
Then, it’s is important to check that whether Google has rolled out any algorithm update or not. If there is any update then Google will be responsible for the drop. It is said that Google introduces 2 to 3 updates in a week. So, your site might be perfect in SEO terms, but a single error in your ranking tracker may cause the problem. You’ve to locate the cause of ranking drop that where your site is violating the Google’s guidelines. In order to avoid mistakes, focus on your products/ services, be organic and build a brand. It is recommended to use tools like Barracuda, Fruition’s Google penalty checker and stat to access and analyze your data.

Detailed Back linking Analysis

Buckling is one of the most important pillars of SEO. Backlinks enable a website to rank higher in the search results. If your site lost a lot of inbound links from your profile, then a consider drop in ranking is inevitable. For this purpose, you can use the link analysis tools like majestic SEO and Ahref that’ll help you to figure out every problem in your backlink profile.

Audit Your Content

We know that content has a great impact on the SERPs of a website. Content gives information about your site to search engines. So, create a content that search spiders can understand easily and rank your site higher in search engines. Try to post valuable content piece, as it has the ability to build backlinks from trustworthy sites lead to higher search results. To ensure uniqueness, you can use plagiarism scanners like Plagiarism, Quetext or Viper or you can also use a built-in plagiarism checker. In case you find your content on third party sites, you can report Google about the plagiarized content or you can contact a hosting provider to report it and request him to remove it. Here is another idea If you can’t do yourself so you may hire a professional seo services or seoanalysit who can do the content audit for your website.

Conduct a Competitor Analysis

Sometimes, competitors do a good job with their sites and outranked your site from the search engine. So, it is significant to keep an eye on your competitors. You should monitor and analyze your competitor’s site performance, engagement and traffic on a regular basis. You should also check your backlinks, content and social media stats.

Author bio:

Marry Ann is the Content writer and SEO Consultant, she has been in the business for well over five years, is well-versed with all type of marketing industry. She is an internet lover, spend most of my time surfing internet to read and learn something new. She also like to pen down new idea therefor love writing. Always enjoys writing about the latest SEO Trends.
The best brand artists know that branding is more than a logo. It's the whole feeling or vibe that a company consistently communicates. It's the color palette, a store interior, the lines of products they sell, the advertising, what staff or associates wear, their attitude, packaging, charity and community involvement, the company's website and online presence, the store or product's mission statement and on. Everything a firm or retailer or manufacturer does is branding. I think one of the best examples of good branding besides Apple of course is Target.

Some sort of company logo is usually an image symbolic representation, while the wordmark or perhaps logotype is simply the language of this corporation or perhaps product label from a certain fixed technique. These kinds of elements need to be expertly developed along with arranged.

Best Brand of Logos

Guide posting is a method which allows the specialist to existing their art perform to leads in a unforgettable form. These days, book posting is being used more and more by performers as a marketing. There are many POD (Print on Demand) sites that will allow an specialist to design, create and post their Art Book. This can then be used by the specialist for marketing and demonstration requirements. Most POD sites also allow for the books to be available for sale to the majority of folks, if the specialist is so prepared to do so. Introducing their perform in this manner is a nice thing for an specialist to have as a give away to leads and collection owners.

An excellent brand can speak more time and even louder regarding that your enterprise is actually and what exactly this stands for than you could ever before perform your self. Often companies usually are communities. They are made up of people and beliefs complete with their own cultures. Some are families, small and compact. People usually are similar to nations, along with fiscal effect which ranges the world. Apple is actually an illustration of this this specific.

It can widely be seen on all Apple products and retail stores and has become one of the world's most renowned brand symbols. Each short page history the graphic progress the own brand symble, zooms within in popular milestones in the company's trajectory, as well as best parts first-hand records as well as curious anecdotes from the emblem designers.

Artists should be a part of any available on the internet art exhibits and art sites. These sites allow an specialist to promote and display their perform to many individuals each day. Moreover to displaying their art an specialist will also have to be able to have a information, hyperlinks to their web page and in many cases a bio and specialist declaration as aspect of their demonstration. Many of the more recent no cost specialist sites now have the ability for the specialist to have a weblog, post news items and publish media announcements. Moreover, some art sites have their own boards for the specialist to give rise to. An specialist should have a fully developed and well crafted information for any of these sites.
Most marketing experts agree that the world's best logos have similar characteristics. First, does the logo quickly communicate the purpose and personality of the client? Simplicity and appropriateness for how the logo is going to be used would be next on my list for the most important elements of some of the best logos. Is the logo memorable and own-able? Does the image work as well in one color as in full color? Will the design work on a billboard? A postage stamp? These are questions some of the best brand artists and marketing experts look for.

Marketing and advertising specialists claim this logo's brand-new appear is actually component of a better work to alter Apple's graphic from in which associated with scrappy populist to a single associated with world-class technologist.

Marketing and advertising specialists

What's led tremendously to be able to Apple's achievement is extremely good marketing. Because so many individuals recognize Steve Jobs Work opportunities ended up being a huge believer in good, intelligent, imaginative marketing.

Apple's brand name promoting continues to be on the list of crucial elements in order to its accomplishment. A company's brand name is the identity that reveals towards the general public. This kind of management and business identity performs a vital purpose in how consumers check out an organization and it is merchandise. Intelligent corporations set a lot of imagined in brand name managing, designing a brandname character that may lure customers.

Seeking out an professional in the Online promotion company who has a ideal reputation of great outcomes is also incredibly important. This is so important because professionals who have had great accomplishment in the last will potential appreciate significant amounts of success during enough time invested helping you as well. Previous performance is known to be one of the first symptoms of performance predicted in the future. This does not suggest that new professionals are instantly going to under achieve but there is some risk associated in choosing an professional who does not have a affordable quantity of practice or who has not conducted effectively in the last. You can be more secure putting your Online advertising strategy in the hands of an professional who as a concept produces the type of outcomes you are expecting for your own Online advertising strategy.

Apple company continued to focus on company marketing within the 2000s. This introduction in addition to marketing with the ipod throughout 2001 was its very first organizing company marketing proceed with the completely new centuries. This ipod has not been the first convenient electronic music player out there, but it quickly cornered this market by means of making a company figure that has been irresistible to numerous people, particularly young people.

Many believe Apple's tablet stands a good possibility of surpassing your Kindle to get your viewer of preference. Buyers that sense great loyalty on the Apple company corporate identification are hoped for for you to make to acquire your Apple company tablet along with brand-new Apple company solutions. On the subject of developing ranking available within a swarmed discipline associated with specialized merchandise, Apple company has demonstrated that will arranged model promoting may be just as significant seeing that efficiency and also cost.
A logo design that is well-made presents a fine image about the company. Therefore an influential logo is very vital to boost the company's visibility among the customers. And it is measured as the iconic depiction of the product to form a collected customer acknowledgement. Thus the logo design is the whole requirement for the process of setting up the brand in both long term and short term perceptive of the customer.

A faultless imaginative work of graphics and designs are remembered and recalled by customers for years as their most wanted brand logos. This is the fundamental ground on which many multinational companies are willing to invest millions of dollars on. This ensures creation of a long lasting visual impact that creates an impression that lingers on the customers mind for a long time. Therefore it is essential to be specific about basic pre requisites and requirements once approaching the logo designers. Only clearly conveyed ideas will ensure desired designs. They need to understand the product, company attitude and marketing strategies to be able to design a long lasting impressive logo.

Logo Designs

Looking around shows us that in our day to day products we see a number of logos. Some of them represent brands, some products or some just the name of the company or product in attractive graphics. Not all of them leave their mark on the customers mind. But a few of them stay with us throughout. The logo design becomes synonym to the brand/product name and pop up in our minds whenever we think of use the product. These logo designs are said to be the most successful ones as they are impressive, long lasting and are retained by the customer. All in all they become the sole identity of the product/ business.

Logo designers have to be very careful and imaginary while designing. Due to the multiple logos in the market it is essential that a logo is unique and should not be copied from others. To create and come up with new logos which are impressive is not a task easily done. Many logos are made, are seen by the customer and are forgotten instantly. These designs are a failure as they do not serve the purpose of having a logo at all. Fresh and new ideas, catchy graphics, simple and comprehensible designs and flexible in scaling designs are the need of today's logo designs. The designers have to ensure the design create an impact and represents the marketing culture of the business.
Your initial personality improvement has been to help coincide with the launch with the brand’s very first computer system, the Apple. Your entire design method with the upstart client just got about fourteen days. As soon as the agency’s primary assembly, Janoff travelled to perform developing this Apple logo depending on their study of actual cross-sections connected with true oranges. One particular design model has been after that developed of any rainbow-striped the apple company.

Best logo for inspiration

The design having its multi-colored beating has been promptly accepted pertaining to output through Gary Work opportunities. Output graphics has been after that developed pertaining to print advertising, signage hardware insignias and software package labels with cassette tapes, many within preparing with the kick off with the Apple mackintosh II within April connected with 1977 with the Western world Coastline Computer Honest. With the next 20 years, this currently famous rainbow version logo design featured many Apple mackintosh solutions by their personal computer solutions on the Newton PDA. The only idea at any time displayed to help Apple mackintosh has been a direct achievement!

I just finished designing a logo for a start-up software firm in Spain. I am currently working on a branding upgrade package for an older established firm involved in the finishing of large landmark construction projects in London. I will be starting on a branding assignment for a large retail company in Germany next month.

I think all the versions of the Apple logos have been beautiful and perfectly appropriate for when they were introduced. The logo has gone through many changes but I still feel a very special connection whenever I see it. When I hear someone say that the Apple logo is the most loved and the best logo out there, it makes me feel proud.

Apple Logo Design only last year before Steve Jobs commissioned graphic designer Rob Janoff commissioned artwork designer Deceive Janoff to generate some thing, Janoff’s inevitable pattern could embark on to be probably the most iconic along with identifiable business images of all time.

When I first designed the Apple logo, it didn’t get that much attention. But as the company grew and especially after Steve returned, their devices became even more loved all around the world. Along with that came the emails to me that said and thank you for designing the worlds best logo. The personal stories and the “thank you’s” and connections that have come as a result of being the designer of the Apple logo were things I never could have imagined when I first created it.

Effective logo design services have to capture the essence of the company or person that the logo is for, as well as make it memorable, recognizable and functional at both large and small sizes. One of the best ways to learn logo design is through imitation and inspiration. By looking at other clever logos, you can get inspired and get ideas about how to create your own logos.

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With 1.84 billion active users per month, Facebook  is unarguably the best social media the world will ever have. You will be surprised with the fact that despite of being banned in countries like China, Russia; Facebook  continues to dominate the social media world.

Facebook Still Top

Though, new social media networks are emerging and growing with high pace, but Facebook  still remains the face of Social Media. If you rewind the time wheel few years back, you can actually experience that social media scenario has dramatically changed. According to the reports published by “Global Social Platforms 2016: A Country-by-Country Review of Social Network Usage.” These days, most of the people tend to adopt those platforms in addition to Facebook , instead of replacing it.

Did you know?

In recent reports, it has been revealed Facebook  has proved how to react appropriately to a fast-changing social media market. Extracting best features from every social platform, and making it available at single platform is definitely the smartest move of Facebook . There is no wrong if we say Facebook  is the King of Social Media websites.

Let’s know some interesting features and facts, which make Facebook  the best social media platform.

·         Share your priceless moments on Facebook  Live

After the introduction of  Facebook  Live Feature, user can share videos and Gifs right from their Facebook  account directly. In reports, it has been revealed that uploading and downloading of videos on Facebook  overtook YouTube. Moreover, the videos uploaded on Facebook  have higher organic reach than those originally uploaded to YouTube. Isn’t it awesome?

·         You can also do micro blogging from Facebook

Facebook  Notes - The excellent micro blogging feature, has not only left behind LinkedIn Pulse but also other blogging platforms like WordPress, Blogspot, Tumblr. Adding on, Facebook  users can also enjoy “Facebook  Instant Stories” to share stories, thoughts and other contents. However, it is limited to only selected publishers.If you also have hidden writer in you and you want to flant your writing skills; then nothing can be  better than Facebook.

·         Popularity of Facebook  is not limited to Teenagers

The popularity Facebook  has grown with time. According to the reports published by Pew Research Center’s Social Media Update 2016, it shows that the maximum part of online adults over the age of 65 are now using Facebook .
The best part!!
Your GrandMaa and GrandPaa are now in your friend list. Aww!! Its really cute to see grany sharing moments on Facebook.

·         Facebook  enables the user to enjoy all trending feature at a single platform

Facebook  is not just a social media platform, it is actually a social revolution. Along with sharing photos, as well as videos, you can also share your ideas,thoughts and connect with people having similar interest.

Your photos may not define your personality, but ideas will. You can discuss on any social matter on Facebook  and initiate a healthy debate. Be part of social revolution!!

·         An Effective Marketing tool

Earlier Facebook was primarily used for making friends, but with time it has turn out to be the most effective marketing tool of this era. As every day more than 500,000 new users every day sign up, it is no wrong to say that it can effectively use to connect with the customers.
Apart from making friends and sharing photos and videos, Facebook  is also used for business promotion due to its greatest reach as compared to other social media sites. There are lots of people; who are making huge money out of it.

Important facts to know about Facebook

Facebook has come up with its new feature “Marketplace”: Buy and Sell products with Your Local Community.

Facebook is now planning to involve more deeply in e-commerce sector. This week it has announced to launch virtual Marketplace- a new user-to-user exchange for buying and selling goods with others in your community.

Initially it has introduced the marketplace in UK, US, Australia and New Zealand. On the occasion of launch the company said the marketplace is an initiative to evolve an existing behavior on the social network.

According to the project manager Bowen Pan, more than 450 million people already use Facebook to buy and sell used goods every month, specifically through its groups feature. Through this feature, Facebook is offering its users a more formal process to conduct these exchanges.

It has been reported that the icon of this new feature will replace the Messenger icon in the center of the bottom row on Facebook’s mobile app. When you click on the icon it lands you to an algorithmically generated home page of items Facebook believes you’d be interested in.

In this feature the Facebook gets the ideas of your interest zone based on the pages you’ve liked and, after some time, any of your viewing, buying, or selling activity within Marketplace. It is very easy for seller and customers to sale or buy products. If you wish to sale any products, you just need to upload a photo, set a name, description, and price, and confirm your location. You are ready to sale things of your choice!!

Moreover, if you want to buy some specific items, you can message the seller of any item and also place an offer according to you. It may sound complicates, but it is rather simple. If you want to buy any item, you just need to browse categories of items and get a list of nearby listings or you can search any specific product and increase the radius of your query to cover a larger distance. It also avails you to change the locations and search for products in other cities or regions.

Facebook has introduced this feature only for smart phones as of now; feature for desktop is under process. However, its main focus is on smartphones.

Still Away from Facebook ?

Author Bio:

Angela George is a passionate author who loves to keep the information about the latest updates in the field of technology. Her writing can help users to resolve any kind of Facebook problems without any delay. She also loves experimenting with new features of Facebook.