In 2016, we saw the continuing battle between iOS and automation, the increase of the national developer initiative, the growing quality of hybrid applications and innumerable tries to battle mobile app insecurities. What are the most recent trends in mobile application development for 2017 and beyond? Browse on to seek out!


Top five trends in mobile app development

IoT-related apps dominate

By the tip of this year, there'll be more than 6.4 billion connected gadgets worldwide. The web of Things is shaping mobile app future trends since nearly each IoT resolution desires a fanatical application enabling users to manage good devices. Though building IoT-related computer code isn't that completely different from what developers are doing for years, most net of Things solutions are innovative by default and sometimes need integration with third-party or niche devices and services. Also, IoT mobile apps don't essentially run on a smartphone. Embedding IoT in your Android apps development greatly benefits your business.

Messengers still evolve

The evolutions of messengers were one in every of the most important factors behind the 2016 mobile development trends; the subsequent year, messengers and AI chatbots can become a trend of their own. Businesses ask for new ways in which to achieve dead set their target market. Though users pay over eighty-fifth of their mobile time in apps, solely five applications – together with messengers and social media – see serious use. Whereas high-quality mobile apps still facilitate firms increase complete visibility, it’s obtaining easier to act with customers through WhatsApp, Facebook traveler, and WeChat.

Enterprise mobile apps go small & hybrid

Millennial (those confident guys born with technology at their fingertips) have formally become the most important generation of the USA workforce. They worth flexibility, use 3-4 devices within the geographic point and believe the present enterprise computer code (CRMs, ERPs and different solutions that are alleged to boost productivity) in truth slows down worker performance. As additional firms take enterprise solutions to smartphones, tablets and even wearables, the demand for mobile developers can outstrip the out there capability by five hundredths. Ways in which out? Mistreatment no-code and low-code development tools (aka national Developer Initiative) can become one in every of the most popular trends in mobile Android apps development. However, one cannot expect any worker with any computer code engineering expertise to form a superior mobile application.

Android-first is finally happening

Back in March we have a tendency to listed many reasons why iOS-first was still among mobile app development future trends, citing automaton fragmentation and also 90% revenue gap between the App Store and Google Play because the main arguments for testing the waters with an iOS application. Next year, automaton might finally take over because the platform is currently prioritized by forty sevenths of skilled developers. Here’s why. First, there’s a growing tendency to make mobile applications for driving complete awareness and client loyalty (compared to direct monetization that continues to be a factor on the App Store). Second, it’s the new rising markets (including China, Bharat and occupant countries) dominated by automaton that recently saw more than 18.4% growth in smartphone sales (compared to simply 8.2% for mature markets). Finally, it’s the evolution of the automaton system. With improved developer pointers, security updates and candy up its sleeve, Google Play is on course to outgo the App Store each in terms of downloads and revenue;

UX can marry accessibility

Over eighteen million USA voters were born with some reasonable incapacity or no heritable one later in life. More than 54% of those individuals use a smartphone. It’s a large and for the most part underdeveloped market since few vendors build computer code with accessibility in mind. Due to IoT, the cases can be amended for the higher. Home automation systems, medical alarms and communication solutions almost like SignGloves open up new opportunities for the disabled and cut back barriers to living severally. In step with Eve Anderson, Accessibility Engineering Manager at Google, individuals with special desires don’t need to own mobile apps and good gadgets designed for them – instead, they’d prefer to use standard applications and devices during a completely different means. If you've got plans for Android Apps development in 2017 – either for AN IoT widget or a standalone one – certify to form many mixed-ability use situations throughout the MVP/Proof of thought stage, style easy user interfaces that don't need complicated gestures and introduce multiple switch choices.

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Taimoor Khan is one of the Enthusiastic and innovative writers and in Android apps development. for last 15 years and currently
New Year has arrived and so have some new and cool iPhone apps as well. So, let’s take a look at some of these mobile apps that you can’t afford to miss out on

5 must have iPhone apps in 2017

1.  Box  – if you are someone who is always on the go for business purpose, then Box is definitely a great tool for you. Install it in your phone and computer device at home/office and you can access the files from any one of your devices wherever you are courtesy of this cloud based file synching and storage program application. Besides accessing the files, you can add comments and read all the changes as well. So, working becomes lot easier now.

2. Digg – for those who like to read amazing stuff, Digg comes across as a must have application.It provides you a convenient place to collaborate all your reading stuff at one place and read on the go. Not just that it recommends other stuff available on the internet that you can explore as well.

3. Easily Do –  it comes across a multi-utility application that you can use to connect to all your online services like Facebook account, email account, even calendar as well. So managing everything from your iPhone while you are on the run becomes quite easy with this application.

4. Flipboard – if you have a keen eye for creating innovative content, then Flipboard brings so many options for you. With Flipboard, you can now curate content from online resources be it any website or social media accounts and transform it into stunning magazine like pages. In fact, not just for iPhone, Flipboard has become a huge hit with iPad app lovers as well.

5.  Adobe Photoshop Express– if you thought that photo editing could be done only on desktops and laptops, then Adobe brings a pleasant surprise. The Photoshop express can get rid of the minutest anomalies in your photograph to give you top quality edited images.

Although mobile technologies are advancing at a rapid pace to bring forward new developments with every passing day, but you cannot download them all in your phone. The above mentioned apps can prove to be of great use for recreation as well as professional life. So, check out your App store and download these apps today!
Gone are the days, when companies used to manage their employees with spreadsheets. Today, Human Resource Management Software is becoming an essential tool that not only improves management systems but also optimizes the hiring practices.

Human Resource Management

Several companies across different geographic locations have made the leap into automating HR systems. For those who are still thinking, can look for the benefits below:

  • Improves the efficiency of administration:
If you have got more than 100+ employees working then keeping a track on basic employee information might become a nightmare for you.

When the records are kept in automated systems, it becomes easier to recall the information within few minutes. Moreover, it reduces paperwork thus saves the time of your manpower.

  • Efficient onboarding:
Onboarding is a crucial part of strategic management software however often overlooked in many companies.

The automated systems offer specialized onboarding solutions that give your new joiners a kick start in your company. Using an efficient human resource software, your employees become productive and feel enthusiastic about business processes. It streamlines the process by providing advance notifications to the respective managers and defines the probation process for employees thus it seems a powerful way to say “Welcome Abroad”.

  • Smooth way for information sharing:
HR management systems are helpful in sharing information among the employees and managers in an entire organization with just one click. Thus, it can eliminate inconsistencies while sharing any information within the organization. It helps in circulating procedural changes and other company news.

  • Employee assessment made easier:
HR Management Software is a great way to handle annual leave management system. When running a business, you cannot employ too many members for tracking the leaves of your employees. It resolves your issue. It proves advantageous as make a chart of annual leaves, calculate pro-rata entitlements and list of remaining leaves of every employee. Moreover, it also tracks the holiday request made by employee’s right through confirmation e-mail.
There is a lot that comes under Project Management. Right from planning and scheduling, organizing meetings, managing groups, to monitoring and reporting, comes under project management. These tasks are time-consuming and require team collaboration of different levels. 

Software Project Management

This is where the Iterative Process Planning in Software Project Management comes to play. Here are some of the most prominent functions of an ideal project management software-

  1. Uncomplicate Projects- Simplified solutions is one of the main features of a project management software. It allows you to handle complex projects with ease and gives you the privilege to breakdown projects in components, user stories, and tasks.
  2. Detailed Reporting- Look for a software that gives you quick access to detailed reporting across all project phases. Your job will become much easier, once you get all project data in the matter of few clicks in one place.
  3. Broad Testing- The software you are going to invest in should enable you to plan and execute test cycles and monitor defects. Comprehensive testing is an important feature that helps you in effective issue tracking and monitoring to ensure quality outcomes.
  4. User and Group Management- A dependable project management tool includes the feature of user and group management that gives you the privilege to organize team members across groups throughout the entire project lifecycle.

At the end, we can say that you need to make sure that you choose a single tool that covers all the features you need, so that you don’t require investing in multiple tools. Never make any rushed decision, as it can cost you a lot in the long run.
The world is fast moving and people are trying to catch up with it. Technology is one aspect which is helping them to get along with the changing trends. Performing tasks with the help of the internet have become a common factor. Online shopping is one thing which people are very much acquainted with in Today’s world.

EBay is the plethora of the online shopping world. It is a place for us to find anything to everything. They have been making efforts to serve the people in a better way. Now, they have made an initiative to bring the real world and the virtual world together. So it is time for the online shopaholics to try the all new virtual reality headset by eBay.  

eBay partners with Myer

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality is a well known term used to create an artificial circumstance. Right opposite to that of the traditional user interfaces, the Virtual Reality places the folks in a different environment. Instead of examining the screen in front of them, the folks are immersed and able to interact with the three-dimensional world. By exciting as many senses possible, such as vision, hearing, touch etc the computer is transformed into a doorman to this artificial world.

Virtual Reality Technology

The Virtual Reality’s most vital component is the HMD (Head Mounted Display). The Human beings are considered to be the optical fellows and the immersive Virtual Reality Systems and the traditional user interfaces differ only in one term which is known to be a display technology.

The virtual reality users are to be increased?

The Global virtual reality active users it is said to develop between the year 2016 and 2021. In future, the virtual reality market is going to experience a huge metamorphosis driven by advances in devices, apps, components, communication etc. The main aim of virtual reality is to provide a new knowledge using the reality imitation in a virtual environment.

Types of Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality has been used in the interactive video games, three-dimensional movies, television programs etc. On the other side of the flip, a tiny cell phone screen could not get the knowledge of Virtual Reality.

Fully Immersive

For a satisfied Virtual Reality experience, three major things are required. The first one is a lavish virtual world to explore. The second thing is that a computer model or simulation. In other words, we can say that a powerful computer can detect what is going around and adjust the knowledge accordingly in real-time.

The third thing is that a hardware that is integrated to the computer that fully drenches the folks in the real world. It can be called as a Head-Mounted Display (HMD) with multiple screens and a quality sound. Alternatively, the folks can also experience this situation with the condition of good loudspeakers.


A good working conditioned bum on a home personal computer is said to be in a condition of non-immersive one, specifically if it uses a wide screen with the headphones and a good working condition joystick and the other controls. The expert might develop a detailed three-dimensional model of a new building to show the customers that can be examined on a personal computer with the help of the mouse. Most of the people would prefer this type of virtual reality.  In a similar manner, the technicians create three-dimensional models that one can move around and examine.  


The actual fact is that Virtual reality typically is not a collaborative one. The main idea of broadcasting knowledge in a virtual world is to share with the other folks, in the present era.


Virtual Reality is one of the new and fastest technologies in the early days but a sudden and quick rise of the Web component has become popular one, more than that of the Virtual Reality. Even though the experts developed a way of inserting the virtual words on the web, the folks were much more curious in the Web development. The World Wide Web gave new ways to access the real reality, to search data, share thoughts, ideas and experiences with friends and the colleagues through Social Media. The Social Media has more interest in this technology.

What is Augmented Reality?

The mobile devices like Smartphone and the tablets have made our lives easier one. Augmented Reality is totally concerned about connecting the real world that a person knowledge to the vast virtual world of information that are eventually created on the World Wide Web.

The eBay tie up with Myer

Recently, eBay and Myer, the Australian Marketplace has tied up in order to launch what they are debiting as the world’s first virtual reality department store. The folks can browse number of Meyer products, which can be selected and added to the cart through ecommerce eBay Search.  The virtual reality department store connects to the existing website application programming interface and enables Meyer’s product range, pricing, stock information etc to be updated at any time. There are specially designed virtual reality audiences in order to begin the Virtual Reality shopping. The companies have exclaimed that there are about fifteen thousand products available for free. The Australian folks can download the eBay Virtual Reality Department Store on their Mobile phones respectively and insert their phone with help of the app in order to start the virtual shopping knowledge.

With the help of the new department store, the consumers can select the areas of interest at the initial stage, and the store will be custom built around the necessities of the folks. Using the option of the eBay Search, the customers will be able to view a product in the store, and by holding their view on it, the product selected will be automatically move towards them. The top most hundred products can be viewed in the three-dimensional view, while more than eight thousand products can be viewed in the two-dimensional view. To get information about a product, the users have to more concentrate on the data icons and if they wish to purchase something all they have to do is select the Basket icon.

How does Augmented Reality Works?


Here the shopper selects the specific area of interest and move through the store, the technology suggests other available products that might be liked by the customers.


The consumers view a product in the store and select by holding their long on it, with the top hundred products available in the three dimensional view and nearly twelve thousand products in the two dimensional view.


The folks look at the data icons in order to receive the complete product specifications like price, availability of the materials and the shipping details etc.


The consumers select the option Add to Basket in order to complete their purchase through the e-commerce eBay App.

Finally, we can say that this virtual reality headset is going to be really helpful for the people who shop things online. It is more captivating and interesting when compared with the shopping which is done online on a Smart device. So, folks go ahead and grab on to the headsets and go on the shopping spree.

Author Bio :-

Anand Rajendran is the Co-Founder and CEO of Zoplay a well known Software products development and Mobile App Development Company based in Chennai, India. He has extensive experience in building and leading innovative and collaborative software development teams to deliver major software applications like Zobay an Ebay clone script developed by Zoplay. He loves exploring new things and sharing his knowledge with others.
Many services such as Web design in Los Angeles have found a home, where companies get in touch with artistic designers to get their websites made. It is a no brainer, but people want their sites to be exactly a reflection of their persona, be it an organization or an individual. Hence, to provide this personal touch, web designing has become an essential element that helps people to make a website more than just a layout.

Web Designers

Laying out a website’s print is often an integral part that determines how a business reaches its customers, inform them about their products and trigger a growth in production. If not for the design, your customers may never even stay on the site. Web design services in California and many other cities across the world provide many businesses a remarkable way to boost their trade, share their aim and stay ahead of the competitors. In fact, professionally designed websites that have gone through a thorough development process yields better result in terms of customers, traffic, ranking and approach ability over the internet. Not just this, but your brand can setup their repute quite easily, earning reliability among its users.

Web design in Los Angeles or any other city is just around the corner. So, bring your business the exposure it needs!
Any business is started with the idea of growth in mind. For any new venture to flourish, it must be able to market and promote its product or service to its target consumers. Any brand is recognized by its logo. Therefore, the logo design should be unique and at the same time, should be able to represent the product in the best possible manner.

An ideal logo is that which enhances the business and helps in increasing the profit margins. The article sites before the readers the various dynamics of a good logo design.

Unique Logo Design

Creation of the Logo:- 

The first thing to do would be to create an apt logo which is a trademark or a symbol of the name of the company which can be easily recognized and co-related with that specific firm. A logo should have the capability to attract people's attention. It should be one that is easily recognized and emulates loyalty and trust.

Logo Designer:- 

The logo designer should be competent enough and must definitely possess the ability to think differently and bring about a change in the existing business.

Consistent Design:- 

The logo design should be consistent in order to leave an imprint on people's mind. It should be such that it becomes a symbol of the firm for a longer period of time. It must be unique in every way and should be easily associable to the company.


A logo design must be scalable i.e. it should be able to fit into all the possible shapes and sizes which are used for its marketing. Also, it should have a good color scheme which is striking but subtle at the same time.

Company Values:- 

A good design should be able to convey the values and ideologies of the company it represents. Therefore, before starting on the designing process, detailed research work must be conducted to study all the industry requirements.

Customer Expectations:- 

The company should generate a great amount of trust among its customers and try to live up to all their expectations. They should be swept away by the quality that they have a blind trust on the logo which stands for the honesty of the brand.

Appealing Logo:- 

A logo that has the right blend of font, symbols, and colors touches people emotionally. The graphics should also be such that they appeal to people and create a mental image of the brand in people's minds. Say, for example, when you see f written with a blue background, you automatically think of facebook. You must select a logo that can be remembered by a larger number of people.

Symbol of Identity:- 

Some firms have many products but are still unpopular. This is due to the fact that their products are not differentiated from the others. The logo design should be such that it creates an identity for the brand and people can differentiate it from other similar products.

A successful logo design is one which has the right mixture of quality as well as visibility. It should be value-driven and must have the ability to survive the competition. A great way to place your logo in the mainstream is to get it printed on mugs, pens etc. which will certainly kick start the campaign. Once all these points are taken into consideration, the overall value of the brand increases manifold and you can create a separate niche for yourself.
Mobile Web App development services require no introduction. We all know that businesses today require out of the box applications to represent them. Be it a gaming, e-commerce or simply a utility app, companies across the world now desire for prodigious approach. Therefore, developing an application is now crucial, because without it, one will be curbing the amazing business opportunities.

Mobile Web Development Service

Every company is unique and so are its requirements. Hence, understanding the idea behind the project remains an imperative part of the development process in order to deliver a precise product. Else, the approach will result in failure. The best part about opting for mobile web development is that the application works on a browser, unlike a native or hybrid application. This way, the app becomes a portal to unlimited customers who can approach the business easily on the go.

You must opt for this development if you think your business needs a more salient approach to make it easier for your customers to stay in touch with you. Your business features and the different requirements can be easily made into different modules and designed as it suits. Also, you will be able to launch the updates effortlessly on the server side. There are in numerous benefits of switching your business operations over a web app.

SEO and Web Service has been delivering premium quality Mobile web development projects to its international clients. If you are looking forward to work with people who have a zeal to make applications that reflect none but your business and its ideology, then get in touch with us!