If you happen to be a veteran in WordPress, you must be aware that the CMS platform is one its own a very secure platform. So, there is no need to establish security for WordPress from ground up. You need to ‘harden’ security.

Just like installing CCTV for your home premises or adding a biometric access device to your office corridor and so on. You have to bolt in additional security reinforcements to layer up the existing security provisions in WordPress.

But why reinforce your WordPress security when the existing ones serve well?

WpWhiteSecurity recently found that almost 73% of WordPress websites have some kind of security vulnerability. Even disastrous is the statistic that popular WordPress plugins are also affected by the security loophole. Hence, the need for reinforcements.
WordPress Website Security

So, here are some ways you can beef up your WordPress website security.

Ways to secure your admin dashboard

Your WordPress admin dashboard is like a vault of secrets. It has the key to anything and everything of your website. Hence, restricting access and securing it must be the first item in your agenda.

To begin with, set up protection for the wp-admin directory. Password protect the directory or configure two-factor authentication so that only you or those authorized personnel are able to gain access.

There are security plugins like Protect WP-Admin which help lock secure your WordPress dashboard with a password.

Encrypt the admin panel data

Encryption is a foolproof method to secure your admin data. With an SSL certificate you can encrypt the login page and admin dashboard thus ensuring that no hacker can steal information through eavesdropping or spyware.

There are several Certificate Authorities providing high-end SSL certificates like Comodo SSL certificate, Wildcard SSL certificate, Single Domain SSL certificate, Multi-domain SSL certificate and much more.

Moreover, SSL certificates also help boost your search engine ranking as well as conversion rates. Not to miss mentioning that WordPress has already advocated a mandatory HTTPS migration for WordPress websites from 2017 onwards.

Set up strong login credentials

Most WordPress admins make the mistake of setting default usernames and passwords for their WordPress accounts. ‘Admin’ and ‘Password’ are login credentials which any naive user can easily hack into.

If you are also using the same login credentials, change it right away. Make it a practice to set an alphanumeric username and password that nobody can easily guess.

In case you have multiple admins and monitoring password strength is a challenge, you can use a WordPress security plugin like iThemes Security or Wordfence which will ensure that admins are made to use strong passwords.

Prevention against brute force attacks

Brute force attacks are like barging in through your front door by tearing down the protective layers. If you keep the frontal layers of WordPress website security weakers, it becomes easy for the hacker to break in.

Here are some ways you can secure your WordPress website against brute force attacks:

Set failed login limits

A genuine user cannot be failing to log into his or her account for too many times. Only hackers use combination and permutations of login credentials to get into the system. The best way to prevent them from doing it is by setting limits for number of failed login attempts. WordPress security plugins also help you do that easily.

Set email ids as the default username

Emails ensure that only the user alone is able to access his account. It masks the possibility of the username being found easily. Secondly, every WordPress user will definitely have an email id which can be used to notify access from unidentified systems, IPs, devices, etc. Password reset links can also be sent securely to email ids thus preventing the possibility of security threats.

Database management

After user credentials and admin logins, the website database is the primary target of hackers. It can contain private information of users which can be used for online identity theft or for further cybersecurity attacks elsewhere in the Internet.

Here are few things you can do to secure your WordPress database:

Set customized DB prefix

By default, the WordPress database comes with wp- as the prefix. Any experienced hacker can trace your database easily by looking for this wp-. So, we recommend changing it to something unique and unrecognizable like mywp-, wpvers1, or so which cannot be easily identified by an outside person.

Take regular DB backups

No matter how secure you are, the worst case scenario can happen. And when it happens, you need something to bank on, like a backup of all your data. Veteran WP users make it a habit to take backups of their databases from time to time. The backup will help restore the WordPress website back to its original form anytime.

WordPress website backup can be taken manually or with the help of plugins. Plugins like WP Database Backup, WP-DBManager, BackUpWordPress, etc. help schedule the backup process. Even if you miss out, the backup process will happen like clockwork.

Other Miscellaneous tasks

Securing your admin panel and database is but one of the many tasks. Additionally, you also have to secure several other things to ensure 360-degree security for your WordPress website. The other things include:

Update plugins and templates

Outdated plugins and templates are easy entry points for hackers. The very reason why WordPress developers release updates and patches is to plug the existing security loopholes in existing versions of the plugins and templates.

Luckily, updating your WordPress plugins and templates are as easy as updating your smartphone operating system. You can allow the update to happen automatically in the background or conduct it manually by selecting the plugins. Regularly updated plugins and templates close all possible entry points for the hackers.

Hide your WordPress version number
Why? Because if hackers know the version number, they just have to pick a suitable strategy to hack into your website. Hiding it provides reasonable safety and ensures that rest of the security measures will keep the website safe and sound.

Your WordPress version number is usually displayed right in the home page. You can hide it easily with almost every security plugin or manually by accessing the functions.php and adding the function “remove_action('wp_head', 'wp_generator');.”


Wordpress security is heavily undermined by most website owners. They wrongly assume that cybersecurity threats will not harm their website. As a result, they make things easy for hackers who are always on the lookout for loose links to break into.

Once lost, the control or the reputation of a WordPress website is not easy to restore. Hence, the need to reinforce your WordPress website security more than what is provided as default.

The steps include investing in some security plugins which will automate the process of malware assessment, scanning and scheduling backups. They also ensure that the admin does not have to necessarily spend time conducting security tests every now and then.

These proven ways can secure your WordPress website without spending too much of money. They ensure that your website remains immune to all known cybersecurity attacks that hackers deploy against WordPress websites. Once done, your WordPress website will be a digital fortress that hackers cannot find their way into easily.
Manuscript title structure is a very important factor when you choose to write an essay, article, blog, research paper and many other papers. Whether you are writing an essay, article or research paper, there is a clear relationship between manuscript title structure and success. If manuscript title structure is ideal, you can ensure the success of you paper and you can take your content to a lot of readers as well. Title structure has a lot of saying when you try to write content and you may not be able to come up with a productive content if you fail to get your hands on a catchy title.

A thought through manuscript title structure has maximum impact when you prepare an article or essay. While you write a paper, manuscript structure includes the introduction, methods, results and discussion. Manuscript title structure has a lot of influence many other parts of your essay such as the conclusion, title, abstract, keywords, figures, tables, graphs, and references. You can prepare a great paper if you can choose an attractive manuscript title structure and manuscript title structure is one of the important aspects that you should more importance while preparing a well-structured paper. Here is a detailed look at the relationship between manuscript title structure and success:

The First Thing That You See

Without a doubt, the first thing that people look at an essay is its title and you have to make sure to pick a title that can attract many readers. The topic that you select should have the ability to capture the attention of people and induce them to read your paper. Readers generally have different tastes an always look for different things from their reading. Hence, you have to make sure that you present a title that meets the expectations of readers or what the readers are usually looking for.

Manuscript title structure can influence the success of a paper that you write because readers give more importance to title before they come to a decision whether to go on with reading a paper. One of the most imperative factors that decide the success of an essay is its title. The title is the first element that readers even an editor or reviewer notice when they come upon an essay. As a result, when you are about to prepare an essay of any other papers, you should focus on your title. Make it more attractive and it has to capture the real meaning of your research or writing even before people start to read you paper.  

Influence Readers to Read

A lot of people do not give importance to spending more time on choosing topic and they find it as a waste of time. You should understand the fact that the time that you spend for choosing a title for your essay is not at all a waste of time. If you try to use up more time on manuscript title structure, you can indeed pick out a topic that can aid you to influence readers to read your paper. A lot of people used to struggle with finding a good title that matches their paper and they struggle to find good topic as they don’t know their readers tastes.

If you would like to know more about how you can arrange a well-structured manuscript title, you have to try to research online and you will be able to get a lot of useful guidelines that teach how to find a catchy topic. As a result, get through those guidelines so that you can make your manuscript title structure as appealing as possible. You can never take risk on choosing a topic if you would like to make your content writing successful and make sure to find topics that are suitable to your writing interest.

Make Researching Simple

Manuscript title structure helps the writers to make their researching very simple. One of the most important aspects that you cannot avoid from writing a paper is researching and it will help you to feed your paper with all necessary elements. Researching is crucial for writing a paper and researching is possible only if you choose a title. You need to search online or through library book in order to collect information required for writing your essay or article. None of the writers will be able to write an essay if they do carry out research based on the topic that they chosen.

You need ample detail, information, facts and data in order to write a really good essay or article. You can make your paper as effective as possible if you carry out required research for you paper. When you search online or through any other mediums, you can get sufficient amount of knowledge on your selected topic and it will help you to come up with an essay that can attract readers. You need a topic to carry out research and find ample resources to get done your articles. Manuscript title structure is very important when it comes to writing an essay, article or any other papers.

Create an Effective Outline

Manuscript title structure lets you to create an outline for your paper in a most effective way. There is always a need to create an outline before you start writing your paper. You will not be able to create an outline without having a topic for your paper. The Manuscript title structure decides how you outline should be and how you can create an outline. Since outline is necessary for any sort of paper writing, you will have to create it before you start writing and make your topic before anything.

The center reason of writing a paper is to rise above mere presentation of facts and thoughts. It is to stretch out to the reader, to communicate your research efficiently and assist readers to recognize the issues offered in your writing or mentioned in you topic. If you don’t know how to create an outline for your paper, make an attempt to go through online guidelines regarding how to make an outline and it will let you to realize what you are actually needed to do to make an outline.

Influences Readership and Impact

One of the main advantages of Manuscript title structure is that it improves readership and overall impact of a paper. The success of your articles depends on how much readers read your paper and how they evaluate your writing. You can never lead readers to read you paper and like its content if you don’t have a clear Manuscript title structure. You cannot ignore the importance of title and it is the title that decides the overall success or impact of your paper. Hence, you should try to make your Manuscript title structure effective as it lets you to enhance the readership of your content.

Remember that poorly selected article title may make a paper complicated to find out or discourage readership. It will also reduce an article's impact and a poor impacted article never going to be a successful content in the market. A lot of people don’t know how the structure of a manuscript's title influences readership and impact. It is very simple to understand that if people don’t like the topic, they will not show any interest to go through your content and therefore, you will have to face huge bounce rate.

New and Interesting

Manuscript title structure makes you paper new and interesting. One of the top measures that readers take up to understand whether a paper is interesting or new is through topic. Readers can understand whether your paper is new and interesting by means of going thought topic that you selected. It is the topic that gives a clear understanding your essay even before people read you content. Hence, it is important for you as a writer to come up with n title that gives an impression of new and interesting in the minds of readers.

If you are planning to write an essay or any other papers, you should make sure to choose a paper that is new and interesting not only to you but also to your readers. It will be great for you if you find a new and interesting topic to write because you can write fresh and creative contents which may help you to draw the attention of your readers. If you choose an interesting topic to rite own, you will be able to increase the readability of your article. You can also increase  the overall impact of your essay if the topic of you essay is new as well as interesting.

Communicate Well

Manuscript title structure lets your content to communicate its message in a most effective way. The real philosophy behind good manuscript structure is that it helps the writers to communicate his message to a wide range of readers with no trouble. A writer will be a failure if he couldn’t pass on the message to his reader and it will lead him to get less readability to his essays or articles. One of the most imperative points to remember while writing a paper is that readers do not simply read and they always try to evaluate your paper from its topic to bibliography. 

You readers will interpret you paper based on the title and its overall content. Different readers are expected to take out diverse meanings from your paper and therefore, you have to make sure that you are writing in a straight manner that lets your readers to interpret in a same way as you have written. You can help the readers to understand you message easily by providing them a good title and they evaluate your writing based on the messages they receive from the manuscript’s structure.
Author Bio

I am Stephen Nichols, I am convinced that I can produce ready to lend a hand paper for the undergraduate also planned for non-academic purposes. I am operational as a trainee at review of term paper secret language overhaul. My numerous existences seeing that whiz are by foundation of my fascination and commitment in inscription. I have composed a not many dozen articles on online organization that were disseminated in various  essay online  diary and websites along with other critique classification.
Telecoms and broadband administrations organizations are progressively wandering into the department of power and energy in the midst of continuous growth of distributed energy system through renewable solar energy and smart grid technology dependence on digital data transformation. They are turning over to environment-friendly solar based power generation using panels and storing the excess energy inside the battery and integrating other distributed power production fields like Wind, Tidal etc.

Recently the innovation goes by supplanting the mobile network operators with wireless communication towers supported by diesel generators with Solar PV BESS system. Hence by taking the advantage of mobile apps and cloud service administration service the IT sector providing a bundled end to end encrypted digital ICT platform, unbundled SaaS apps and IoT invention in the power production from individual family units to the biggest utilities like heavy industries.

Mobile apps and Cloud services

Developing global community with clean technology

Vodafone and MTN’s joint venture is the main aspect of building off-grid mobile ‘pay-go” solar markets for every house in Africa, Asia, and other developing regions. Now Vodafone latterly declared the mobile payment service currently being utilized by 30 million people from 10 nations.
Joining with PV power business visionaries, advancement banks and government organizations, mobile banking and broadcast communications suppliers are vital components in building dependable, economic and generally available around the world for energy supplying to the remote areas specifically.

Cash transactions through mobile payment add usefulness to the individual who doesn't have any banking facility and makes capacity for solar power companies to gather money charge instantly from the consumers.

Mobile service for creative outgrowth

Affording the eco-friendly power generation and distribution networking and account management administrations, the mobile service providers and PV power and the business and markets are still in their early stages.

The potential for development is unfathomable: an expected 17 percent of total populace – nearly 1.3 billion individuals – need access to the power supply through the smart grid. Presently giving hints they're ready to raise obligation, and also a huge number of dollars in private value, prime, spearheading pay-go PV power organizations with mobile payments are developing rapidly.

Hoping to add to the energy, worldwide telecoms industry affiliation GSMA as of late opened utilizations for its Mobile for Development (M4D) Utilities Innovation Fund.

M4D gifts are granted to qualified, chosen candidates that expect to test adaptable, replicable versatile interchanges arrangements that give or grow access to clean vitality, water as well as sanitation administrations. Two sorts of stipends are granted: Seed gifts of as much as GBP300,000 with a 33% private financial specialist match, and Market Validation awards of as much as GBP300,000 with a 100% speculator coordinate.

Raising up against Power demand

The purpose of GSMA is to strengthen the continuous energy supply innovation and services which fortify monetary development, build socio-economic value and conserve the natural surroundings.
Moreover, associations all through the mobile service division bring the advancements concentrating on water and sanitation, and in addition vitality, M4D gives a point of convergence to GSMA's endeavors to induce such events.

GSMA exercises in the power and energy sector began in 2010, with the Community Power from Mobile program, empowering the mobile operators giving an opportunity to offer the excess amount of generated power to nearby location from the base station and off-grid areas.

Sometimes mobile administrations progressively upset rising economies; they likewise empower new models of administration straightforwardly focusing on denied or underserviced groups. The PAYG powered model based on PV is a flawless case of this meeting of developments of mobile technology around the Internet of Things, cloud computing and financial administrations through the mobile network.


Presently the mobile services and ICT administrations and the associations that give them will assume a focal part in any such activities for effective solar power generation. Regardless of whether it's pay-go options for banking or smart meters observation the enhancing PV generation operations and support or evaluating solar power efficiency at forthcoming venture locales, broadband remote and portable mobile system administrators are exploring the idea to offer the reliable supply of energy in the coming future.

Author Bio:   ZoeChat is one of the rapidly progressing Whatsapp Clone app which features a unique and advanced Whatsapp Clone Script which enables the users to create an instant messaging app for themselves and get enthralled by the experience provided. This Whatsapp Clone is very much in demand in the market.
You feel exhaust initially. And the same you feel excite when you see you in the first page of Google after a months of rock-breaking efforts.
But when the same ranking goes invisible, you may go into frustration. Undoubtedly, it is not just the case of you or any SEO, each and every SEO comes across this kind of drought. Even I also had the same in the last year, but went into a deep research and put myself into relentless efforts. Today our site fugenx.com is ranking in the first page for all major keywords, including mobile app Development Company Delhi, for which FuGenX ranks at the 4th place.

Below is what I did to bring back those keywords to top ranking from the disaster.

Fruitful Tips to Bring Back Your Ranking

Analyze the drop
Before you take actions to bring back yourranking, sit for hours to dig out reasons for the drop. First check for your site for the targeted keywords and see where you are.
Here are some probable reasons for drop in the ranking:
Google Penalty
In most cases, penalty could be the reason behind massive drop.
Most webmasters think they are not deserved for any penalty, but unfortunately there is a bunch of reasons that hit back them. Check, have you been hit back.
Find a list of possible reasons at blog.kissmetrics.com/penalized-by-google and see which one fired back you, and take actions to fix them.
Even though you have not done any mistakes that are on the list, you could still have got a penalty.
The complex Google algorithm considers hundreds of factors to decide your eligibility for ranking. Today you might not be penalized, but tomorrow you might be.
In fact, there are two types of penalties: manual and algorithmic.

Image credit: Slideshare.net

Manual penalties are given out by Google’s webspam team when they come to know about suspicious activity.
This could be the affect of unnatural links or someone could have reported against you regarding spam practices.
If you’ve hit by a manual penalty, you should have notified in Google Webmaster Tools about the same.
The other type of penalty is algorithmic penalty. These penalties are tougher to know as there is no notification from Google’s end or from not any perfect source.
You can know about Google’s most important algorithms in the page at the below link:
See what wrongs you have done knowingly or knowingly.
Check for Google’s new algorithm updates at the below link:
If you find any penalties, take quick actions to fix them.
To be updated about new penalties, follow Gary Illyes (webmaster trends analyst), John Mueller (Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google), and Google Webmasters on Twitter.
You can ask Gary and John questions directly and get it answered.
You can even find direct solutions for some common penalties in the page at the below link:

Link problems
Don’t think you won’t rank not just because of you don’t have more strong links. Even weak links can affect your ranking asa silent killer.
Check your website at the tool in the below link to see types of links you have.

Thenafter, conduct a link audit of your site. You can find easy steps to do it at neilpatel.com/blog/link-audit/
Use a backlink analysis tool like SEMrush Backlink Checker to know aboutyour bad links.
Contact the sites who have your bad links and nicely ask them to remove them. In case if that has not worked, use Google’s Disavow tool to do the same.
I have found that 90% of the time, you can find out bad links by conducting a backlink audit.
Yourlink profile may look good, but there could be still problems in links. That may not beabout bad links, but may be about lost links. How and where you lose links?
Your bothinternal and external links can disappear. Losing externallinks may not be in your hand, but internal links are. Yep, you lose internal links for various reasons – when you relaunch, rebrand, or redesign your site. Why does this happen? It might be because of redirects and transitions. Let’s see first what transition is.
If you delete an old blog post, then that link will weaken your internal linking structure. So check for such links and fix them.
Another key reason for losing links is faulty redirect.This often happens with 301 redirects. Lots of SEOs assume that 301 redirect will always work as it is abelieved as a permanent redirect.
Indeed, it doesn’t.
If you get a new domain for an expired domain and try to redirect, it could cause a major loss in traffic since the 301s will no longer work.
And also check for broken links and fix them.
As I told you above, external links are not in your hand, but you still put an effort to save or regain as mush as lost external links.
Ask the site owners politely to relink your pages to their pages. If it doesn’t bring fruits, write it off as a loss. Get charged to create more quality links.

Improve design specifications
Mobile-first design is one of the most important capabilities for any site to impress Google. And also user experience, and speed matter a lot in SEO.
47% of customers expect a page to load in 2 seconds or less. See you’re good in that or not.

Hope you’ve got a deep understanding about possible loopholes in your site. This strategy not just helped companies in one niche, but also all sorts of companies, particularly top app design companies, travel companies, and e-commerce brands to bring back their rankings.

Author Bio:
Varalakshmi, an experienced content writer working in a
mobile app development company in India. I like to write content based on technology, startups and latest technological innovations that people like to know and share with others.
E-commerce is one of the popular business nowadays. People are too lazy to go to shopping malls, as well as they are very much tech savvy. Hence, they just take out their mobile or laptop while laying down on the bed and can get an item from e-commerce by just a click, without wasting much time. That is why most of the startup businessman thinks that they should go for an e-commerce business. Starting an e-commerce business is not much expensive. But in India, 70-80 percent startup e-commerce business has failed. Though each new business niche is unique, there are common contributors to e-commerce failures.

There are some success stories which one cannot neglect, such as Amazon, Flipkart, Jabong, Myntra and many more. Besides, there are always many e-commerce failure records in Indian online market (DoneByNone, Jewelskart, Indiaplaza, Klozee and many more).

Everyone is talking about growing e-commerce businesses, but it is also necessary to talk about the failures. It also makes the environment more real. This is especially true in the space of startups. I am sharing some of the cause that work as an agent to the failure of an e-commerce startup, I believe it will help others to learn and avoid repeating the same mistakes.
ecommerce startup

A huge number of competitors: Internet is the easiest way to start a small business. So, people often choose the online market to sell their products. As there are already some well-known established giant companies that sell the same products it is difficult to survive for the newcomers. This is most often a problem when a new e-commerce store sells the same products at the same price.

For an example, if a new e-commerce website starts to sell Apple iPhone which is already available at some well-known resellers, such as Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, eBay, and much more.

Small Investment: Starting an online shopping store is not too much expensive. You can start an e-commerce business by investing a couple of thousand Indian Rupees. Starting an online store does not require a huge amount, but once your business starts, you have to afford labor cost, transport cost, advertising cost and much more.

Even a medium retailer will happily invest 20,00,000 to 30,00,000 INR into a physical store but when it comes to an e-commerce store, they can’t afford 2,00,000 INR or 3,00,000 INR which is mandatory to make conversions over the internet.

A bad Website: When you are going to start a business over the internet, it is very much important to build up a custom, secure, responsive, low-loading time, functional and good looking website. Your website will be your very first impression for your online customers, so it should be attractive and user-friendly.

But, most of the e-commerce businessman don’t give that much importance to their websites and don’t want to waste (As per startup e-commerce businessman’s thinking) their money to build up an exclusive website. In today’s scenario building a customized, responsive, good looking e-commerce website requires 20,000 – 25,000 INR (Create your website from WERVAS – Virtual Assistant Services), where they want a website for 8,000 – 10,000 INR.

Here is an example of a low-grade website, if you have a look at http://www.whaaky.com or at http://www.doodlefy.com, you may understand why an e-commerce store is falling down for a bad website.

Social Medial Optimization: You are very new in e-market, online buyers don’t know about your e-commerce store. If you want to make sales, you need traffic (website visitors). At this moment, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can higher your website’s rank on popular search engines, such as Google, yahoo, Bing. When you hire any individual or an organization for SEO, they will develop the rank and the impression of your e-commerce business. You need a huge numbers of traffic on your site and only a few of them will actually purchase your products. A fast way to get traffic is with pay-per-click advertising, but it can be expensive. A slow but effective process is content writing, blog writing, social media management. But, the thing is that the startup business doesn’t give that much of importance to these processes and they actually make a loss by simply ignoring these basic e-commerce needs.

Low-Grade product image: Online shoppers don’t come in person to your door step to examine the product you sell. They find the product on your website. So that, the image of your product should be strong visual representative and original which help them to understand the quality of the product. You may sell a top level product, but the poor visual impact can decrease the grade of your products causing depreciation in your sales.

Low patience level: Every startup takes some time to grow, at very rare situation; a business can develop at the very first stage. It can happen when you start an e-commerce store and no one purchases your products. I suggest you to be patience, you are very new to this industry and it will take some time to grow your business. Don’t be hopeless if takes several months to gain that profit, if your product is a quality product people will definitely buy it from your store.

Product rate: When you are new, you have to sell your product in low rate compared to your competitors who already taken a position in the online market. We all want the best product in cheapest price, so follow this way. Some new e-commerce stores tends to high their product rates just to make instant profit, if you are doing this you are in big trouble my friend. In order to do a serious business you need to make clients, not customers and these clients will be the asset to your long time business plan.

Keeping Poor quality product: I have seen that many e-commerce store that actually sells a first copy or replica of some branded product without mentioning the terms “replica” or “first copy”. To most of the business owners this strategy seems to be great as one can buy a branded product at a very low cost but if you think from the depth by selling these products along with good revenue you are also earning a bad reputation. After few years you will be known as a copy store, is this the thing you want your business to be called? I believe No!

It is good to sell replica products but I would recommend you to at least add the terms like “replica, first copy, second copy” in your product description as keeping transparency is one of the building pillars of a business. Do remember the quote by Simon Mainwaring “The Keys to brand success are self-definition, transparency, authenticity and accountability.”

Think form Customers’ point of view: Though you are a seller but always try to think from the buyer’s point of view. Many startup e-commerce stores sell almost the same products that are available on a giant e-commerce and they add their new flavor, a bigger price tag to that products. Why should one buy the same product that is available in some trusted e-commerce stores with much lesser price tag from a non-trusted e-commerce store like you? Let you are the buyer, now ask yourself would you buy that product? , Let me give the answer on your behalf and the answer will be No!

I would always recommend to sell a product with a price tag that you will be convinced to buy if you were the buyer, if you are not enough convince to buy what you sell then you have no right to sell that to your customers.

These are some of the causes for the downfall of an e-commerce store. I hope you like it and take necessary measures to boost your business.

All the best! I believe you all will do a great business in future.
Artificial intelligence is going to be the next big in the tech world. In fact, we’ve already started to experience it, but most of us are unaware of it. Where and how?If you’re using Google Allo app, you have already come across it. Today all sorts of tech companies, including mobile app development companies are adding AI service to their service portfolio because of its emergence and demand it created.

AI and Machine Learning

The best tools and software in the filed make the world well experience the technology. The best AI frameworks and APIs will enable developers to learn new skills in the AI field. So we have crafted a list of 6 best AI and machine learning tools in the market, including of Google and IBM.

6Top AI and Machine Learning Tools for Developers

1.     ai-one

Captioned with biologically inspired intelligence, ai-one helps developers build intelligent assistance within most software applications. “Analyst Toolbox’ in the app provides developers building agents, a document library and APIs. ai-one is capable to turn data into generalized rule sets. It do the same by enabling lots of in-depth AI and machine learning structures.

2.     Protégé

Protégé allows developers to develop knowledge-based applications with ontologies. This enterprise focused tool has a suite of open-source tools for developers. Developers can easily create, upload, modify and share applications. It is focused on both experts and beginners. The active community it has makes the troubleshooting easier. Because of its simplicity, Protégé is preferred by mobile app development companies and other technology companies to develop advanced solutions based on AI and machine learning.

3.     IBM Watson

IBM Watson is a big player and well-known name in AI and machine learning fields. Its Watson platform offers a wide range tools for both developers and business users. It is available for developers as a set of open APIs. It provides access to different sample code, starter kits, and developers can use it to build cognitive search engines and virtual agents.

Watosn’schatbot building platform is focused on beginners. With little machine learning skills, anyone can build chatbots using this platform. It also provides pre-trained content for chatbots, which quickens training the bot.

4.     DiffBlue

DiffBlue is a dedicated code automation platform. Created by Daniel Kroening at the University of Oxford, DiffBlue is simple and easy to use. The tool is focused on locating bugs, performing test writing, refactoring code, finding and fixing weak code. All these are done through automation.

5.     TensorFlow

Developed by Google, TensorFlow is an open-source software platform which is dedicated for machine learning projects. It provides a library comprising of numerical computation using data flow graphs. With the tool, developers candeploy deep learning frameworks over multiple CPUs, on desktop, mobile and tablets. It provides developers with a bunch of documentation, online resources and tutorials. Developers who are not familiar with Python can also utilize the tool well.

6.     Nervana Neon

Neon is an open-source Python-based machine learning library. Neon allows developers to build and train deep learning technologies and they can deploy the same in the cloud. Developers can understand the tool with video tutorials and a 'model zoo' which contains pre-trained algorithms and example scripts.

Conclusion: There are some other tools that help you develop AI and machine learning based apps – tools offered by Amazon Web Services, tools offered by Microsoft, and the tools like OpenNN and Apache Spark MLlib. Choosing between the tools depends on your specific requirement.

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