It is well-known that essay composing is absolutely not an easy undertaking, because it needs loads of focus and self-dedication. Some students get so confused by this task, they easily wander away and are unsuccessful to attain the desired outcome. That could be why it’s fair to subdivide it into more compact procedures and look and feel because of each individual of these.

Essay and Content Writing

Essay creating features the next phases:

Topic selection

This stage is very critical and calls for quite a few focus and deliberation. If your tutor defined a topic for yourself, you’re able to simply miss out on this stage and begin from your topic examination. In case if you choose the topic for yourself – choose the one that you are interested in. Because you have to spend a lot of time investigating it. Also choose the topic with the available material to investigate, because if there is nothing to investigate you can`t reach the positive result.

Topic analysis

This stage defines the entire program of the potential do the trick. It’s always belonging to the optimum importance to interpret the provided subject matter in order to find maximum volume of knowledge from it and immediate your groundwork inside proper way. You have to investigate nearly 50 good trustworthy sources in order to get enough data to analyze and to work with. Moreover, don`t be subjective. Analyze the problem from different points of view.

Brainstorming primary ideas

Finding applicable options is likely one of the most important duties while you are producing an essay. High-quality of your respective paper and its uniqueness plus price depend on the volume of main concepts you find in addition to the way you create them. You need to have a certain period of time devoted simply to brainstorming. You need to think about the ideas, how you will develop them, and to what conclusions you will get. Is it the result that you want to achieve? If yes, then your path is chosen correctly and you may begin writing, if no, then consider another options. Also think about the possible remarks and the ways how you can react at them.

Literature research

It is vital to base your essay on dependable and up-to-date resources in an effort to establish performs truly worth of praise and helpful for that long run explore. Other than, accurate literature exploration will increase a whole lot more thoughts and will facilitate to cover the components of the offered subject matter. You get the information about what has been done and you won`t duplicate it in your essay. It is important to investigate not only your field of research, but the nearby spheres, while the most interesting and unique ideas appear at the fringe of the nearby notions.

Statement formulation

Statement is considered the start line for that growth of you’re employed. Therefore, it’s apparent that without the need for effective foundation, the work is bound to fall short. Conversely, should you pay enough recognition to this stage, and will have the capacity to locate the crucial phrase, your essay is certain to generally be highly evaluated. You must be precise at this phase, because it`s the point from which everything depends on.

Developing outline

Stage of define writing shouldn’t be disregarded, as being the sensible business and distinct framework depend on it. For those who consider to neglect this stage, you encounter the risk of acquiring shed during the thoughts’ enhancement and in due course finish up which has a low-quality bit of composing. You need to have a well-developed plan in order not to miss anything. Simple movement from one point of the plan to another will make your essay logical and structured.

Writing drafts

Writing a number of drafts gives you an opportunity to formulate your recommendations in different possibilities and then determine the 1 variant that suits the given subject matter the best quality. Besides, it provides you while using the chance to get rid of unnecessary mistakes and polish your design and style to perfection. You can reread your draft in a certain period of time and find some flaws and mistakes in it. Next, you can improve need, develop new ideas, or even create the totally new draft.

Editing and proofreading

This phase is frequently neglected by pupils, as they in many instances make up your mind that it’s not important and vital and does not provide any important variations. In precise fact, it can be one of the phases that helps you dodge mistakes and make your crafting flawless. It is a very important stage which can influence your grade. On this stage you must correct all the available mistakes and check is your essay is logical or not. If you aren`t able to do this by yourself (which is a common practice when one can`t see the mistakes done by himself)  you may use additional help of Homework for You the online platform for students and scholars that provides writing, editing and proofreading services.

Remember, each and every on the afore stated levels is very worthwhile and only demanding pursuing of those strategies can assure that your essay writing course of action will convey you don’t just superior grades, but additionally a substantial amount of satisfaction.

Writing an essay is not a simple process, you have to devote a certain period of time to it. Be ready to investigate a lot, to read many articles, books and reviews, sometimes even to watch videos about the experiments conducted. Don`t be afraid to use all the available materials, this will made your essay more bright and outstanding.

Personal opinion is always a good option. But it should be underpinned with arguments and facts. It`s great to share personal experience, but don`t tell about anything you don`t want other people to know about. Still, essay is an academic task and it will be checked by professionals.

It all may sound extremely complicated, but when you begin to work on your essay all this goes naturally and you obtain the desired result.

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Short cuts are something that is favored by almost everyone, whether it is good or bad. So, going for the online shopping is the best thing that a man or a woman can have. People who love best quality and at the same time, short cuts they are the ones who have made online shopping or the e commerce stores popular in the whole world. Therefore, if people have any business venture in their mind they should go for the e commerce business because in that way they could taste success much easily. If people really want to succeed then they should have the best ecommerce website development services at their reach and this would actually turn out to be a fruitful venture for them.

Survive in the competitive market

Carrying out a business is really hard in today’s world because there are so many companies and there are so many competitors in the market. Therefore, you should go for the best in order to have the best results. If you have your online e commerce business then you often gain the competitive advantage in the market. Moreover, if you have an e commerce site of your own then you will not get out of mind of your customers, because the website of your company will remain as long as your business remains. You could change and improvise it as well as update it regularly, without any hesitation or without any problem.

Go for the right web development organization.

So you should choose the right Website Development Services Company who would create that perfect e commerce website for you that would be cost efficient as well, if you want that to happen. Along with that, it would also come with advance technologies, such as ASP and PHP, which would help you to update your website regularly and that too without much problem.

Designers are here to help you

Many experts are of the opinion that with more developers and the designers in the market things has become easier for the e commerce companies. They also believe that it should be regarded as a good sign behind the development that has taken place in the field of web development. It is only because of these designers the websites of the business look much livelier and the websites could define their business in much more authentic way. The web developers and the designers play a significant role for the businesses and that is they change the old look and design of the website with a new one. So, that new and the potential customers are attracted to the websites and at the same time, they are also attracted to the products that are being sold through the websites.

So, if you are planning to open a new e commerce site then you should hire the best web developers or the designers. We think that we could help you in your new venture.
Do you already have a website for your business?

If no, build one now!

Studies show that more than half of the small businesses & startups do not own a business website and more than 47% do not see the worth of investing in social media for marketing & sales.

Is it necessary to have an internet presence at all?

There are many businesses which are doing phenomenally well even without a website, but there a proofs that websites escalates the growth of businesses significantly. A website is not just a digital version of the brochure of the company, but a well-thought-out plan which is designed to inform, engage & improve the sales of the business.

Digital Portfolio

Important Benefits for a Business

The following is a list of benefits for businesses which own a fully-functional & responsive website, specifying its need in 2017:

1.     Visibility
Nowadays, everyone searches about different products & services online first and then visit the store. By creating a website, you stop being invisible to those internet-friendly customers and improve your business opportunities. People are searching for solutions for their needs & problems on the internet and the company which appears on the top; usually gets the most business. If you do not have the website yet, you are simply missing out on a large number of customers because your name is not even in their thought process. An invisible business tends to die out soon.

2.     Rank Higher

To rank at the top of the search engine result pages, you need to focus on all the digital marketing methods. Search engine optimization, commonly known as SEO, is one of the most effective methods of promoting your business. It basically uses specific-relevant keywords and helps your website to rank at the top of those results. It requires you to create optimized content, build relevant links and have an engaging brand to be able to convince the search engines that your website shall be ranked at the top. It increases your chances of sales increment because of the effective promotions. It accommodates social media optimization and pay per click advertisements as well (other tools of digital marketing). It is an old idiom, “People tend to buy products & services which are more visible to their eyes.”

3.     Improve Sales

Top ranking websites are powerful sales tools because users can directly connect with the business from wherever they are. It can help in the following ways:
·         It acts like another store of the business
·         It has no geographical limitations
·         It can help in resolving customer problems & queries
·         Push notifications can help to remind customers about sales & special deals
·         If designed smoothly, it can attract traffic and enable a smooth buying experience
·         It can modify customer decisions by being attractive & informative
A website can be used to build confidence in the minds of the customers about the brand by giving them important buying information & special purchase incentives and an attractive website design help in attracting them in the first place. 

4.     Stay Credible

Websites help you to have a social presence and enables your customers to trust in you, that your business is stable and you will not run away in the near future. It showcases a dedicated web presence and customers can get hold of you whenever they wish to. It is an e-shop on the internet and customers can find information about different products & services in the available blogs, articles and press releases. Customers can learn more about the company, which will enable the brand to build authority in the market. Without a website, it might get difficult for the business to communicate with the customers on a regular basis.

5.     Create a Community

Even if the technicalities of the internet are out of your bounds, the benefits are endless. It allows you to gather important data about the customer and use it to improve your business opportunities like emails, contact information et-cetera. You can shoot emails/ text messages in the future to potential or loyal customers about special deals & sales to attract them into the store and make a purchase. It makes connection with the customer easier, cost-effective and faster than via any other media


Always create a website that the customers can be attracted to and trusts to share their personal information.Website design&website development are two things that attracts the customer & helps to retain him for long term, respectively. Security and user-experience shall always be the first priority. It can be your strongest marketing tool, utilize to the fullest.
Guest blogging can be a powerful way of attracting new traffic, increasing the overall SEO strength of a website and get the message out there relating to the products and services you are selling. However, it takes effort and doing it wrong  frequently results in wasted resources.

Therefore, If you’re a newbie guest blogger then you’ll need to figure out the top mistakes others have made so that you can avoid repeating them yourself. This will till the odds of success in your favour. With that thought in mind, here are 6 of the top things that you must try to avoid during your guest blogging campaigns:

1. Not creating great content

Webmasters will be less likely to publish your content if it doesn’t provide value. Content should educate or entertain, or better yet – do both. There are plenty of ways that you can improve the quality of your content, and end up with content that’s creative.

Some of these include being conversational, writing catchy titles that stand out and actually help the target audience solve a problem. Webmasters are not against you in terms of trying to deny content submissions. If they have guest blogging enabled it means they are actually looking for fresh content and welcome guest bloggers. You’ll just need to do your bit and supply content that meets the quality standards.

2. Blog targeting is poor

There is no point in targeting blogs that are of poor quality and have low levels of traffic. You’re wasting your time and resources targeting such blogs as they will not get you the return on investment that’s required to make guest blogging worth the time. As the suggests: pick the wrong blogs and you’ll receive nothing in terms of new subscribers.

To get a sense of how good a blog is have a look at their social media accounts and what the traffic statistics are. Furthermore, the number of comments their blog posts receive is a good indication of how engaged the audience is with their content.

However, you should keep in mind that while some blogs might not be very good now they might be in 6 months or maybe a year. Your blog entry will still be live and you’ll receive the benefits then. As you become more experienced as a guest blogger your ability to sense the good blogs from the bad ones will improve.

3. Not selling yourself

Guest blogging entries will not be viewed as credible as the other content on the website. Therefore, you’ll need to build some credibility with the audience.  This can be done by making the blog as factual as possible: use numbers, images and details.

Furthermore, you should include a strong call to action. This is the part where you tell the audience a little about yourself and invite them to visit your website. Most blogs allow a call to action to be present, because it is the trade off for receiving a piece of content for free from a guest blogger.
The call to action should incentivize the audience to perform the action that they want. Perhaps they can learn more about how to solve a specific problem, or that you are an industry leader and they should follow your content.

Finally, if there is a specific blog that delivers you a lot of traffic consider creating a landing page and opt-in form that is specific to that blog. This will make the audience feel more appreciated and they will be much more willing to sign up giving you that all important e-mail.

4. Not viewing other blog entries

To get a sense of what is expected from your blogs it makes sense to have a look at what other blogs have been created. Newbie guest bloggers think that a one-fits-all approach will work if their content is great. You can get away with that up to a point, but some webmasters will not be flexible and require that content matches their style very closely. If the blog in question is worth the effort, because it provides a lot of targeted traffic, then you’ll need to adapt.

When taking a peek at the other entries have a look at what titles have already been tackled. There is no sense in yet another article on how to tackle blog commenting if there are several titles already completed on that subject matter. Try to come up with something new, or at the very least a new angle on a topic that has already been extensively covered. This increases your chance of the webmaster feeling your blog entry can add new value to the website.

5. Landing page wastes traffic

The point of guest blogging is to impress the target audience with the content and hopefully get as many clicks in the call to action to take them to your landing page. However, the work is not done – the landing page has to effectively get the audience to perform the desired action. This might be to fill out a form, sign up for an e-mail newsletter or buy something right away.

Even if you have the best guest blogs out there, a badly created landing page can ruin your efforts and waste a lot of the targeted traffic that is hitting it. Let’s say that from a guest post you get 100 new visitors and only 15% hand over their e-mail. With a better landing page that number could double to 30 new subscribers leading to more sales further down the sales funnel.

6. Freebie doesn’t match target audience

One of the sins of guest blogging is offering a freebie that doesn’t appeal to the target audience. The freebie is something that one receives for performing a desired action – typically handing over their e-mail address.

Create a freebie that offers something of value to the target audience. Let’s say that you’re targeting a blog on marathon running. You could create a freebie on how to improve their personal best, or what the right foods are to eat before the day of a marathon.


Now that you are aware of the top mistakes that newbie guest bloggers make you can change your approach to ensure you don’t make them yourself. Avoiding these mistakes is in your best interests as it leads to higher rates of e-mail newsletter subscriptions, more social shares, more sales and overall higher rates of engagement.

Guest blogging when done right can be a powerful way of attracting new customers, and when done wrong a frustrating way to go about wasting your time and resources. 

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If you own an online business then you know you need to grow your brand. You need to harness the power of social media to tell a story, and also demonstrate your product or expertise on a global scale in real time.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn are all free platforms that businesses can use to directly engage with their audiences. Ideally, there are so many opportunities that a well-managed social media campaign can bring.
Social Media

Research shows that there are over 3 billion internet users, and over 2 billion of them have active social media accounts. With this in mind, any business owner or aspiring entrepreneur who has not tried out the power of social media needs to start thinking about creating one for a stronger online presence. In fact, in some years to come social media for business will be no longer optional but a necessity.

We have outlines some key points how social media can help you run running your business.

·         Find your target audience

Any business is made up of two types of target audience: there are the existing customers and your potential customers also known as your target customers. A successful business should have a social media marketing strategy that can make the existing customers feel appreciated and at the same time reach out to the potential customers to grow the business.

Do your research and find out what kinds of social media platforms your customers use. Find out what they are talking about, where they share their ideas, and listen from there. Finding the right place to find your target customers on social media takes time, and it will involve searching for people who are discussing different topics that are important to you.

·        Sign up for social media accounts

With the right target audience for your business, you can now sign up for a social media account. These accounts are free and they are easy to manage, but it is important to check out for each platform’s guidelines and user terms especially for the business accounts.

The most popular social media platforms are:

Facebook is the most popular social media platform that can be ideal if you want to reach to a wide audience across the world.

Twitter is another popular platform but it’s popular with the younger generations. It supports different communities online which can be of great help to your business.

Google + is a platform from the giant search engine, Google. It’s the best platform for increases search engine optimization (SEO) results for businesses. Google + for business will make it easier for people to find your business online.

Instagram is a social media platform that allows users to share images and photos. It can be a great resource for a business where they can share images of products and services they are offering.

LinkedIn is the most common career networking platform. It allows you to reach a wider audience and it’s very effective for reaching wealthy customers and generate leads for businesses.
Tumblr is an active platform to reach potential customers who are less than 25 years. The majority of the people in this platform are college educated students and they are aggressive on this platform.

Pinterest is a social media platform that features virtual themes that work best if you have relevant images of your product to share. It’s a perfect platform to target those individuals with a high-income bracket.

·         Look for a social media manager

When the word social media manager comes up, many people tend to think that the task requires the hiring of additional staff to manage a business online accounts. But the truth is that managing multiple social media networks is tiresome. So, a social media manager can help you improve your social media presence and also track your online outreach.

Some of the major online social media manager such as HootSuite and makes it easier for any business owner to manage all their social media accounts on a single website. You can also review the trend and success of your tweets with just a click-through statistics. You can try out the free version first, but as you get more involved in social media, you can upgrade to the next version.

Also, you can get a paid service like SproutSocial to help you create contacts from all your social media followers and track how you are engaging with them. It also has a single inbox for all your messages coming from all networks.

·         Start posting content on social media

The content you post on social media should be more than the normal self-promotion pieces. Make sure to include relevant information about your business, the industry you work in and post your own pictures of customers enjoying your business.

Takes pictures of your product and post them on your social media account. You might want to include a picture of satisfied customers showing the work you have done. You can also random deals for your followers. It can be either a weekly or monthly raffle where users need to share something to qualify for a draw to win. Make sure to include special offers in your posts and keep your customers updated on what is happening in your business. Remember, your social media platform represents your business. So, keep your posts professional and keep your target audience in mind.

·         Maintain your web presence

It’s one thing to be on social media, and it’s another to be consistent with your online presence. Building an online presence takes time and it may vary depending on your target audience and the amount of time and effort you put in. The important thing is to be consistent and try to post every day. Take some time to respond to, and share your customer’s posts. Lastly, be patient, at the end your business will have a good online presence.

·         Listen and engage your followers

The best way to engage with customers online is by listening to what they say. Start by reading the feedback that your customers leave and take the time to respond to them. Make sure to leave a positive comment on every comment, even the negative ones.
Don’t forget to thank customers for their honest reviews. If you find several customers talking about the same things, consider implementing those changes. At the end, you need to build a strong relationship with people so that they can trust you.

·         Use search engine optimization (SEO) for optimal results

SEO is very important for any business. It involves altering your social media platforms and website to promote your business. SEO helps your website and social media pages to pop up higher once a customer searches them on Google.

First, identify the keywords that most customers search for. Try to use fewer keywords to find the exact thing you’re looking for. Then include the keywords in your business name or title so that customers can find you easily. Create appealing Meta tags on every page to your website using your keywords. You will also need to learn how to use HTML code to do this. Make sure you check your SEO effectiveness regularly. You can do this with the help of auditing tools such as DeepCrawl or Search Console.


Social media has a lot of benefits especially when you want to grow your business. Although it’s free, it will take time and effort to build a strong online presence for your business. The interesting part is that once you get started you will learn a lot using these tips. It’s time to start reaping the benefits of using social media for your business.  

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If you want to grow your site traffic, just creating a content and sharing it on social media doesn’t create much values to your effort. In fact, content creation is just a one side of your traffic exercise. Sharing it on the right platforms and at the right time, which we call content marketing,forms another side of the content success.

Though you do two parts perfectly (without using any tools), you may not get the expected success because of the increased competition. But if you leverage some fine-tuned content marketing apps to do the same,the outcome could be above your expectation.
Content Marketing Apps

You can leverage apps for content creation, to automate content distribution and to add editorial calendar, and make content marketing more profitable.
One of the key advantages of using apps is they collect more accurate data from visitors that enables better personalization of features for content creation.If you want to achieve the maximum ROI on content creation, you have to use apps.

Key Benefits of Content Marketing Apps

·       Apps make it easier for visitors to consume important pieces of data
·       Apps allow you to build your content marketing plan to suit your target audience
·       Apps help to revamp your content into top-notch content that bring traffic and leads

3 Top Content Marketing Apps

1.    Buffer
According to AppStorm, “Buffer is the best social networking tool today.”
Buffer allows you to share to Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn from one place on your schedule. You can add any picture, text or video that you want to share to your Buffer. Your updates will beautomatically scheduled or you can even customize the posts.
For example, if you need to share 5 quality articles and 2 funny photos in a day and if you share the same at a time, it might flood your followers. Instead,add all those photos and articles to Buffer and let them get shared on their own on schedule.

Buffer offers you detailed analysis of each share you do, which includes clicks, retweets, repins, likes, shares, mentions and more
Price: free
Platforms: Android and iOS
Note: Free plan allows you to connect up to 4 social accounts, and make 10 scheduled posts per profile.
Considering the demand for apps like Buffer, today mobile app development companies are increasingly ardent to develop their own apps similar to Buffer.

2.    Pocket 
The theme of Pocket app is “read it later”. Generally small business owners don’t have the time to always read there. They can make a well use of Pocket. They can read the saved files (video, article, or link) later on iPhones, iPads, PCs or any mobile device.
In 2012, Save to Pocket was one of the widelyhit share buttons that was used by more than 10,000 developers and produced more than1,000,000 saves.
Price: free
Platforms: Android and iOS

3.    Hemingway App
Hemingway App is focused on improving the quality of content. This desktop app highlights common errors in weak writing. Apart from identifying problems in your writing, the app also groups errors into different categories, so you can easily make changes with the recommendation provided.

Some errors that app rectifies are:

·       Hard sentences
·       Very hard sentences
·       Unnecessary adverbs
·       Unfamiliar phrase
·       Passive voice
Hemingway Appmay not increase your site traffic directly, but by improving the readability of content and making it user-friendly, it helps you increase your search and social media traffic.

Platforms:Mac and Windows


Hope you got some information-rich content from my side. In case if you have a plan to develop similar app(s), it is recommended to collaborate with an experienced mobile app development company who can turn your idea into a reality.

Author Bio:

Varalakshmi, an experienced content writer working in a mobile app development company in Dubai. I like to write content based on technology, startups and latest technological innovations that people like to know and share with others.