Renting Ipads for business meetings and conferences are an emerging trend. Business managers and event organizers all around the world prefer to rent Ipads for their events rather than buying them. It is so because renting an ipad is a much cheaper option than buying it. In evolves less hassle of carrying and storing these devices. In this short post i am going to explain about how renting ipads is better than buying.

Cost Effective:

If you need Ipads for business then in mostly cases you need it for temporary purpose. You will use ipad for your business need and then you will have to keep at without any usage. For such usage if you buy these devices it will surely very costly solution because there is no need to spend thousands of dollars for a one day need.

Cost of Storing:

Buying Ipads storing and maintaining also cost you money. When you store these devices, it will occupy a large section in your office which definitely worth. It will also need maintenance so you will have to employ someone who can take care of the devices which also means that it will cost you extra money if you buy Ipad rather than renting them out. 

There are also many more disadvantages of buying ipads for temporary usage which i have discussed in this article. Please click here to read this article.
Getting your website attacked by spammers and hackers has become quite common these days. Keeping in mind the fact that cyber threat is looming on your website 24/7 it becomes imperative to stay prepared for any such adverse situation. That’s why I am here to share some simple steps that you can take in case your website has been attacked by a hacker. 

hack attack in google

So let us begin – 

Detecting whether the website has been hacked

Well, if your website is hacked chances are that it will be defaced. Or maybe it gets redirected to some inappropriate site. Plus,

· Search engines like Google and Bing notify you when the site has been hacked

· Browsers indicate that it has been hacked

· You start getting strange traffic. For instance a huge boom in the traffic from some unrelated countries 

Now that your website has been hacked, what’s the next step? 

Get on with the remediation work! Here’s how to go about it – 

1. Cleaning up malicious scripts in the code

You can begin by removing the malicious scripts that have been added by the hackers in your website. Go through the code thoroughly and make sure that every single element of the malicious code has been removed.

2. Check for vulnerabilities in the CMS

Vulnerabilities in CMS are the major reasons why websites get hacked. So, just to make sure that the website is not susceptible to attack make sure you keep the CMS updated. And, use a strong password to log it.

3. Check for hidden content

Hackers often create a non-www version of the website under attack to hide content so that you don’t even get to know about the hack attack. So, you need to check for the non-www version of your website as well.

Most important thing to remember here is not to panic. If you feel unsafe by the hack attack and thing that it’s too overwhelming for you to handle, then go ahead and call for a support team. There are service providers out there who can come to your rescue.

Once the attack has been identified and cure, you can go on and start with the website afresh. Apart from all these, here are some simple tips that can help to stay safe from these attacks in the future –

1. When transferring files to the servers, try to avoid using FTPs and replace them with SFTPs. 

2. You can use permission sensitive files such as .htaccess to make the website more secure.

3. Stay aware of any unfamiliar activity in the account and administrative panel. Try and keep the access limited to as less as possible

So those were some simple tips that can help you in situation of a hack attack. If you found these tips helpful, do share the feedback comments in section. Have anything more to say to us? You can contact me using details listed on the contact us page

Until next time, all I have to say is use these tips and stay safe from the hack attacks!
Everyone wants their website to be the most sought after piece on the Internet, but 90% of them miss the fundamental essence of a great site.  Certain factors can make your website stand out from the crowd. The basic human behaviour plays a vital role. 

For example - On a weekend you visited a shopping complex to get yourself some drinks and snacks. 

You are confident about what you need to buy but something grabs your attention because of its excellent packaging. Now your subconscious mind will tell you to try it as it looks good. 

You will end up buying few packs for the same to experiment. Well, that is the first factor we will be discussing. 

important things for your website

 1 - DESIGN - Design is the primary factor that decides a user stay on your website or move out. Before going to the content, a user will scroll your site to see the design and UI. Make sure you create a simple but engaging design. Sometimes people overdo it and end up making it up to a gaudy website which will increase the bounce rate.

The second factor that can make your site go viral is your content.

2 - CONTENT - It is as simple as counting till five! People are coming to satisfy a particular need. If you can deliver that, your content will be appreciated and shared. Don,t quote the obvious for the user. They do not want to waste time. Did you know? An average user consume content from more than 20 sites in a day? So, how can you make them your site to bookmark for future. One hack for great content is, always follow AIDA( Attention, Interest, Desire and Action) Model. AIDA model is a well-
tested principle for Advertising but it implies in every piece of content. 

The factor which I am going to talk about is missed by 98% of the people because they never thought how important can it be.

3 - HOSTING - Many of us work on CMS(Content Management System) like WordPress, which has given the non-techies an opportunity to design sophisticated design without coding. But, you need web hosting to make your website go live on the net. Most of us do not take it as an important factor and go for the most affordable one. It's like going to a war and wearing a paper made armour. Always read hosting reviews and ensure that you have the perfect hosting plan. I like to go with WP Engine as they are a premium hosting which takes care of your Security threats, Upscale time is impressive and well they give their premium services with a very affordable price with their WP Engine  Coupon.

Make sure you have nailed these three factors before going live. Now, even the mother of dragons can not stop you to rule the empire of Internet. Please share your feedback and questions in the comment section. 

Are you a developer and looking to jump from your current job? Wants to settle in an overseas country with high earnings? Which country would pay you the most for your skills? Yes, we have answer for all your questions. Here we’ve created a list of top 10 countries where you can get handful earnings for your development skills.  
Countries that Pay Developers the Most

1. Canada:

As a neighbour to world’s tech hub USA, Canada is creating huge opportunities for tech businesses, particularly in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, and Waterloo. As a result, there has been an increased demand for mobile, web and software developers.
Some high paying IT companies in Canada:
· Samsung Electronics Canada Inc.
· Siemens Canada Limited
· Apple
· Salesforce

Salary overview:

Mobile app developer- C$40,160 - C$85,073 (£20,786 - £44,032)
Software developer - C$43,539 - C$85,577 (£22,537- £44,298)
Web developer - C$31,942 - C$62,849 (£16,529 - £32,529)

2. New Zealand

Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Hamilton are the major tech cities of New Zealand. 
Some high paying IT companies in New Zealand:
· Dell
· Microsoft
· Google

Salary overview:

Applications developer - NZ$40,547 - NZ$95,871 (£19,246 - £45,515)
Software developer- NZ$44,505 - NZ$89,996 (£21,129 - £42,719)
Web developer - NZ$39,494 - NZ$80,037 (£18,748 - £37,995)

3. Germany:

The major tech cities of Germany include Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Cologne and Frankfurt.
Some high paying IT companies in Germany:

· SAP (German based firm)
· Siemens
· Software AG‎

Salary overview:

Software developer- €26,185- €62,430 (£20,429 - £48,704)
Application developer - €18,246 - €61,246 (£14,234 - £47,780)
Front end developer - €24,316 - €59,436 (£18,969 - £46,365)

4. Australia

Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth are the major tech cities of Australia. 
Some high paying IT companies in Australia:

· Google
· Salesforce
· NetApp Australia
· Adobe Systems

Salary overview:

Software developer - AU$46,043 - AU$99,869 (£23,537 - £51,053)
Web developer - AU$39,694 - AU$82,301 (£20,288 - £42,064)
Applications developer - AU$43,610 - AU$96,976 (£22,285 - £49,556)

5. Israel

The major IT cities of Israel include Jerusalem, West Jerusalem, Haifa, and Tel Aviv.
Some high paying tech companies in Israel:
· Intel
· Google
· Microsoft
· Facebook

Salary overview:

Web developer ILS77,477 – ILS 265,771 (£14,010 - £48,061)
iOS developer – ILS24,328 – ILS305,592 (£4,400 - £65,281)
Software developer – ILS90,500 – ILS362,523 (£16,371 - £65,580)

6. Sweden

The major tech cities of Sweden include Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmo, and Uppsala.
Some high paying IT companies in Sweden:
· Ericsson
· Intentia
· Scala

Salary overview:

Web developer - $21,455 - $78,282 (£15,171 - £55,360)
Java developer - $46,191 - $244,287 (£32,667 - £172,770)
Software developer - $29,087 - $70,002 (£20,571 - £49,508)

7. Norway

The major tech cities of NorwayareOslo, Bergen, Trondheim, and Stavanger.
Some high paying IT companies in Norway:
· Opera Software
· Finn
· Microsoft
· Cisco

Salary overview:

Web developer- $29,250 - $106,833 (£20,710 - £75,641)
Software developer - $43,142 - $89,292 (£30,554 - £63,238)
Mobile app developer - averages $89,000 (£63,031 taken from

8. United States

San Francisco Bay Area, Boston, Austin, Seattle, and Huntsville are some of the major tech cities of USA.
Some high paying IT companies in USA:

· Juniper Networks
· Google
· VMware
· Guidewire
· Cadence Design Systems

Salary overview:

Mobile app developer - $42,728 - $114,616 (£30,234 - £81,101)
Software engineer - $54,844 - $122,651 (£38,807 - £86,783)
Web developer - $33,449 - $85,887 (£23,667 - £60,700)

9. Denmark

The major tech cities of Denmark include Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense, and Aalborg.
Some high paying IT companies in Denmark:

· Microsoft
· Zendesk
· Apple
· Google

Salary overview:

Software developer - $24,507 - $96,825 (£17,328 - £68,460)
Web developer - $18,163 - $162,843 (£12,845 - £115,163)
Mobile app developer – average$97,000 (£68,619 – taken from

10. Switzerland

Zurich, Geneva, Basel, Lausanne, and Bern are the major tech cities of Switzerland.
Some high paying IT companies in Switzerland:
· Logitech
· HP
· Google
· Cisco
Salary overview:

Software developer – CHF35,813 – CHF148,595 (£25,403 - £105,396)
Web developer – CHF17,200 – CHF120,666 (£12,199 - £85,587)
Application developerCHF18,229 – CHF446,007 (£12,921 - £316,159 - the average salary is £52,452 for an application developer)


In this rapidly evolving technological world, there is an increased demand for developers, especially mobile application developers. The companies that are listed above are not just attractive in salary, but also all-time favourite of employees with med claims, perks and other additional facilities.

Author bio: 

Shiva kumar a well-versed content writer working in a mobile application development company. I like to write on technology, startups and latest technological innovations that people like to know and share with others.