Link building has been one of the strongest strategies to improve one’s ranking on search engines. However, back when SEO was being introduced, there were fewer rules and penalties to worry about. The introduction of Google’s Penguin update has changed the way Google views link building.

link building

There is no doubt that link building can be quite difficult, not to mention the misconceptions going round. Once understood, link building can become an awesome tool for the advancement of SEO.
The following are some of the myths and misconceptions of link building.

1. Having two or more link from the same site is useless

Although diversity is key when it comes to link building, it’s totally okay to have one or more link from the same website. The links are not only meant to rank you highly on search engines, but to also direct traffic to your site.

2. Link Building Requires Quantity As Much as Quality

Nowadays, it’s of no relevance how many links you have. It is very essential to have quality links rather than a huge number of links. Google will look at the sources and what matters most is where they have originated and how authoritative they are for each and every source. If you have about 30 sources that are of good quality and are authoritative, it is much more preferable compared to having about 300 links that have no relevance because they are not authoritative. Even if all you can manage to get is one very high quality and authoritative link, it would be better to go for that instead of going for 50 links that have sources that are questionable.

3. You Should Only Look For Manual Links

This is another fallacy and is an SEO practice that used to work before but not today. Previously, webmasters would long into directories and forums or into other sites manually. They would then have to post links manually to ensure that you reached a certain required number of links. What is of importance today is that you get links that have been achieved through natural attraction. You should allow your site to attract these links naturally because of the wonderful content that you have that people are very pleased to cite, are willing to share and would love to link to. Mostly, you will find that it is not easy to create such content because it is costly. When this content is created naturally and in the proper manner, it will not be necessary to build the links manually because they will just happen naturally.

4. Getting links too fast will get you penalized

Acquiring too many links is not the problem. The problem is getting spammy or low quality links at faster rate. When Google evaluates these links and find them to be spammy, this could trigger a penalty.

5. All Link Building Activities Will Be Penalized

A higher percentage of webmasters are afraid that link building suffers from this fallacy. Google is mostly concerned about links that are acquired through tricky manipulated practices that are full of spam. In the event that you have done something that is very spurious and severe, you will get the chastisement that comes from a Penguin or manual retribution. You should keep of manipulative and methods that are full of spam so that you safeguard your links and get them only from authoritative sources that are of good quality and everything will be alright.ribe to The Morning Email.
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6. Link Building Should Be Self Reliant

In most cases, content marketing is independent as an SEO procedure but this is not the case with link building. Links cannot be independents but are used only for the purposes of enhancing rankings. For ultimate productivity, link building is incorporated to other internet marketing methods such as content marketing and social media sharing because all these approaches can lead to great natural acquisition of links. The link building game plan is therefore not independent and separate from content marketing approaches but rather inherently connected to content strategies as well. It is part of the general strategy for any website and SEO should propel link building and it should not be link building setting into motion SEO.

7. All Link Building Activities Are For Purposes of Linking

Link building today is not the major reason why people actually link. Because the Google search ranking algorithm is quite a complex matter, it will be able to recognize when any brand name or author is cited. These mentioned are believed to have the same authoritative value as linking does and do not place you in a position of jeopardy so that you attract a penalty. You actually secure these mentions when you do what great brands do. This means that you must produce wonderful and meaningful content, have products that are outstanding, provide exceptional customer service and be active locally and online in your community. When you ensure that all these activities are of inherent value to people, you will get high quality links. In other words, building your brand instead of depending only on your links or a link building approach is not enough. When you build your brand, you will get high quality links that will happen naturally and this what link building actually entails.

8. Anchor Text Is Still Very Relevant

This is another myth that has been propagated and is actually not entirely true. Taking too much time trying to ensure that anchor texts fit into your keywords will not actually result in high quality links. There are times when it will be rational to do this. Most of the links that you build should however be built based on the fact that they have been achieved naturally and because they are designed to inform the reader. Aggressive anchor text strategies are not going to work if they are not done with quality in mind. A higher degree of identical anchor text mach could actually result in a Penguin because you could appear to be trying to manipulate the link building process. This is why anchor text must be relevant so that everything appears to be natural and not manufactured.

9. Never acquire links from sites with lower metrics than your own

Finally, before judging a website based on its domain authority, check to see their other metrics. A site with a low domain authority could be linked to other good places which could in turn be beneficial to your link building strategy.


When you change the way you build links based on the above information, you will find link building to be an effective approach to increasing your rank on search engines. What this means is that the focus should change to building of your brand and should not be on link building as a strategy. This will help you attract links naturally ensuring that you only have quality links.

Author bio:
Georgi Todorov is a digital marketer. He recently started his NGO DigitalNovas. His passion is to help startups grow and thrive in a competitive environment.

While Working in the SEO industry, something we see a lot will be the WordPress cms (CMS). Worpress is easy to deploy and use no matter what industry your business operates. With a couple of clicks and highly optimized SEO keywords by KeyWord Planner in your high prepared content by book-reports-com you could possibly get your blog to reach the first page of Google  It’s no question that a great number of internet marketers of are utilizing this kind of platform.
The popularity of the WordPress content management system has offered new SEO tools for WordPress that are readily available  for free and commercial purposes. Luckily, this is not as difficult because it sounds, and also the customizable CMS platform signifies that SEO can still deliver benefits to your web site. Below are many of the more basic SEO tools and methods that should be installed  for any WordPress blog.
WordPress SEO Guidelines
1. Site Navigation
This is relevant using WordPress SEO.  A Basic, clean and simple to follow site structure is needed to for both your website visitors and spiders that crawl your WordPress site. After all, you need your visitors to think about how valuable your site is and the content that is being offered. the most important aspect of the WordPress blog platform is of the attribute known as ‘permalink’, which is used to identify related blog entries. It is a  permanent url back to the blog post or even a forum post offering relevant information. Inside WordPress, this could be customized to ensure that keywords may be used, which displays to Google what the particular article is about and how it reads, along with the relevancy it holds  for the keywords that were researched on the topic. Think of it as a rating system that Google uses in order to display search engine ranking pages.
2. SEO Optimized Images
There was some controversy to the advantages of optimizing sites images located in a WordPress post. Although it is not a key element in SEO or a vital technique that is necessary, the actual association regarding images along with your keywords can certainly still attract prospective customers to your wordpress site, so it’s useful to take the time and add a small keyword to the attribute tags of images across your site.
3. Make Use of Titles using Heading Tags
In most cases, a H1 tag, other known as a title tag may automatically be displayed within the article. It’s worthwhile to evaluate your content so that your most important title, other known as keyword, will be formatted using the header tag. This will probably be one of the factors Google gives the many points too. As a safety measure, especially if you have developed a custom-made WordPress style, it is a good option to check which header tags are included in the template, simply because this can actually hurt your search engine rankings if certain header tags are not included.
3. Website Loading Performance
figure out just how long it takes to your site for you to load. if it takes to much time, guests won’t stick around to find out what is on your own site, even when it contains the things they were looking for. Many WordPress sites won’t have this challenge, but if you discover this issue, there are certain things to consider. Have a look at how often the actual database can be ‘called’, and see if the can be diminished reduced to enhance loading time. You may also want to inspect what outside elements are affecting your sites loading time.  Are there elements that you don’t need to have? If your sidebar basically contains a listing of links which you rarely use, then likelihood is this is one particular element can be removed to help with a quicker loading process.

Nowadays, Mobile application is majorly playing an essential role in business. All the customers are on the move. Whether they use mobile phones, tablets, or some other device, they will all the information they will need. So that’s why they have become very important in today’s market.
Well, a mobile app allows you to grab all your information at their fingertips. It is important that your app works on multiple mobile application mediums but in the beginning, start with one medium only. Your business can be anything. A mobile app can help you get customers. We know that if anyone has to search for any products or services then first they do it online. So if your business is serving online or you have an app that users can download to their device, then your business will make a good impression.
Why Mobile Apps development services are important:
1.    Be visible to your customers: Well, the study says that Americans spend more than two hours a day on their phones there are very less applications make up bulk of this total usage and it doesn’t change the fact for all the users that first they unlock, scroll, and scan their device for the apps they are searching for.
2.  Create a Direct Marketing Channel: Apps have many features like general information, price, booking form, search option, user accounts, messenger, news feed and much more. One of the best advantages of mobile apps is that if you have to search for any information – including sales and promotion, everything is right at your fingertips. Push Notification can easily remind customers about their services or products, whenever it makes sense.
3.    Provide Value to your customers: Talking about possible information, you can even digitalize that faith program you have. Instead of giving collection card, make it possible for your customers to collect their rewards through you online app.
4.    Build Brand and Recognition: Well, having a mobile app for your business can lead to your brand awareness in the market. How can you make your brand a true winner, here are two aspects:
  1. Brand: A mobile app is like a black board and you can do whatever you want to. You can either make it stylish, functional, shocking as well as informative. But the basic need of making an app is it has features your customers will love.
  2. Recognition: Now if you see customers getting involved with you app, then it indicates that they are ready to buy your products and services through the app. It is known as ‘Effective frequency’ in the advertising world.

5.  Improve Customer engagement: Whatever you may sell in your app, but the customers need a way to reach you. Well, having a messaging or help desk in your app can really connect to your customers easily.
There are numerous development companies that can help you in making your business application out of the box. Along these lines, Mobile App Development Company is helping businesses to a noteworthy online nearness. They can offer you App for any operating system i.e. Android, iPhone, Blackberry. These companies even enable you to boost income to benefit and expanding potential clients among numerous others.
Let’s share some benefits of app Development Company:
A.   Mobile Development Company can easily provide you well-designed and optimized mobile app design and development services.
B.    You will get to know about all new technologies of mobile app and you will even get aware of the marketing trends.
C.   They will give you chance to showcase your identity in the market and make it impressive on the internet.
Now why Mobile app marketing is important? As we all know mobile apps are getting accelerated day by day. So, because of an increased rate of the launch of mobile apps, level of competition has been increased in mobile app marketing.
Strategies for your mobile app marketing:
  1. App Name: Always choose a catchy name for your app, as it attracts the audience towards it.
  2. Matching App icon: Another important thing for your app is to have best possible icon or logo. Pick such an image that can tell the purpose of your app.
  3. Select a right category: So, when your app is ready to launch, then make sure to choose a right category where you can add your application.
  4. Pre-launch Campaign promotions: You can promote your app before it gets launch through social media campaigns, social sharing, and organic promotion. This can make your app famous.
  5. Add in famous App Stores: The best app stores where you can list your apps are Google Play Store, Windows App Store, iTunes, Blackberry World etc.
  6. Reasonable Pricing level: Well, most of the apps are free of cost in the app stores, so it is quite difficult to make it notice. If you are listing the app in paid option, then it must persuade with the quality services you offer, then you can emerge among the contenders. Well, reviews and comments on your app can help your application in marketing.
Last but not the least, motivation behind why one ought to consider having a mobile application for their business is for client faithfulness. This encourages your business to extend quickly. There are a few Android and iOS Mobile App development companies who can make a coveted mobile application for your business and that too in moderate rates. This decision can make your business greater and greater in future and so what you do is up to you!
There exists a deep connection between Search Engine Optimization SEO, and the architecture of a website. Unfortunately, most marketers do not recognize the importance of this relationship until they have their website designed or re designed and do not appear on the Search Engine front pages. Without a perfect website design,
SEO cannot reach its maximum potential. 

A proper and well-designed website is the root of an SEO friendly website. A website may look shiny and attractive on the eyes but maybe the reason why your company is lagging behind.

SEO and Web Design

Developing and SEO friendly website

An SEO- friendly website should allow search engines to read and explore the pages across the site. Google is the leading face of all search engines as long as the current internet is concerned. In order to acquire the attention of Google, you need to code, design and optimize your content in a “language” that can easily be explored by Google.

Qualities of a good web design

1. An effective URL structure

Establishing an effective and well-structured URL is very paramount and has a lot to be debated. Google pays close attention to URL that is structured to use hyphens between the keywords to directly describe what is on the page. URL’s with a series of numbers and symbols will receive less attention therefore poor ranking. 

2. Easy Navigation 

When you have visitors on your page, you want them to stay there and hope they get the information they are looking for. A website design is much like a floor plan in an apartment. It should be designed in way where the customers are easily able to find their way through the website. If your website is not navigable, visitors are likely to leave your site in search for a more navigable website. 

3. Image Optimization 

Images helps to increase the SEO potential of a website. Your company logo or any other important images displayed on your website should have the minimum possible size as long as it's still effective with the coded tags on them. Small sized images and logos load faster. A webpage that takes more than 3 seconds to load is likely to receive less visitors. 

4. Keyword targeting 

Keywords are the foundation of all other SEO efforts. Your SEO keyword are the phrases that help people to find you through the search engines. A marketer should try to find out what terms the target audience is searching for. What do they really need from the targeted website.? when the keywords rhyme with the phrases used by the customers, the website stands at a greater chance of winning an SEO marketing campaign. 


You must find an SEO that knows what they are doing. If you are in New York you might hire a SEO Company in Brooklyn. A website with a simple, well-structured design is easily recognized and promoted by most search engines. Links, updates, a simple structure in form of code, tags and feeds, are the main factors considered by most search engines during ranking. the best thing to do would be to hire professionals who have experience and is aware of the relationship that exist between a good web design and search engine optimization. They should also be updated on the current trends and search engine algorithms so that they can keep on upgrading the website accordingly.
Anything that strikes a chord with enough people has Social Networking Potential (SNP), which means that it has the possibility to go viral. The right marketing approach and use of video marketing tools to share your video globally can greatly increase the chances of your video getting viewsand shares. One should take essential steps to boost their viral video marketing strategies. If you have the budget, hire one of the many video marketing companies such as any YouTube or Facebook video marketing company to help you utilize proper video marketing tools for your videos.

Video Marketing

Here are 10 Video Marketing tips to make it viral on YouTube and Facebook:

Research: Start with a few videos from companies that are similar to your brand. Maybe these campaigns are selling a similar product, or maybe they succeeded in resonating with the same target audience. Follow this three step mechanism –Identify, Developand Review. Assistance can be taken from variousvideo marketing companies.

Plan a launch strategy:  Marketers need to focus on the first 24 hours of a video release. YouTube monitors the interaction rates (likes, comments and shares) of all videos during the first 24 hours. Once you know what kind of video you’re going to upload, you can choose the video marketing tools and viral video marketing strategies which fits your product. Make sure it’s not too long. You only have a couple of seconds to grab the attention of the viewer, so make it count.

Follow a Marketing Plan:  Marketing can includevarious video marketing tools, i.e. YouTube video marketing and/or Facebook video marketing tools to promote and increase views. Millions of people around the world are on Facebook so get your business under the noses of people from every corner of the globe for increased exposure and potential.

Target Audience:  “Everyone” cannot be the target audience. Think about what kind of video content your audience already likes and adopt the appropriate viral video marketing strategies. Does your audience prefer fast and funny clips or longer explanatory videos teaching them about issues? Do they want something deeply emotional or something light and fun? Once you understand your audience, you can focus on how to capture them.

Simple and Short: Pick a core message and focus on that, utilizing appropriate video marketing tools. Use a simple language that can be understood by most people. Our attention spans are getting shorter and shorter, which means it’s time to tighten up your video content. Put your most interesting, fascinating or surprising information first in your video. Creating viral video content is one place where you never want to save the best for last.

Use Keywords Strategy: Remember that people type in keywords and phrases to search for content, so use them accordingly with appropriate viral video marketing strategies, if you want your content to come up in the results. Have as many keywords and tags as you can that fit in the headline, description and the text body.

Video Marketing Tools: Use the services of video marketing companies, that can provide you with video analytics, easy-to-use editing software, and allow you to make unique videos (such as animated videos)that help make your brand stand out from the competition.Some examples are Wideo, Viewbix, Slidely, Screenr and WeVideo.

Marketing Strategy: Viral video marketing strategy is aneffective video marketing tool which is used to promote brand awareness, products, services, or to achieve other marketing objectives. This technique uses tools like Facebook video marketing and YouTube video marketing – among others – to gain traction for the video.

Choose your release date wisely: The golden rule of viral video marketing strategies is to not release videos on weekends, since people are generally not in the office.A lot of people watch YouTube videos while they’re at work. They read the news, watch entertaining stuff and so on. Releasing a video earlier in the week, like on a Monday or Tuesday increases the chancesto gain momentum. Weekends and holidays are usually speed bumps.

Short, high-quality videos: Shorter videos shot with a high-quality camera result in the most views, likes, and comments. Video marketing companies recommend choosing a high-resolution thumbnail image to characterize your video in the search results.
Proofreading, editing, and modernized your piece of content is a necessity in your strategic content efforts to turn it into a long form, sensible and read-worthy masterpiece your audience would be love to engage with.

Probably you go through only top quality blogs (because only those blogs rank well, thanks to the Google’s advanced algorithm), but my day-to-day research work (because I use advanced search operators) take me to the countless anonymous blogs full of spell mistakes and illogical grammar make me leave those blogs very early resulting them a high bounce rate. If they focus on grammar, prove their sayings based on extensive research, and think of their readers’ requirements, they can get new visitors and a great ratio of returning readers.

Edit Your Content

Redrafting and Editing for Ideas

The first phaseis to look closely at your post ideas.
  • Check your plan. Have you omitted anything that you need to include?
  • Have you actually followed through on the promises you made to your readers with the topic title/introduction?
If your aim is to be persuasive, have you convinced them your points?
If your aim is to be creative, is your content interesting?
If your aim is to explain, is your article clear and concise?
There’s nothing wrong with modifying your point of view once you study a subject, but it is wrong to disappoint your reader’s expectations by arguing a different case from the post title/introduction – don’t stray off the topic and maintain your authoritative position as an author as you ‘investigate’ or ‘follow’ up on your points.

Redrafting and Editing for Structure

The second step is to look closely at your structure and ensure that the ideas develop logic and the whole piece is fluent. These are just a few simple questions that can help you verify the coherency of your content;
  • Does your introduction lead logically to the body of the writing piece?
  • Have you included all the links between paragraphs to make sure that your written piece is fluent?
  • Can your reader read this piece without stopping and starting to see where each point leads? If not, make sure that you edit your piece so that your reader is guided smoothly through-out the post.

You should be aware that making a written piece fluent is majorly dependent on how you use “linking words”. Build up a bank of linking words and phrases to help you mark a logical conjunction of points. There are literally thousands of linking words in the English language but there are few that I use regularly; firstly or finally, furthermore, moreover, to conclude.

Editing for Expression, Grammar and Spelling

If I was asked to define “redraft and edit” in just one sentence it would be; the process you commit to make sure that you do not distract your reader from what you have written. This may seem an obvious thing to say since you want the reader to concentrate on your writing that you have put such time and effort into, but many writers make the mistake of leaving in spelling mistakes and typing errors that inevitably interrupt the reader’s appreciation of what you have to say.

Don’t be lazy to fix up your spelling mistakes and grammar structures – you should spend time on writing your content and equally time on editing. Make sure you check your expression and your writing in an appropriate tone relative to the content.

Lastly, I just want to emphasize that you should never neglect to check spelling, grammar, and punctuation for accuracy. A simple change of words can make your content that much clearer, that bit more effective and much more memorable.

A freelance content writer who want to travel all over the world and start her travel agency; She is foodie and fashion lover yet serious for her writing work at
A few years ago, the methods to market the products were very cheap. Ways, like printing out fliers or sponsoring little local events, were included in the earlier methods of business marketing. Now, one can get all types of chances out there on an internet, you just need to know where to see. These days, the trend of digital marketing is being increased rapidly by the many companies. Any business can make their products and services available to the public but, with only right strategies of digital marketing.

Here is the list of 4 effective digital marketing ideas that can market your business online

1.   Blogging

Writing a blog is something that takes years to grow into any real audience. It also provides one of the most reasonable means of reaching a vast number of people. It does need excitement, determination and a natural accepting of the subject matter and the skill to join with your audience. In order to become a successful blogger, you are required to convey a huge amount of value and key information in your industry to get success in the long term. As long as your audience is engaged and finds real value in the information you share, it will slowly build up over time. But do not expect this to occur very easily.

2.   Video Tutorials

Want to have large and engaged customers? Begin by making video tutorials on sites like YouTube and much more. Teach your audience how to do something that they otherwise wouldn't know how to do. Make a high-class and convincing video that really goes into depth on the subject matter.

3.    Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the best methods to get the top return of investment and even with the low-cost method. You just need to draw the right customers towards your website in order to succeed in email marketing. Efficient email marketing is an ability that includes writing convincing sales copy and it can only be grown over time. Though, as long as you think more about the customers and adding up value to their lives, and you let that principle to rule your actions, you will succeed over time. It simply would not happen quickly or overnight.

4.   Join an Appropriate Online Community

Every successful business has online communities that you can get involved in. But just signing up for a forum and posting every once in a while about your business isn't beneficial for anyone. It will just irritate people around you. Actively donate and construct a relationship with the community, while maintaining your business out of it. Inactively encourage your business by inserting a link in your signature or by stating it only when the framework is suitable.  

About the author

A powerful strategy of marketing your business will help you to enhance your business and begin considering more and more customers and connections. The above 4 strategies are proven to be the best marketing ideas to market your business online. 
Logo design is the first step towards branding a business. A best design is always simple yet able to achieve uniqueness in the market.

A business at its start stage has no value in itself and no recognition in market. Every business has to develop its market values through giving it a face among customer in target market. The first step toward this is delivery of its brand experience. Before launching a brand, companies need to design a corporate symbol that represents it. This symbol is called logo of company. Logo is the first thing that customers look for. When people talk about a product or service, the first thing that strikes to their mind is its logo. It provides a public recognition to business in market. Logo designing is thus the first step that any organization takes to brand themselves.

Logo design in business branding

Logo design is a part of graphic design. It requires creative thinking and analytical mind to design the best logo. It is important for every company to own a unique, professional and expressive logo. But designing a logois not as easy as it seems at first. A graphic designer must have a sense of creativity to design an abstract logo.  A good logo is one that is able to convey aspiration of company in the market.

There are many online companies that expertise in graphic designing. But a business has to select one most suitable designing firm. Many things are to be kept in mind while measuring performance of  a logo designing firm. The foremost factor is to measure the experience of graphic designing firm before hiring it. Research on their past work and read customers feedback on their official website.

Old customers can give a more close view of their services. The best logo is always timeless so that even after many years, it is able to attract customers. It must be flexible also so that when there is a need to modify the design of logo, its expressive power should remain consistent. This is possible by only an experienced and expert graphic designer. Another important factor is budget which should be kept always in mind while hiring a designing firm.

Feature of the best logo :

  • It is always and concise. A simple logo is always versatile and memorable one.
  • It is timeless. Its impression always remain as it is even after 20 or  30 years. Company employs are always love its logo and feels proud to see it on its belongings.
  • It is totally unique from other logos. Its uniqueness makes a business stand out from the crowd.
  • It looks great printed on all belongings like calender, broacher, business card and clocks of the company.
  • It is made using vector graphic. Vector graphic makes the logo design so flexible that it stays clear and crisp no matter how much you enlarge it.

There are many online logo design firms designing logos for companies. Get your logo created by world's famous graphic designer Rob Janoff, known for the best logo design of mega-iconic logo of Apple Computers by visiting his online studio.